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    AOU 2001: New Virtua Fighter 4 characters

    Sega has revealed that there will be two new characters in AM2s upcoming fighting sequel.

    The first bit of news to come out of the ongoing AOU 2001 Amusement Expo is regarding AM2's latest game in the Virtua Fighter series. As expected, Sega is demonstrating the game on the show floor in non-playable video form, but the company did reveal some specific details. Virtua Fighter 4 will introduce two new characters to the existing lineup of familiar fighters. Although their names were not revealed, one of the characters is female and the other is male.
    The male character shown in the clip looks like a traditional Chinese Buddhist monk. He is bald and has a long robe draped over his body. He is relatively young and is proficient in the martial arts style of, Rakan Ken. This fighting style is one of the disciplines that have been passed down for many generations as part of the general Shaolin teachings. Unfortunately, the female character was not shown and Sega did not discuss any specifics regarding this second VF4 fighter. Of course, each of these new characters will have their own fighting arena. As expected, the Chinese monk fights in an old Buddhist monastery.

    Can someone explain to me what rakan-Ken is:David Carradine fighting hehehehe
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    Rakan ken is a set of techniques with defence mainly against grabs in the clothes (sleeve or collar), strangles etc.
    Rakan ken contains 47 different techniques.

    What are those 47 different techniques?........still searching

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