lion vs dural and how to play wolf (VF2)

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Nightstrike, Mar 19, 2001.

  1. Nightstrike

    Nightstrike Member

    I found out something funny.In vf2 vs dural underwater i was lion.I kneed him then kept on hitting d+k,d+k till he became RO . This is not the d+k,k.She kept bouncing when she landed again bounced and so on.


    1) In VF2 wolf is still a powerful player as in vf3 as he still has his best and most famous throw,the giant swing.Use it when your opponent is recovering from an attack(slow ones).Especially kickflips.Then there is akira's double palm single palm.Jeffry's b,df+p .It will make your opponent cry and say 'why did I ever do that why why!!!' .It takes 100 points of damage and is executed as b,db,d,df,f+p (HCF+p).VF2PC players can do this with their cursor keys by hitting b,d,f+p .Dont do it fast or you'll get his upward punch instead.

    2) try to start combos with the knee and uppercut.They really make the opponent float.Some combos I use are knee->p(g)->b,f+p.Works against light characters and middle charecters(MC for middles).try to figure your own ones cause i dont know if you want long ones with senbons or anything this just a normal one.

    3) another good throw is the df,df+pk .use this one to crouch dash to your opponent and then grab him.follow it with a df+p or u+k pounce.also use throws when your opponent does a rising attack.For low riing attacks do a low throw and for high ones high throws(do after blocking or missing it).

    these are the strategies i use while playing really works well.
  2. GLC

    GLC Well-Known Member

    oh my...

    You're a complete fool to post this crap as most of it has been known for YEARS (7? 8?). And you still managed to get some things wrong. As bored as I am, I'll correct you :p

    > 1) In VF2 wolf is still a powerful player as in vf3 as he still has his best and most famous throw,the
    > giant swing.

    WTF? VF2 actually came AFTER VF3? Interesting.

    > Use it when your opponent is recovering from an attack(slow ones)

    What if your opponent does only PKGs, d+Ps, d+Ks, sidekicks and throws? You should just stand there doing nothing? Why don't you check out some VF2 faqs. There are many available (

    Corrections for other crap you wrote:
    * f+K -> PG -> b,f+P works on ALL characters... mid+/heavies do require MC though.
    * Not all rising attacks can be throw countered if blocked. It's not VF3 dude.
    * After df,df+P+K throw no pounce moves are GUARANTEED. It's hard to avoid them though.

    And here's my take on "how to play Wolf":
    - if they block high, giant swing;
    - if they block low, low throw;
    - if they attack high, MC with PKG or d+P and giant swing;
    - if they attack mid, MC with PKG and giant swing;
    - if they attack low, MC with d+P and low throw (db+P+K+G);
    - if they are back-turned, back throw or b,f+P;
    - the only moves you need are PKG, PK, db+P (doubles as low punch and reversal), df+P, f+P, throws;
    - against berserkers/mashers do knees/uppercuts into multiple PKG floats;

    So there :p
  3. Nightstrike

    Nightstrike Member

    Re: oh my...

    Tanxs for the corrections but i only wrote what i knew silly me.I meant wolf is good even in VF2 and not only in vf3.Sorry for my poor grammar there.And anyway after playing a lot of vf and other games my hands were tired and i did'nt want to write a lot.But you can magor counter a high attack with all that pkg's and stuff but doing a giant swing at that spot will be difficult.i normally go for a df,df+pk throw at that moment.
  4. GLC

    GLC Well-Known Member

    Re: oh my...

    > ...but doing a giant swing at that spot will be difficult...

    Bah. F+P,K,G,b,db,d,df,f+P. There.

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