Mini -Faq for making a 1st dan Akira into a 10th Dan Akira in Kumite

Discussion in 'Akira' started by NeoTokyo, May 18, 2002.

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    Mini -Faq for making a 1st degree Akira into a 10th Degree Akira.

    Hello Virtua Fighter fans,

    as I read in the forums on , people have problems of getting a higher grade playing with Akira in Kumite Mode.
    for those people I have found a nice and easy way that helps you in getting a 90% damage against a CPU opponent. ofcourse nothing is guaranteed if it works all the time, so far I have won 245 matches and lost only 9 matches. so for 96% it does work :)

    also this works very well for people that don't have the virtua Fighter stick like me. because playing Akira can be really difficult without a joystick. also later on I will give you 2 easy to do combo's they maybe don't look as cool as a Dragonlance Combo but it is about defeating your computer opponents!

    ofcourse there is some basic knowlegde required,

    basic knowledge

    the following basic moves are very important to understand and learn the 5 steps written below.
    check out the command list in Virtua Fighter 4 if you don't understand what I mean with the following basis commands.

    * Rimon Chouchu ( R,R,P )
    * Shinshi Hougetsu ( D/F P+G )
    * Kouzanheki ( R,L. P+G, U or D, P+K ) the most important move of Akira! in Kumite mode.
    * Renkantai ( R,R, K, K )

    first of all I explain the steps.

    let's start.

    step 1

    press right 2 times! then press punch button for an rushing elbow. ( Rimon Chouchu )
    ( when you use this action 9 of the 10 times you hit the computer opponent. ) also when you hit you hear a hitting sound like uh . actually hearing the sound is the most important part. because when you are hearing this sound you know you got a hit. so when you have hit your opponent. follow the next step.

    step 2

    press down forward and press guard and punch button at the same time. ( Shinshi Hougetsu ) the reason why you have the use this throw is that the computer opponent won't block this move.
    also it does a lot of damage. and it will guarantee you the next step against your computer opponent.

    step 3

    now press up and press the punch button to jump into the air and punch your computer opponent that lies on the ground.

    if you have followed this so far you have already done between the 40% and 45% damage.

    step 4.

    after you have done step 3, you jump backwards and your computer opponent will step up. your opponent is now
    standing left and you are standing right. what you got to do now is directly run towards your computer opponent ( pressing left 2 times ) and do the following.
    press left , right and the attack and guard button at the same time ( L,R + punch + guard button ) to pull your opponent towards you.
    when you are pulling your opponent towards you press up and then press the kick and guard button
    ( if you don't understand what I mean. go to the combat list in training mode and check out the move Kouzanheki. )

    step 5.

    after you have done Kouzanheki you are standing left again and have an advantage because the computeropponent
    needs to recover and he is with his back against you. the way to do the most damage is to do Renkantai ( R,R, K, K )
    you need to do this fast otherwise the computeropponent will block it and he will hit you for sure.

    anyway if you have succeeded the first 5 steps. you have done a 90% damage to your computer opponent.
    the best way to finish your opponent now is to or just try to press punch button and try to hit your opponent 3 times.
    or just wait and counterattack with another throw :)

    ofcourse the above 5 steps don't work always, but here are some tips to know what your computer opponent will do.

    * for step 1. it is very important to know if your hear the sound "uh". because you know when you hear this sound you got the advantage.
    when you don't hear the sound you know your attack got blocked. so directly press up to guarantee you will not get hit.
    so to improve your game, don't look at the animation but react on the sound!

    * Also if your computer opponent is on the floor and rolling left or to the get up, a throw is almost always guaranteed !
    so then use the Kouzanheki ( R,L. P+G, U or D, P+K ) and follow it up with the Renkantai ( R,R, K, K ) to do big damage.

    * the reason to use the Shinshi Hougetsu ( D/F P+G ). is because it is is easy to do, does a lot of damage and will not get easily
    be blocked by 1st dan till 10 th dan degree opponenents. also against computer opponents you have a guaranteed U, P
    ( jump on your opponent and punch him on his body ) after this throw !

    * also sometimes when you do the rushing elbow at the beginning of step 1 and you hit your computeropponent
    you will see your opponent fly. this is because your opponent is rushing towards you or just want to do a move as well.

    below are some nice easy combo's that do damage and are not that difficult to perform on a joypad!
    I don't use the hit points you see in training mode, but I use percentage.

    about 40% damage combo in Kumite mode - but don't charge the Chouzan Housui at the end, because that takes to much time.
    D,D/B, L, P ( Kobuku ) then directly do L,R,P (Jouho Shoushou ) and finish with L,R, P +K ( Chouzan Housui )

    60% combo in Kumite mode! - very nice easy to do combo, but nothing is guaranteed after the first hit.
    but man if you succeed you can't lose this round for sure! and again don't charge the CHouzan Housui at the end.
    D,D/B,L, P ( Koboku ) then press R,P ( instead of getting a Jouho Chouchu you will get a moddified Mouko Kouhazan ) then finish
    with L,R, P +K ( Chouzan Housui )

    that was it folks

    step 1 till step 5 works against higher degree computeropponents as well.
    the only problem so far with the higher degree computeropponents I have faced, is that the computeropponent blocked my
    Shinshi Hougetsu ( D/F P+G ) after I won 2 rounds. so for the third round I had to do a different throw to win that round.

    anyway I really hope this mini-faq helps you. and if you have any questions, then feel free to e-mail me at

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