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    CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO PLAY LION? expert strategies, etc..... How does chibita play him?
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    Here are some very general (not expert) strategies for a beginner to Lion. Go for ringouts. Pounce when you get the chance. Move around a lot. Use Lion's speed. Dash in for quick throws often. Use the E button frequently, especially Lion's ub+E and uf+E moves (just like with Shun). Crouch a lot (for one reason, many attacks will then go over him), but keep moving. Use his PPP attack. Mix up attack levels and don't get predictable (applies more or less to all characters). Play hit and run -- run in for an attack then get away fast. Avoid head-to-head battles.

    How does Chibita play Lion? Very well, I would think.

    Look, don't try to play like somebody else. You are different than Chibita and presumably play a different set of opponents. He knows Lion and his moves inside out. Learn them too, but learn to use them as they best fit you, your opponents, and the situations you find yourself in.
    Regards, Imashroom

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