Logan, UT - VF4 tournament THIS TUESDAY NIGHT

Discussion in 'Tournaments and Events' started by DarkCatalyst, May 16, 2002.

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    As part of the first weekly "Fight Night" at Fun Unlimited (Cache Valley Mall: 1300 N. Main St), Virtua Fighter 4 will have its first open tournament in the Cache Valley area THIS Tuesday, May 21st. It's one of two games being played that night, alongside Guilty Gear X.

    The schedule is as follows.

    4:30 PM: Guilty Gear X Registration
    5:00 PM: Guilty Gear X Tournament - ROUND ROBIN (1/1, best of 3 rounds) INTO SINGLE ELIMINATION (2/3, re-seeding)
    6:30 PM: Virtua Fighter 4 Registration
    7:00 PM: Virtua Fighter 4 Tournament - ROUND ROBIN (1/1, best of 5 rounds) INTO SINGLE ELIMINATION (2/3, re-seeding)

    Entry fees are $5, and there are cash prizes for the winners. This is not a "serious" tournament - it's mainly to expose casual local players to fighting games. As a result, we will be using gamepads instead of arcade sticks. However, that doesn't mean we don't want advanced players showing up - it'd be good for the newcomers present that night if we can expose them to tournament-level competition, so that they can see advanced strategies, techniques, and tactics in action.

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