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Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by HuangSiKwan, May 29, 2002.

  1. HuangSiKwan

    HuangSiKwan Member

    Is there any way to pick up items that you missed on your way up the rankings with Kage? (Does gathering the spheres more than once help). Also the items FAQ was great, but does anybody know if there have been any updates to it, I'm still looking for quite a few items, and I've just made it to High King. Do I have to start another character?
  2. vfighter8323

    vfighter8323 Member

    If you collect the spheres more than once, you can get some more items like the Double Sword set and the Hoods for each costume. As for fighting in Kumite, I think you can get most of your items that you may be missing from Mr. Maru, i dont the rank though, He has a lot of items. Also, it depends which items your missing, cause I can help a little if you tell me what you have or dont have. Im still missing one item as well, but i got the rest the ways i have told you, so hope that helps a little.

    BTW My Kage - "Hanzo" - Dragonlord 90+%
  3. blackshadow

    blackshadow Well-Known Member

    mr maru is dragonlord 1p outfit has ninja sword pretty sure of that one n 2p outfit has sword set um jagged tail i think thats it the double blade sword is vemon thunderlord or stormlord 2p outfit he also has the helmet shit
  4. HuangSiKwan

    HuangSiKwan Member

    Thanx for the info guys... here is what I'm missing: ninja headband, flame crest headband, ninja sword, short sword, triple stars (x2), mr. squirrel and the sharp arm brace (i have spiked and jagged... is this another one?)

    Does anyone know how many items he ACTUALLY has?
  5. HunterRose

    HunterRose Active Member

    Yeah I just got my second set of 7 spheres and I recieved the Big Throwing Star
  6. blackshadow

    blackshadow Well-Known Member

    who'd u get spiked arm brace from cuz i got sharp arm brace from Toxic Kage 9th dan 2p outfit
  7. HuangSiKwan

    HuangSiKwan Member

    That's who I got the spiked arm brace from...

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