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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Chanchai, Dec 7, 2000.

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    Well, is finally on their feet with the server move and all and there are quite a few articles I thought were of interest to post here.

    First off, we have the latest Domination article by S-Kill. By now, I've actually enjoyed just about all of his articles at least, except for his comparison articles (Football vs. SF; 2d vs. 3d), which I found interesting, but full of bias... But he's always full of bias anyways.
    In this article (The domination article), Seth explains at least what he's learned of the Japanese players while he was there. For those of you who didn't know, Seth went to Japan to watch the USA vs. Japan match. However, under the circumstances, he became a sub for one of the players who didn't participate. Seth is known back in the day for his ST skills, but I don't know how he is these days as a player. As far as the tournament goes, he pretty much got owned by the Japanese. Anyways, this article doesn't explain everything, but it touches ground on some key points. The main question: "Why are the skilled players in Japan so skilled?" It's an interesting read and it touches ground with explanations such as "flawless execution," "heavy skills are required by such heavy competition--even at the local level," and "Love them or hate them, Japanese sticks rule." Check out the article, you might like it/images/icons/smile.gif
    Scroll down to the post by Jumpsuit Jesse.
    Alright, this might look like I sent you to the same article. I sent you to the response forum for the article. Here, Jumpsuit Jesse explains the Japanese sticks, compares them to USA standard sticks as well. Check it out and see some reasons why many players such as Jan from Denmark can't stand the US sticks. (As far as I know, North America seems to be the only place that use "US style" sticks--bat shaped).
    Alright, this article is mostly for the Street Fighter players, but to others, it might be an interesting read. This is John Choi's log from his recent Japan trip in the USA vs. Japan tourney. It goes into quite some detail on gameplay for those of you who enjoy reading about Alpha/Zero 3 and Third Strike (I love those games). Anyways, I thought it was worth posting.

    On a side note: While I was chatting with John Choi the other day, he told me that he did manage to play some VF while he was there, but it wasn't his focus there so he wasn't really interested in playing (he's there to compete in SF, obviously). He commented about the setup which Hiro did tell me at NYG2. 5 points to win the match. He also mentioned that "VF is still a religion there," noting the game's popularity is still there and well supported. He said it was pretty much crowded. In my mind... damn... crowded and set to 5 round points to win a match! Anyways, thought I'd let you all know.

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    Chanchai you have got to stop telling me about all these great game sites. These things will eat up your day like nothing else ahh nevermind I have nothing to do all day anyway.

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