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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Nov 16, 2014.

By Myke on Nov 16, 2014 at 8:56 AM
  1. Myke

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    I'm pleased to announce the new Media section now officially open on VFDC! This library has been initially curated by our Media Managers @BLACKSTAR and @oneida and contains a wide selection of VF related videos and playlists ranging from tournaments, challenges and tutorials. Read on for a full feature breakdown.

    You can access the Media section in the main navigation bar.

    The default page will show you recently added and trending videos and playlists.

    In the sub navigation bar you'll find:
    • Random Media: as the name suggests, this will take you to a video by random. Because, why not?
    • Media: browse all media in all categories.
    • Playlists: browse all public playlists.
    • Submit Media: (registered users only) submit new videos to the library, subject to approval.
    In the sidebar you'll find:
    • Media Categories: click on a category to filter
    • Search Media: general search using key words
    • Character Cloud: click on a character to filter (the more prominent the text, the more that character is featured)
    Media Searching
    While browsing all media, in addition to the various one-click filtering options available above, you can also apply some more advanced filtering by specifying a character, (VFDC) username, and/or the Game (click the spanner icon).

    Help the community in curating our very own VF library! Know of some VF related videos that aren't in the library? Then why not submit them! All registered users can submit videos which are subject to approval by the Media Managers.

    Thanks once again to @BLACKSTAR and @oneida for getting the VFDC Media library off to a fantastic start!
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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Nov 16, 2014.

    1. wingchun_warrior
      Now this is so nice that's what I'm talking about keep up the good work thx that's what makes people stick around
    2. Ribx
      No longer will I have to search in nico for matches. Others will do it for me now and post it here.

      VFDC: Spoiling 4~7 players since 1963. :D
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    3. DigitlSamurai
      How would I go about getting my videos listed? I have over 2oo VF5FS videos, both tournaments and casuals. If possible, I'd like to get them all posted here. Even better if the new ones showed up as I upload them.
    4. oneida
      Bon appetit!
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    5. oneida
      It would be helpful if you put all your stuff in a playlist, as the alternative is to upload them one-by-one. I'll put some stuff up from your channel right now. Thanks for the heads up!
    6. ShinyBrentford
      The Grapeman approves. This is a really good idea. Good Job VFDC.
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    7. G0d3L
      This is too much :cry: (tears of joy)

      I really think there isn't anywhere any other fighting game site so well organized.

      VFDC once again setting the bar higher.
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    8. Dhaval Katbamna
      Dhaval Katbamna
      Yes agreed, DOWN WITH 8WAYRUN! :mad:
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    9. G0d3L
      8WAYRUN is very good but its wiki <<<<<< VFDC wiki

      The wiki, for me, is THE most important thing.
      The VFDC wiki should be the official one chosen by SEGA.
      I stil don't f@#&%$g understand why SEGA is not putting any money into this jewel.
      I'm not talking about big money time but at least something.
      And they even left out this very domain...
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    10. ShinyBrentford
      Like my grandma always says "why pay for the cow when you get the sex for free." ROFL
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    11. Tha_FeauchA
      This will help a lot for learning new characters.

      Big thanks to everyone involved in making this happen.
    12. SUGATA
      Good idea, Myke!

      But what about to make real-time refreshing VF (or similar fightings) Stream Channels list like this:
    13. Myke
      Have you seen ?

      Whenever a stream is live, an indicator will appear above the Streams link. If the live stream is broadcasting a VF game, then a video thumbnail will also appear in the side bar of the site.
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    14. SUGATA
      Did not know about video thumbnail for VF game. Awesome!

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