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Discussion in 'Dojo' started by JimmyJames, Mar 28, 2002.

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    Ok, I know this is probably retarded and obvious, but honestly I searched and couldn't figure it out from any old posts. What is an MC punch or MC dodge that people keep talking about? Is that in any way related to the MC column of the moves list? What's that one? While I'm asking anyway, what's the Rev column? Is that what type of move will counter the move listed? And a bunch of the comments for the move list say -1 DP or something. What's DP?
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    ok, MC stands for major counter, which means the move interrupted your opponent's attack or throw attempt. EG if I do a major counter punch, I'll see the yellow flash and my opponent reels a bit longer, because I didn't just smack him while he was standing there doing nothing... I smacked him while he was in the middle of something.

    In some cases a move that doesn't knock down just by hitting normally will knock down if it hits as a major counter. A good example is lau's D/F+P (the from crouch knifehand) and aoi's b, d/f+P (kneels and strikes with both palms).
    So interrupting the opponent's attack can be the key to getting a combo in situations where you'd normally get just one hit.

    If you ever see mC, with the lowercase m, people are talking about minor counters, which means striking the opponent back after his attack missed (or was blocked). Some moves can be minor countered every time with throws, others with throws or punches, and some can't be countered at all. (this is all assuming you blocked the move.... if a move misses entirely, you can usually punish it)
    a MC dodge works on the same idea, if you dodge during the opponent's attack, you hear your character yell (and the dodge is huge, and they never get hit during this kind of dodge). If they don't yell, it's a tiny sidestep and sometimes they get smacked out of it.

    Rev column = reversal, i.e. "HP = this move can be reversed by anyone with a high punch reversal" ... "LK = low kick" so only akira or aoi could reverse here.... there are also special cases for elbows and knees, i.e. wolf can reverse mid and high kicks, but not knees... kage can reverse some mid and high punches, but not elbows.. etc.

    DP = drunken points. Some attacks will make shun sober up by removing his drunken points (and thus decreasing the amount of damage he dishes out).

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