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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Freud, Jan 14, 2002.

  1. Freud

    Freud Well-Known Member

    been using decided to try qcp+p to start off my attacks..hoping its "sabaki" properties give me the advantage. however, my meteor punch(quite long execution time) kept geting interrupted by fast moves from eg. lei fei and jacky.
    i was what kind of situation a sabaki beat other sabakis.? and in my situation....when does my meteor punch actually hit the opponent....and can anyone suggest any better ways or situation in which i can unleash my meteor-punch?
    thanks =)
  2. nycat

    nycat Well-Known Member

    situation in which i can unleash my meteor-punch?
    214P or QCB+P ( d,db,b+P)<> Lion's Meteor Punch (MP)
    MP applied after a blocked move works real fine.
    MP->f,f,->f,db+P+G ( catch)->d->HCB+P+G-f,F->uf+K
    MP->f,f,->f,db+P+G ( catch)->u+P+G->Pounce
    Nice enough damage, eh?
    Check out ice-9's dojo here at VFDC for more very useful info on Lion VF4.
  3. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Hi Frued,

    Its actually in that seemingly long execution time that the opponent needs to high/mid attack you that will sabaki. The opponent will seem to stumble back and in most cases will be unable to block. They will crumple upon connection with punch.

    Technically Meteor Punch will sabaki all high/mid punch/elbow/kick. Timing wise you need to execute MP slightly before you get hit. This is will work against moves such as elbow/side kicks, jabs, rising kicks.

    Also Lion's meteor punch will sometimes miss depending on range. Depending on the stance. Try it out on Computer Lau and you'll see that you'll sabaki his punches a lot.

    Also were you interrupted when Lion punches or when he swings his arms prior to punching?

    In regards to sabaki vs sabaki..

    Jacky and Lei has an inashi (someone correct me if I'm wrong) where they will automatically catch/counter any *punch attack. Vanessa, Aoi and Kage have these as well.

    In a neutral position Jacky/Vanessa(DS) will catch all jabs/elbows. Lei Fei has to be in his crane stance and will catch all single handed arm attacks (high/mid/low).

    Lion's meteor punch will be sabaki during the punching phase of his attack. Meteor Punch should be used in anticipation of a counterable attack. Basically don't meteor punch vs an Akira if you anticipate shoulder ram, body check or double palm. However do it if he does dashing elbow, knee, single palm, tiger palm, double kick, etc.

    This attack is similar if not identical to Lei Fei's hammer punch:
    (tiger stance)+P

    Only difference is Lion doesn't lunge as far and has much faster recovery. You can always go for the second punch as well to keep the opponent guessing.

    You should basically do this move more often otherwise Lion generally get pounded up close. As Lion doesn't have much of a fast power mid attack game. Without this move you'd be relying to much on low poke, elbow/knee game which is slow/low dmg in relation to say characters like Aoi/Akira.

    On a final note depending on range and foot stance(open stance) the meteor punch may miss. So be prepared for this scenario.

    Closed Stance
    // //

    Open Stance
    // \\
  4. Freud

    Freud Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the help guys..
    in reply to the post, my meteor punch was interrupted as Lion's arm was swinging backwards and on the way to the opponent.....
    now..i learnt my lesson and use MP to trial-poke and taunt opponents.i think given its not so fast execution time,its not wise to execute MP while u r really close to the opponent...especially when they r fast characters like Sarah/Shun.
    Playing my game with more low punch/uppercut
    think this a really nice combo..
    LP, Uppercut-> b,f+P+K,P,P->f+p,p->pounce
    however i think the f+p,p only connects if the Uppercut do not float the opponent(counter). if the uppercut floats, probably the opponent would have landed on ground by then.
    but the above combo is really easy and pushed then opponent back real far.
    Only thing i foresee if...there may be a loophole in the above far, CPU has not managed to break out of it once my uppercut hit. anyone can comment on it?
    thanks =)
  5. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Regarding MP
    I think you have misinterpreted my post...

    By all means meteor punch is an awesome up close. If anything your MP timing is way too early. You have to execute MP at the last moment to sabaki. So you should do this move whenever possible and especially up close as it is a short range attack.

    Regarding your combo


    susceptible to low punch interupt and throw.
    Lion has a gap before you have chance to do the f+p,p

    besides most of it is not guarnateed combos.. i think the computer is simply not blocking you. Otherwise it simply is a conitinuous stream of Mid/high attacks.

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