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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Chanchai, Aug 24, 2000.

  1. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    I'm still tired from the trip... but thought I'd mention a few more things about the gathering (there are tons more of course)...

    "Nelson's Opportunity of a lifetime"
    Hiro arrived the day before the gathering and he hadn't played VF for about 5 months... Not to mention he's been through a lot... Anyways, it's probably known by now that Nelson has a habit of avoiding VF play with Hiro... After he heard how rusty Hiro was... he went straight down to the DC to play (this is at Andy's place btw)...
    Nelson wins 3 bouts straight and is excited (arms up in the air and everything, not to mention Nelson's VF sitting posture--I'll keep that a New York Crew insider thing).

    <Nelson excited and loud as hell proclaiming his victories>
    Nelson: "I know, isn't it great?!"

    "Shadowdean's Moment of Glory"
    This is what Emil was referring to I think... maybe not... but Shadowdean was on a role at some point and defeated the NY Crew I think... Can anyone correct me on this one? Anyone besides Shadowdean anyways? hehehe

    "Chanchai's Lessons Unlearned... for quite awhile anyways"
    1) Side-rolling against Emil's Akira... He loves that Ura-Bodycheck
    2) Rolling forward against Jesse (he taught me that lesson in two bouts despite Emil and the NY Crew drilling it into my head for days)
    3) Shota showing me how Sarah's d K E kills my low level scrub play.
    4) First time I play machi and it's stupidly against Nelson's Shun... boy is that stupid... against any Shun...
    5) Though my brain is dead (justifying this, but it's still stupid)... I have that awful habit of doing Lion's f,f P or dash and throw after SE.... And Peter telling me about a million times not to do that (again, my brain was dead at the time... 7am).

    "Cause seeing the light"
    Cause just got so much better right before he left... Maybe it was partly that I was playing purely on habit (couldn't think at 7am Sunday morning) and without thought, but it was definite... he was getting a lot better and it was a good thing to see. He was kicking my @$$ all over the place that morning.

    "The evil MAS"
    No offense Luber... I'm just not used to that MAS Stick and I don't think I ever will.

    "Montero shananigans"
    Hmmm... I'll just say that driving to and from the gathering in a more than fully packed SUV is... well, it was tough... and Boyd had to sit on Jesse's lap on the way there... and on the way back, Kruza was sitting on his luggage (but he had some good alchohol-company to keep his mind off of it).

    "Is this a convention?"
    Hotel guests hearing the loud videogames and coming in and asking how much it is to play the games...

    "Peter's quests"
    Apparently Peter had two missions... 1) Get better at VF
    and most importantly 2) Find an appealing mate (preferably female)... At least he's a good looking guy with taste/images/icons/smile.gif

    "Adam's immitations"
    Love those immitations... Sega immitations... English immitations ("Bloody Mingus!!!!")... VF immitations... Killer Instinct immitations... tons of them and spot on.

    "Happy Hour"
    Super VF energy level is always at midnight-3:00am...

    1) very comfortable
    2) only comfy to those who are in "uniform"
    3) directly towards a certain Taka player: *cough* GAPING HOLE!!! *cough*
    4) Only a few people had to witness this (thank goodness)
    5) it's all good, I'm just messin'

    "A Scenic (Virtua) Drive"
    Adam and Sal playing F355, but instead of racing on the track, they drive far off to go look at the pretty sites...

    "Those all too common special ring out occasions"
    Watching some of these videos has me realizing that these were quite often... the person trying to push the other out of the ring ends up outside the ring himself... And this just about happened to almost everyone from what I'm gathering. I take it, it's a commong thing in VF, but still entertaining to watch.

    Just about everyone wished Sumeragi was at the gathering and most people missed Jeff as well. You guys were missed.

    Well, that's what I have right now. I think there were a lot of other things for sure... I would put more VF specific stuff, but again, I don't feel at all qualified to say stuff like that. There is more stuff that is at least noteworthy and I'll eventually put that up. In any case, I hope you all enjoyed reading this.

  2. Nutlog

    Nutlog Well-Known Member

    It's really great to see some new enthusiasts. You guys who made it to NYC have no idea how much I wanted to be there. (I don't think even Rodney knows) Would have been great to see all of you guys again. I'm glad you all had such a blast. :)

    Incidentally, Shota, Nelson and Hiro, you all still have standing invites to my home (at the insistance of my wife :p) And this time, Shota, you wouldn't have to sleep on a hide-a-bed. I've actually had to buy furniture now that I'm married.

    Retired VFer, BSer extraordinaire!

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