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    Is anyone here around Boston? yeah i know it's a desert for VF but i'm a player with rust in my friggin ears. What's that u say??? Anyway I know nobody knows me, well except for Rich who knew me as I was a newbie at VF2 but i was just wondering if anyone wanted to play. I'm from Boston originally and got into VF when 1 came out. although i didn't start playing seriously until 2 i always had the passion for it. The way i met rich was pretty funny. he met me(although he may not recall) when he was TFTing me all around the place with his kage. I sucked ass then because i mainly learned from getting my ass kicked. It was really funny i would see something i like and be like "wow that was cool " but then continue to learn on my own (gettig my ass kicked left and right) but then after a half a month i was the one kicking some ass. My streaks grew in numbers and i was developing techniques that i would later see what people classified them as-which is to say that i still had a long way to go. when i met rich the first words he said to me was "do you know that you could do senbon punches with Jacky?".....i was like WTF? but i answered him...."huh?"...........alas the poor boy hadn't had the slightest clue of any technical terms in VF.....sob.
    Well time passed and i grew stronger in my game, rich seemed to be a regular at the time in the downtown arcade so i saw him frequently. he helped me a bit telling me new things i didnt know so i wouldnt be boring and repetitive. when VF 3 came out i was all over it. and i remember a mini gathering rich told me about when i was just hanging out. I didnt want to miss it. it sounded weird at first to hear people getting together from across to play, but it seemed fun and i definitely got excited that day to see different players. I don't remember any of the players names..Rich? but i enjoyed all the different styles of play and i had a blast playing this hardcore sarah player. That was ages ago. And i still play.....only i just don't travel. (Money$$) :( Judging from my posts (sometimes i look at them myself and am like "what the hell was i thinking posting that crap") it may seem that i'm just some bloke but i am am a yomi type player with rusty character control (i just started playing again in august but only against the CPU....sob!!) and i'm mainly a Jcky player but i've left him alone for a good while as i'm learning more respectable characters. i'm working right now with Akira, Lion, and Jeff.
    Well, that's me if anyone's around.....wanna play?

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    OHH OOHH OHH!! I am just about a hour north of boston, and would DEFINATLY would make the trip down for some VF3 rumbling. Give me a e-mail and I'll get back atcha and we can make a time to meet.
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    Yes! There are VF fans in MA! Of course, this one hasn't actually _played_ here...

    I've only heard of the machine at UMass...I'm down in Waltham...any idea if there's a machine anywhere around here? Although I guess it's not overly difficult to get to the U. You can mail me at There is also another person in MA who suggested I mail him (being lazy, of course, I have not yet done so):'m sure he wouldn't mind hearing from you.

    Bryan K
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    Uh oh... Don't worry, it's not your ICQ saying that.../images/icons/tongue.gif

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