Losing the FGC one event at a time

Discussion in 'General' started by BlondieVF5, Jul 1, 2013.

By BlondieVF5 on Jul 1, 2013 at 4:53 PM
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    The fighting game community has never been so big and active throughout the US. Every quarter there is a massive FGC(fighting game community) event showcasing some of the greatest talents in fighting games the world has ever seen. For some it's a chance to see greatness and clutch on a level that we aspire to get to. For others it's a way to showcase your talents and see just where you stack up in terms of time dedicated to your preferred fighter. This is not fact or statement, it is a compilation of feelings and emotions I felt after my time with some FGC events. It's a self check for everyone out there that loves fighting games and is connected to them as a player, spectator, or creator.


    I am no stranger to the tournament setting, the pressure, and excitement of travel worldwide for events. I have seen the FGC culture change. From old school hands in Streetfighter and virtuafighter to the new blood in titles like Injustice/MK(new version) and hybrids like SFxTekken. There is a loud and resounding difference between the culture back then and the culture now, media. Media makes everything so accessible and easy to share, it is a wonderful thing. There is however, a downside to media and all its outlets to the various fighting games. The downside being a very dangerous combination of the socially awkward, hype, expectation, pressure, and money.

    From the time you walk in to an FGC event there is tons of people yelling and screaming, bags on their shoulders, sticks in their laps, energy drink stationary on the floor as they hold their spots in the chair of domination. Tons of expletives, saltyness, and headshaking towards opponents that have bested their dedication to the game. No handshaking after a match, just yank your cord and walk away. The "saltyness" seems to be a combination of ego, expectation, and perhaps puberty for those that apply. It's losing, and if not checked by a peer or mentor can lead to violence.

    When watching a final, I find myself having to look past the goons taking bets with cash in hand on the players. No official stopping any of this, just allowing active cash handling bets to take place in something that to me is sacred. This isn't a fucking chicken fight in cuba. This is two young men playing a game that they enjoy to compete at its highest level. No one wants to hear you spray shit talk, you are embaressing yourself and your crew. How the hell did we let it come to this. Haggling from afar while someone plays his match. It's safe to say there is little sportsmanship in the FGC.

    As these events get bigger and bigger, I fear the worst. A tarnish, something that lingers over the culture of our beloved FGC. If we as mentors and elders don't start involving ourselves in the fundamental growth of some of these crews, violence will manifest itself into a tabu for tournament events, and could in the future be outlawed. This is not something to take lightly, if you add all the factors in, something terrible will happen at one of these events. It is important to note, there is a difference between hype and bad sportsmanship. Allow people to play, respect those playing. Obviously if something epic happens you can cheer or sigh, but think of it in terms of golf. You aren't going to haggle someone trying to shoot or concentrate on their shot, let them swing, then haggle. I'm going to put a link at the bottom of this post, keep in mind. I wrote this post before I had even seen this. While not directly involved with the event, it's only a matter of time.

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Discussion in 'General' started by BlondieVF5, Jul 1, 2013.

    1. soke
      Being relatively new to this thing called the FGC I can't commend on any of the trends and how things have changed. Just wanted to point out I don't see the relevance between being abrasive and violent towards another player over a loss and a physical confrontation with an gf( ex or otherwise) and someone she's having sex with.
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    2. Femto
      Linking Kotaku says 1) you don't go to events, 2) by not going to events you think something like this is "bigger" than it actually is.

      He caught RayRay "unnamed tourney player" in the article, having sex with his gf.

      CEO looks awesome, btw.
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    3. YOMI
    4. BlondieVF5
      CEO is completely awesome, and hopefully next year with its growth we can actually have a large VF tournament there. That is my goal.
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    5. Pai~Chun
      VF is a totally different scene from most other fighters. The group shot on the front page (of which there's been many similar photos over the years) speaks for itself. I don't get the melodrama in the opening statement above. If the other games are tearing themselves apart, who really cares? Potentially more players for our game :)

      As for Kotaku, they'll try any desperate troll article for webclicks, as the given link patently demonstrates.
    6. Feck
      News sites are a little late :/

      Comments on Kotaku and the article itself are pretty blergh ...I had something else to say but feels right leaving it at blergh.

      Anyway, keep in mind that CEO wasn't the only FCG event this weekend ;)
    7. ShinyBrentford
      Sega cup was great it was full of 30 to 40 year old players with jobs, wives, and kids. You know Grown ups. I was at home. That's just the 09'er Capcom trash that now runs the FGC. A bunch of Whiny tryhards wannabe Chris G that think that they can game as a job. Here some news Chris G doesn't even make enough money in that game to play as a full time job. That being said the other community's I hang out with are pretty cool beside the smash community.
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    8. Feck
      Yeah Noel Brown's idiocy is Capcoms fault, fuck SF4.
    9. ShinyBrentford
      Fuck Capcom and Fuck The Smash FGC. I love going to these tourneys and watch a bunch of kids yell internet memes and cry when they win their 100$
    10. BlondieVF5
      My OP was not aimed at VF at all, it's just an observation from the other FGC's. It's hard out there, games being lost, people gettin beat up, money matches with no shoes or jingle. Scoop some of these lost souls up, If you know how wonderful VF is, share it with someone interested!
    11. ShinyBrentford
      VF is too hard for most marvel players. I mean look at Justin Wong.
    12. Cozby

      can you play marvel?
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    13. Myke
      There are idiots everywhere. They always have been, and always will be.

      The greater in size a community gets, the greater the percentage of idiots who do idiotic things. The "idiotic thing" in this case had nothing to do with the FGC nor the event.

      I got my start playing SF2 in arcades back when I was in high school, and I had been threatened with violence many times for various tactics I would use to win (e.g. throwing), and I've also been mugged and had my possessions stolen a couple of times. I've also witnessed many fights as well. This, all in the golden age of the arcade.

      There are idiots everywhere. They always have been, and always will be.
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      Man, this is why Kotaku makes money and is successful. Don't get caught up in its sensationalist tabloid crap.

      Here's what happened based on information floating around:
      -Noel walked into a hotel room and caught his girlfriend/ex-girlfriend 'getting intimate' (read: having sex) with one of his NY buddies, RayRay.
      -Noel climbed on top of RayRay UFC-style and punched RayRay repeatedly in the face.
      -(ex-)girlfriend tries to break up the heated battle and (a likely rage-blind) Noel pushes her in the face with an open palm to get him off of her. Her nose is bloodied.
      -Police comes and Noel is cooperative and fesses up to everything up front. RayRay does not press charges. (ex-)girlfriend apparently does.

      Now flip to CEO (an FGC event) this weekend (the incident happened in the hotel of the venue, and not the actual tournament of course). I've been to CEO two years and a row, and my crew and I had every intentions of going this year, but couldn't due to money:
      -1800 attendees, including FGC regulars, new attendees, spectators, cosplayers, venders, media, etc.
      -Zero incidents. Vast majority of players happy with how the tournament turned out (unlike problematic tournaments like NEC, or NCR this year).

      What does an unrelated personal incident like Noel Brown's issue have to do with the FGC? The answer is NONE. 1800 people gathered in one room, and the worst issue Kotaku can report is an incident that didn't even happen during the tournament?

      c'mon. :/
    15. Myke
      Kotaku, like most media, thrive on any kind of controversy and will use it to generate revenue (clicks). They did also post Jebailey's statement along with a nice promo video - balanced reporting, or a cop-out for the biased headline?

      But in Blondie's defence, he did say he posted before seeing/reading that article. I think his underlying message is that he's not particularly fond of the direction the FGC has been or is heading in. However, the changes are inevitable so unless we be the change we want to see, then we might as well step aside.
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    16. ShinyBrentford
      Yeah I can play marvel. I can hit those buttons as fast as anyone.
    17. Rodnutz
    18. ZomgitsEd
      I think what we should take away from this (looking past the Kotaku post to the true point needing to be made here)...is the fact that there is illegal unlicensed gambling, piss poor sportsmanship, and a lack of respect for the FGC all together. Prime Example of Poor Sportsmanship: Chris G had some sort of issue in has match against Momochi and shot up from his seat, started shouting, and pointing as if to blame Momochi or the equipment for doing something wrong. When Jebailey walked over he continued to make a scene and it was all up on the big screen for everyone to see.

      In a situation like that, you shouldn't disrespect your opponent or throw a temper tantrum. Excuse yourself and CALMLY speak to an official about your issue.

      However, as far as the gambling goes, that shit is not cool and CEO staff should have kicked people out. Something like that can have serious backlash on the community and CEO itself if someone opened their mouth and made a big enough fuss about it.

      While the FG scene is growing and thriving, we all have to take part in it to make sure that the next generation of the FGC isn't overrun with ignorance and ego.

      I think Blackstar and a few others overlooked the concern Blondie is expressing when gambling and money are involved. Its not that an incident has happened but, with a larger crowd and potentially more people to gamble, something COULD happen. People aren't checked at the door of CEO, you just have two guys looking for badges. That means that someone could easily bring firearms/weapons to the venue, which itself is dangerous. Taking that into consideration when tempers flare, money is involved, and shit talk starts flying? Its a nightmare scenario. Obviously, I'm talking what if's and just stating that there is POTENTIAL for this to happen. (Please don't be a wise about the topic and go "Yea? and blah blah blah can happen too!")

      Overall, the experience was great and I'm definitely going back next year June 27-29th. I hope that EVERYONE in the FL VF scene makes some noise and brings a ton of prospects to VFDC so that maybe we can have tourney in CEO next year...instead of fucking Dive Kick -_-
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    19. YOMI
      People should remember that the FGC = The retards who spout memes in stream chats, post to SRK and never play the game anywhere else but online eg. never go to tournaments, they do not represent the true fighting game players or community.

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