London VF'ers... to all who heed the call.

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by Madin, Nov 22, 2001.

  1. Madin

    Madin Well-Known Member

    Just in case it isn't general knowledge, Namco have finally got round to getting VF4.
    its 2 cabinets away from T4 and in between the woeful marvel vs capcom, and their horrid low - res soulcaliber.
    Information: similar cabinet to the casino setup. The contrast is higher on the namco cabinet, resulting in rather bold over the top colours. the sound is at a reasonable level, although when namco is packed you'll never hear it, so who cares.
    The price is 50p for one credit (props to adio for that prediction). its 3/5 rounds VS the CPU, but only 2/3 VS a human opponent!. Daft? you decide!. The CPU difficulty seems the same has in casino.
    The button placement isn't ideal (unlike casino), it is GPK, but the G & K buttons are parallel, with the punch button being a little higher. the joystick is slightly better than the casino one. Its similar to the arcade stick for the dreamcast, but with slightly less range in movement. This should make those 3/4 throws a little easier!
    £1.50 a pint during working hours so you know when i'll be there!!
  2. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    What happened to Namco. Wonderpark was like heaven. There's no way I'll leave the Casino if the buttons are lame. I'll just learn to hold my breath for longer. (Casino is a smokers paradise.) Nope, the Casino is where you'll find me. And BTW that will be pretty soon as I've just come across a small fortune.
  3. Madin

    Madin Well-Known Member

    Went to namco yesterday with a friend at midday. We challenged each other, only to find out that player 2 side buttons where configured K P G!!!!!
    Talked to a technician imediately and he said " well its been here 2 weeks and no-ones complained" obviously no-one other than first timers have challenged for 2 WEEKS!. How long will they keep VF4 if its making next to nothing?
    Anyhow the technician changed the congfiguration to P K G and gave us 2 free credits which was nice.
    But.... you can't choose stages in VS mode and 2/3 rounds etc. It is set to 60 seconds.
    If (and its not impossible) we can find someone reasonable and there is more than 2 of us, we can at least get them to switch stage selection on, and up the VS rounds from 2/3 - 3/5.
    Until such a time.... Casino, you reign supreme! i salute you!
  4. adamYUKI

    adamYUKI Well-Known Member

    "the technician changed the congfiguration to P K G"

    ack its supposed to be G P K, thats what you meant right? :)

  5. Madin

    Madin Well-Known Member

    Indeed, sorry my error.
    yeah, set to GPK as opposed to KPG.
  6. Chrisdaggimoh

    Chrisdaggimoh Member

    50 p a credit, 1.50 a pint after you've been playing? Namco is starting to sound allright these days...
  7. ecvjz

    ecvjz Member

    sorry i am new here
    where is 'namco'?, i am only aware of funland in trocadero
    and is casino the one in leiscester square, near the cinemas?
  8. Chrisdaggimoh

    Chrisdaggimoh Member

    "namco" is the nick name for the namco arcade in county hall, westminster.
    it is right up close to the millenium wheel and the aquarium, and about 5 minutes walk from waterloo train station.

    i swear it is the loudest arcade ive ever been in too...
  9. dynamic-league

    dynamic-league Well-Known Member

    Namco Station is great if you don't mind listening to the loud disco music while you are playing your game. Some people prefer to hear the game sound effects rather than disco music.
    Depends on your taste.
  10. Madin

    Madin Well-Known Member

    if we're talking video games, namco is useless.
  11. PPPK

    PPPK Active Member

    I managed to blag a week on a course in London last year. Tried to locate the 'Namco' arcade. Ended up playing in a TINY cupboard in Islington. What a twat. Still, if you ask for directions from some1 who's English extends to 'Yes' and 'Will you be eating in?' that's what you get. Roll on my next trip to the 'Smoke.

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