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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Jul 20, 2000.

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    Hi! You know a site with all the moves, techniques, strategies, and combos in Virtua Fighter 3tb?
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    dude this is a stupid question so and usually ppl hate that so probably no one will answer u so i will try to help u. the firestarter's moveslist should list all the vf3 moves (but it might be pretb) along with detailed frame, damage, float-damage, stance, and other stats, look it up on a search engine or something, i can't remember the far as techniques, strategies, and combos, there is noplace they're all listed, the game is WAY too deep for there to be a finite list, this forum is used for discussing strategies, if u look up VF3 on u should find some nice in-depth FAQs that list some strategies and techniques, as for combos, well, experiment, the most rewarding combos are those u come up with urself...vf3's 3d system is too variable and random to say theree are only certain set combos as each character (tho there probably are somewhere in the 1000s, wild guess)
    anyway generally ppl hate questions looking for an all-encompassing type answer like it seems u want, especially when u could do the research as well as anyone else, so im trying to spare u the agony of insult and help where i can...I really don't mean to sound offensive, but this that's the good luck on finding what u want and happy VFing, it's a great game, I'm glad u are interested in it. See you. :)
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    Re: URL inside


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