Lion's b,f+P+K

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by LittleWild, Jan 31, 2002.

  1. LittleWild

    LittleWild Well-Known Member

    I watched some movies from daioh that shows chibita using the b,f+P+K, P, P .

    It seems that the last P causes a stomach crumble if it hits as a major counter. Is this true?
  2. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Yes it does.

    Does anyone know what the best tracking mid attack that Lion has that is fast enough to interrupt a face down head towards TechRoll?

    For eg:
    b+pk (head crumple) , bb+k, pk, (TR), <font color=orange>?</font color=orange> (opponent back turned) ff+kk

    <font color=orange>?=</font color=orange>
    I know this works but it seems a bit short range sometimes. But this works most of the time

    Doesn't seem track properly.. range? timing?

    Doesn't track and slow.

    I'm too unco to dash G cancel to do this one. Thou will learn if it works.

    Comments anyone?
  3. LittleWild

    LittleWild Well-Known Member

    The last P of b,f+P+K,P,P only crumbles an opponent if 2 conditions are met.
    1: Major counter
    2: Opponent is lightweight.

    Just found out about that.

    As for the TRing counter, d/f K is pretty good in my opinion, I saw Chibita using it a few times in the move. Most character's side kick will cause a TRing opponent to stagger when timed properly.

    ff+k,k does track, but only the second K hits, and it depends on your timing. Rangewise it is pretty good.

    I didn't know f+k works.....will try that some time.
  4. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    In regards to crumbles, Lions best crumbles are:

    qcb+p (stomach)
    b, df+p (stomach)
    ff+p (stomach)
    b+pkg (head)

    head crumbles you can do anything, ie:
    bb+k, pk, ff+kk

    stomach crumble can only do mid/low attacks or low throw, ie:
    b,f+kg, (ub+P) or (d+k, d+k, ff+kk)
  5. nycat

    nycat Well-Known Member

    Re: Lion's crumple zone

    b+P+K(4P+K) and f+P+K (6P+K) Excellent weapons. Sometimes you will enjoy confusing opponent w/ df+k or PK and as your opponent counter attacks the missed or blocked move Lion can whip out: f+P+K->f,f+KK or b+P+K, etc., as an example on the crumpled maggot. door-knobs are no exception. All suffer equally. Muhahahaha. also check out: <a target="_blank" href=></a> new PS2 VF4 picture of <font color=white>Camus</font color=white> webmaster and Akira player from <font color=orange>MVP</font color=orange> added along w/<font color=red> xaxak</font color=red> of <font color=blue>No Mercy Club</font color=blue> notes on a certain few flowchart combos, combinations and eye-candy playbook ideas. Complete frame rate data for Lion VF4 will be added next week. <font color=black>The Brotherhood of Lion</font color=black>
  6. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Re: Lion's crumple zone

    isn't f+pk a bit slow?

    it also back turned .. u sure?
  7. nycat

    nycat Well-Known Member

    Re: Lion's High Impact Patrol

    kinda slow? well, as described it hits as a surprise. Lion avoids many high and mid attacks...deceptive beginning video of these moves... and well officially, the frame rate data has just been released in Japan and we can only spatula a few frame estimates that are sure to cause a mini flame on...(^^)
    f+P+K 19-3-21 is kinda slow...b+P+K 24-4-28 initiates slowly and is <font color=white>ugly slow</font color=white> in recovery ...hurts all the more when you fook w/ this <font color=blue>evil Lion</font color=blue> molasses move. ( see starters)... this is one of my favorite round openers....used very sparingly...
    elbow is a, 11-2-22 , at least it was in VF3 and that is our frame of reference ( no pun intended)
    df+P is 11 or 12 frames in it's initial stage before animation of impact.
    knee is about: 15-2-29 way slow in recovery frames, eh. (29)=almost a lifetime, no?
    <font color=white>High Impact<font color=red>*</font color=red> Lion VF4</font color=white>

    Lion Combo # 184
    f+P+K->d+P->df+P,P->df+P or ub+P
    note: executed with precision by <font color=white>xaxak</font color=white> of <font color=black>The Brotherhood of Lion</font color=black> No Mercy Branch Temple <font color=yellow>Come ON! </font color=yellow> Learn English through VF4 Lion discussion w/ The Brotherhood (^^) Zoom Zoom Zoom yea, yea, yea Huah! <font color=orange>Temple of Virtua 7 Star Mantis </font color=orange>
    Here we go! ( as sung by banana rama fingers) I'm not in the habit of showing mercy to old farts. Bite me! - Old men should stay on the couch. Bite me! ( VF5 taunts{?})
    f+P+K->K->b,f+P+K->HCB+P+G or df,df,f+P+G or :cry:;
    b+P+K->b,f+P+K->b,f+P+K,P,P combination of the moves we have discussed here today. (^^)
    b+P+K>d+P->FC_f+P+G ->b,f+K+G,d+K->ub+P

    <a target="_blank" href=></a>

    <font color=red>*</font color=red><font color=orange>"High Impact, this style of Lion focuses on big combos, doing damage quickly, and rattling, instead of irritating, your opponent. The trade-off is that this style is VERY high riskÂÂc. if you're doing it "right".</font color=orange> -BigCat ,,, Jan 1996 .
    don't take my word for any of the above... work on it at the arcade. lemme know. 8:)
    free coffee and red bean buns at the breakfast club sat morn <a target="_blank" href=></a> about 11 AM
    One more thing... have you read the Lion Dojo here at VFDC? Have you read <font color=white>BigCat</font color=white>'s FAQ for VF2 Lion?
    Walinkg the talk tomorrow AM.
  8. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Re: Lion's High Impact Patrol

    The Lion Dojo is excellent just that I'm trying to refine my Lion a bit.. cause its a bit inconsistent.

    Few questions I'm interested in..
    Execution times?
    <font color=orange>Lions</font color=orange>

    Aoi's df+K (which chars have faster df+k) I'm not convinced Lion has the fastest cause I seem to lose to everyone elses.
    and outta curiosity:

    The Aoi one shits me the most... I know I can meteor punch but its more for my reference for my other chars.

    Meteor Punch (qbb+p) sabaki vs knee? I sort remember doing to Sarah but lose to Myke's Wolf knee 4 times in a row. Would like to know this one before I gamble 40% life each time again... /versus/images/icons/tongue.gif

    Lion is much more powerful when you control the distance between you and opponent... Does Lion CD a bit faster and further than others? What is impressive is that the Daioh/etc players control space and distance extremely well.

    Other favourite flowcharts of mine..

    f+pk, u+pk(run away), *
    *d+p(MC), ff+kk (looks cool)
    *(g turn around or dodge) df+k, df,DF + p || df, DF+pg || qcb+p

    you can do "u+pk" in back turned situation which is ideal for running away and setting opponent for MC or for running up to wall to execute the wall attack for lots of style points.

    Does "f+pk" duck high and mid attacks cause I never noticed it before?

    I use the "b+pk" moves for "throw me traps" or ducking high moves. Usually I if I smell a throw coming I'll do this move. Same with other chars ie "Lei Fei b, f+pk"

    I've only started playing Lion in VF4 so its rather green to an extent. Though I know most of his moves in VF2 and VF3.
  9. LittleWild

    LittleWild Well-Known Member

    Re: Lion's High Impact Patrol

    AFAIK f+P+K does not avoid mid attacks. Not so sure about high attacks though. It still gets interrupted by an elbow or something fast mid move.For you info. d/b+K also gets interrupted by P.

    As to the original question about b,f+P+K, P, P.
    The answer is yes, it crumbles on major counter.

    However I can't duplicate the result at my local arcade(SG-AMK), so I guess it is because of the difference in versions.
  10. danny13

    danny13 Well-Known Member

    Re: Lion's High Impact Patrol

    Little wild, when i play Lion, i delay the last p of b,f+p+k,p,p to tempt my opponents in attacking after the first p. Manage to get a crumble a couple of times.

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