Lion's d_f+pg throw + follow ups

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Jason Cha, Oct 25, 1999.

  1. Jason Cha

    Jason Cha Well-Known Member

    Well, as one of the originators of the idea that the d+kk follow up was the damage maximizing followup (as contrasted with the high pounce) after lion's from crouch throw on even slopes, I must admit error. Pete has proven to me, on both US dreamcast vf3tb, and on the arcade tb, that the high pounce does in fact do more damage on flat surfaces than the d+kk follow up.

    I stand corrected.

    So the new theory is such that high pounce is the best follow up on even and downhill slopes. d+kk is the best follow up on uphill slopes, unless the terrain is so sloped that the second kick will miss. in that case you could try for a d/f+p swipe, or, if you're brave, the u/f+k.


    Incidentally, on the topic of following up lion's throws... the e, d/f+p followup after the HCB throw is easily kipped out of... so you want to mix up the e, d/f+p follow up with the quarter dash in u/f+k follow up....

    actually that raises an interesting question, if your opponent kips after the face grab, will a high pounce hit them instead? i remember fondly how well the high pounce hit in vf2...
  2. Llanfair

    Llanfair Well-Known Member

    Well, my staple follow up to hcb+P+G is the high pounce. Sure, one can struggle, but the situation is much like the Sarah b+P+G pounce, I think. Perhaps I'm wrong, but rarely does my high pounce get escaped. It's quite possible that no one's trying, really. ;)


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  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    kipping up (or rolling back) is enough to get out of lion's high pounce after hcb+P+G, since he just barely connects in the first place. going up hill is a different matter: the high pounce lands pretty square (and quick), so you have to roll sideways.

    oh, and up hill after *f+P+G, if it's too steep for d+K,K, you might try d+K->d/f+P or the ever so slow u+P.

    now, what about them MC half-circle throws?...
  4. sta783

    sta783 Well-Known Member

    Re: struggle...struggler...

    As Peter put it, high-pounce after the HCB+PG throw is very easy to escape. E or even side-roll will get you out (though side-roll makes you vulnerable to Lion's Ura). Same goes for Sarah's b+P+G; struggle and side-roll, pretty easy in TB.

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