Little Guide for Jeffry in Kumite

Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by Chibitox, Apr 26, 2002.

  1. Chibitox

    Chibitox Well-Known Member Bronze Supporter

    -I've got a Subjugator Jeffry with a 88% winning (~500+ wins ~70 losses), the two orbs Items and I won the 100 wins Item from another Jeff.
    So here are some basics techniques and advice I found to work well in Kumite :

    -Start the round with f+P+K, Machine Gun Knee (QCF+P+K), dash, wait for opponent to do a rising attack then u+K+G
    This works ~80% of the time for almost half bar damage !! I never got throw escaped with this throw by the CPU so use it!

    -Sometimes U can try to go for Raiding drop (u+K+G) for the rest of the round if u time it properly (wait for the early frames of opponent attack then go for it) If opponent block rise without rolling with a low punch then input the throw of your choice immediately (quite garanted)

    -After a Back Flip Throw, let the CPU do his risig attack first and counter him with your rising attack then immediately go for throw (splash is recomended here)

    -Always try not to go for the same throw more than 2/3 times in a round or else your gonna get reversed.

    -After a knee combo (ex Knee, P, Knee) if the CPU TR, crouch dash and "splash Mountain" him or block their rising attack (usualy a low punch) and low throw him.

    -VS jacky and Sarah try to use the "power slam" throw as it makes them rise with their special kick which is easily throw counterable.

    This is all I remember for now, hope it will help, feel free to add some dark techniques ^_^
  2. MNGL

    MNGL New Member

    a regular kumite round with Jeffery:

    b+P - drop elbow to the ground
    d+P+G - pick up throw
    b,f+P+G, f+P+G - 2X headbutt throw
    d/b,f+P+G - machine gun punch throw
    u+K+G - rainbow butt drop
    b,f,f+P - baseball punch (blocked = guard stagger)
    d/f,d/f+P+G - crucifix piledriver throw (overkill: any throw work here)

  3. Boumxyz

    Boumxyz Member

    Here's an hint

    You can do the Hell stab ( F+P+K ) and then continue with D,F+P+K+G

    But also you can do this D+P+K and then continue fast with any low throw

    Or if you need more range D/B + P+K and then any low throw

    Another combo that works almost with any character no matter the weight

    Knee, Then D+P follow up with B,D/F+P,P

    You can also do the same combo with this as starter..

    Instead of knee do B,F+P+K and then follow with rest ( this one is even more garanteed )

    I use Two hands attack often cause they can't be countered. It can only be dodge.

    I use head butts attack a lot also for the same reasons.

    Hope it helps

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