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    Verified: d_,f+P seems to be throw counterable. cuz I distinctly tried to d+P after that but I still get thrown. maybe it is stance dependent.

    after a Lion hit a PPP series, the initiative is with the opponent. sucks.

    after Lion's P+K get blocked, the initiative is with the opponent. This move used to recover super fast so I thought maybe Lion has initiative even when blocked.

    f+K+G for Lion is uncounterable.

    Lion's sidekick do not float on MC...which may be a good thing. Moving in to throw after an MC sidekick is good idea.

    Lion has a slower d+P than Wolf. dunno why but it is DEFINATELY slower cuz after I blocked Kage's forward sommersalt, Lion's d+P loses to Kage's d+P while Wolf's d+P will connect together with Kage's.

    On staggering your opponent options are:
    1) move in throw. which is pretty good
    2) sidekick/elbow if you anticipate a d+P, to stagger again then move in and throw as your opponent will usually be nicely waiting for you the second time round.
    3) b,f+P+K leading to throw or elbow. b,f+P+K recovers VERY FAST making it a very good move (chibita did this in one of his clips)
    4) low attacks like 1k, pretty safe but not damaging.

    On getting a kazure down,
    best followup is I think b,f+K+G. This forces the opponent to tech roll while you are very close to him. An immediate elbow usually connects and gives you initiaitive. An immeidiate throw to catch your opponent is also a good idea. The whole point is you have initiative after your opponent tech roll which is very useful.

    The main point is ALWAYS pressure your opponent is he tech rolls. I mean you will never get such a good situation usually and it is a cardinal sin to retreat after seeing a tech roll.

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