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More Customize Items Coming to VF5US

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Oct 2, 2021.

By akai on Oct 2, 2021 at 9:03 AM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    From the Tokyo Game Show, Sega announced additional customize items will be available in the game. Additional details will be announced at a later date.



Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Oct 2, 2021.

    1. RawrCookie

      Though hope they add new items, not just recycling & retexturing old items...

      But i am worried about the way of releasing them, is it another 10$+ DLC pack for few items or what this time? Like i don't want to waste 10$ for all characters items i don't play or use to just get a specific few character(s) items that i play with only. I prefer the old VF5FS system of solo characters packs.

      Why they don't make us vote for items we need to see again from VF5FS and new items that we want to see? This is better.
      Last edited: Oct 2, 2021
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    2. Zaibatsu
      If they are smart it will be a free update; if they are dumbs, as I suspect, they will make you pay for this 5 $/€ at least.
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    3. RawrCookie
      You mean if they are smart they will make it free update for those who purchased the legendary pack, because the items were few and totally boring basic, so something make the legendary pack worth it more, especially for those who bought the pack for items but not for other weird stuff and the repackaged content (old VF OST, skin, and stamps ect).

      Buuuut If they are "dumb" they will make it free update for all which doesn't make sense for why people buy old pack to get items or it is just another overpriced few recycled items.

      Anyway the game is already barebones when it was 1st released, they shouldn't be greedy with DLC and start "seasons" BS...
      Last edited: Oct 2, 2021
    4. Futaba
      The image shows only costume set D.
    5. def
      Is Pai wearing a mask that has a wig as a separate item?
    6. Adam Gibson
      Adam Gibson
      Looks like costume D plus a couple additional items, I don't it to be a crazy amount of content but looking forward all the same!

      edit: the thing I'd really like in this pack is music from some other Sega games like Last Bronx or Fighting Vipers
      Last edited: Oct 3, 2021
    7. charleypk222
      oh this is a great news :)
    8. Tha_FeauchA
      I'd be willing to drop a few bucks on it simply to help support a VF6 game. This game was literally free (for PS+ subscribers) when it came out for the first two months.

      I'm happy to see this game is still getting updates.
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    9. SSfox
      Wouldn't mind they showed us more than one screenshot.
    10. Ellis
      I want long hair purple vanessa hair
      (or they could like, i dunno, colour sliders for all hairs)
      and black "non baby oil" skin for vanessa. kudasai!

      Then maybe, perhaps, i could switch up my infamous yellow,green,red vanessa custom ˆˆ possibly perchance ˆˆ
    11. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      I hope the new items will be free for those who own the Legendary Pack DLC.
      Especially since they were supposed to be included from the start (together with other features) but were delayed because covid.

      But I suppose we'll have to pay again... :(
      I really miss the good old times when VF4 Evo and VF5 vanilla were release super complete, a real beasts full of content and no stupid patch and dlc.
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    12. break
      Finally getting the dead or alive and project cross zone items ?
      Time to pick up another 25 USD PSN card to add them to the collection.
      Hope they allow more hair and eye colors !
    13. SilentNephilim
      As someone who is big on customization, I am really looking forward to this.
    14. beanboy
      That is cool news. Cool!:D
    15. akai
      At the end of Challenge Cup, another image to tease the upcoming costume/item additions.
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    16. masterpo
      Three Questions:

      • Will customization option allow us to turn on/off Hit Sparks:whistle:

      • In VF5FS once all the character customization was purchased, Sparring Mode was unlocked. Will the upcoming character customization unlock Sparring Mode in VF5US?

      • Is there any hope for something like a Quest mode to commensurate with or eventually follow the upcoming character customization?

      New online options are nice, but we definitely need a significant single player mode.:ninja:
    17. SSfox
    18. SUGATA
      What is the Sparring mode in FS? I dont remember such thing
    19. akai
      Single player against the AI. Basically the substitute of Quest Mode from previous games.
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