MadCatz SFxT FightStick Pro ~VS~ Hori SCV Stick

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  1. replicant

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    I'm looking to pick up a arcade stick for my Xbox 360 since I am playing VF5FS on pad and it's annoying me. The sticks in the subject are in my budget and I was wondering which overall is the better choice. My understanding is both are full Sanwa stick/buttons, wired, and fairly sturdy. I don't care about the graphics of either, but I do care about being able to replace parts when needed. Both sticks are the same price so just trying to get a feel for the better investment.

    The last time I invested in sticks was in the PS2/DC days for VF3tb, SC, and Tekken. All Mad Catz products I have ever bought have been trash, but I have heard in recent years they have stepped their game up with certain products. Thanks for any input.
  2. Tricky

    Tricky "9000; Eileen Flow Dojoer"

    I love my madcatz stick and it's sturdy. Their sticks are amazing now and wouldn't hesitate at buying one.
  3. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    I have normal Mad Katz TEs, Hori Real Arcade Pro V3/VX SA, and an Eightarc Fusion Ebony. Here is what I would have to say about each.

    Mad Katz TE - the best product Mad Katz has made, but I recommend it less these days. I prefer the other two sticks, and lately TEs have been bugging out on some people with dropped inputs and a security chip issue on the 360 model--at least that's what I hear more and more lately, maybe it's only after a good amount of years and use. That said I have not had these issues first hand but I've never broken a stick before either. But the TE is the only Mad Katz accessory I've used that's at least been good and my experience is really good with it. The external design is good, very solid, location of Select and Start are good and the cord is very long and the compartment door is good. It's a pretty big arcade stick, which I do like. Mad Katz's transport bag for the stick (the one that slings over your shoulder and has a closing lid that has a hole that fits over the stick) is a good one too and it makes this stick easier to take around to tournaments and even use the bag itself as somewhat of a pillow on trips. Assuming the TE works perfectly, the only gripe with the TE is that I can't get any X-Box Live headphones to really work with the thing--and this includes using the adapter they give you! Nothing works, and my mixamp won't even plug into it. The best solution I have seen for this is to buy an official X-Box Wireless Headset...

    HRAP V3/VX SA - Believe it or not this is my favorite right now. Easy to carry, very stable because of the wide/slim design. The response time is also supposedly faster than the TE. It's also priced lower than the other two. The only issues don't bug me but here they are: Start button is located like Japanese arcade cabinet but is masher unfriendly. Not an issue with VF but possible issue with Marvel but it shouldn't be. It's way to the right but it is within zone of people who use the far right side of button arrangements. The other issue is Hori's design of the wire storage door is dumb (even on the Fighting Edge stick that looks amazing). Anyways, it's my favorite stick. Wish it was able to support multiple systems out of the box. But to be an official licensed product I doubt it could ever be that way. The Hori stick is also superb bang for your buck.

    Eightarc Fusion - Pretty much the same as a Qanba Q4 with a better button placement. The Eightarc/Qanba is probably what I would recommend most for under $200 and especially for tournament players. Out of the box it works on ps3/360/PC. The design is good. The fusion's felt bottom is great on laps or tables, at least until it eventually wears off or something. My understanding is the response time is as fast as the Hori. I actually use this as my tourney stick because it is dual modded. I like the feel a bit better than the TE and only slightly less than the Hori or the legendary Virtua Stick High Grade (but I would compare the Eight Arc's shape mostly with the VSHG).

    Another awesome thing about the Eight Arc is that it comes with its own headset to be used on X-Box Live! They don't give you that bad adapter that does not work with the Mad Katz. They give you a proprietary headset that actually works! While you probably don't want to always voicechat when playing fighting games online, voicechat is great in the lobbies or when you're a spectator. At least imo.

    Update: I know you're not really in the market for the Eightarc, but another perk is that you can get clear custom panels for the stick so you can put whatever artwork you want on your arcade stick. Not a really big deal, but some people love this. The price and deals for Eightarc stick varies so check the site and you might find one drop into your price range.

    I haven't used a Fighting Edge but hope to soon.
  4. Kikimaru

    Kikimaru Well-Known Member

    +1 for Eightarc/Qanba.

    They've overtaken MadCatz for features (some might say unfairly) but I also like their design much more than any Madcatz except the 1st-gen TE.

    Plus it's all Sanwa underneath anyway.

    One more (high-end) option is the Omni stick from (also available in Korean flavour).

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