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Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by marcel, Feb 22, 2002.

  1. marcel

    marcel Well-Known Member

    Okay I have been in Kumite for a while and seen many bizzare items. And yes as you all know ther are the VF1 models. But down here is all the things I have seen.
    Wolf-pink pants, sunglasses, arrows on back.
    Aoi- oni mask, short hair, blonde hair, big fan on back,wings.
    Sarah-clown (bobble eyes) glasses, red glasses, blue streekes in hair, knecklass.
    Vanessa-walkie talkie, short hair, cowboy hat, horse head hat.
    Akira- giant bear on back, tatoos.
    Pai- butterfly knee coverings, knecklasses.
    Kage- hair in ponytail (!), small mask, bunny on shoulder
    Lion- helmets, cowboy hat, backwards baseball cap
    Shun- different hats and chinese caps
    Lei Fei- elephant head set (scary!), knecklass
    Lau- weird I haven't seen any amzing items for him....oh well.
    Jeffery-shaved head, different bandanas.
    Jacky- sunglasses, bandana long hair (not spiked)
    That's all I have seen so far. And for those of you having trouble getting VF1 models all I did for most of my custom characters os win 21 times. I had about 6-8 loses too.
    And if u r having troucle getting your rank up, there is a slightly cheap way to do it. If you have 2 memory cards make a custom character on each. Make sure you pick a character u r good as. Go in Kumite and get to a rank where u are having trouble getting further with each character. Save then go to vs mode and then select on the 2p and 1p the custom characters. Then with one of them beat the other one about 5-10 times and a ranking match will come up. Win the ranking match with a exellent, and your rank should go up. This worked for me until I got to a certain rank. And what does the symbol look like for the rank to get Dural? Anyway good luck and from the U.S "Max out!" : )+(
  2. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    Thought I'd dig up an old thread to mention some other items... the game keeps surprising me. I think I'm one below grand emperor now and some stuff I've run across:

    Pharaoh head - for everyone, lots of it too.
    Sarah - nice butterfly necklace, silver and black... also crescent earrings.
    Jeffry - nothing that's noteworthy except the big spiked bicep ring.
    Wolf - Valkyrie hat (circlet with wings sprouting above wolf's ears)... tattoos (some cover his whole upper arm)
    Jacky - shaggy 70s unkempt brown hairstyle. Aviator shades. Jerky's items are pretty dull actually.
    Kage - "spoiler" for his helmet. On the metallic helmet, you see several horizontal ledges flaring out from the back. It reminds me of the hair on the blonde guy in dragonball... or else it reminds me of the aliens from Aliens. On the cloth headgear, you see just one little ledge. I also finally saw the bigass streamer at home rather than in a movie. It's wicked neat. So is kage's short hair, a little ponytail high on the back of his head...which makes him look suspiciously like other ninja characters in other games.

    Akira - Big headband, like a folded bandanna. Goes down to just above the eyes, making a 'snake-from-metal gear' look. Also various bicep tattoos, a spiked bicep ring (like jeff) and the VF flame logo on the back of his outfits. Actually, wait, maybe that's always there. I also swear that once his hair looked taller, but maybe it was my imagination.
    Pai - wristband made of big daisy-like flowers. That's about it. Is the giant froggy head pai only, or universal?
    Lau - woo, since I play him, I've got a nice collection of cool stuff. A stylised cat mask that looks like a face on a totem pole. A small valkyrie hat like wolfs (circlet with little wings over the ears), a hat that basically looks like layers of serrated tinfoil, the crusader helmet... then a variety of shoulder pads, some blocky blue and white plastic ones (would work on a VF1 model)... some white and blue ones with a flame design... it stretches across the chest... some spanky blue and purple shinguards, some equally spanky pink'n'blue ones with a woven pattern and big cheesy gold kneecap guards...

    Shun - funky blue'n'yellow shoes, a red woven cap (among others) beard... juuust kidding. I wish there were a no beard option.
    Lion - I saw the mantis head again, it was on chibita, who gave me a sphere. The CPU chibita was disappointingly similar to all the other lions in the game. Lion also has a nifty necklace made of silver skulls (not just one skull).
    Aoi - some kind of waterskin/leather sack across her back? Also swords, grey hair in a ponytail, blonde hair in a ponytail, short hair, etc.
    Vanessa - ski goggles, a bazooka on her back, a Jason-style hockey mask.
    Lei Fei - a nice necklace, sort of a tooth shape, but bigger. Otherwise nothing new for the epileptic monkey of doom.
  3. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    Sarah - nice butterfly necklace, silver and black... also crescent earrings.

    OK, one thing I liked about VF3 Sarah was the ear rings...
    any sign of the return of the chili peppers? /versus/images/icons/wink.gif
  4. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    would you settle for big pentagrams?
  5. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    no /versus/images/icons/tongue.gif
  6. Mr. Noisy

    Mr. Noisy Well-Known Member

    For Jeffrey:
    Afro Head
    Skull Neckless
    The thing that Sagat wear (close one of his Pirate)
  7. Ealsen

    Ealsen Well-Known Member

    Shun - clown mask, fancy looking sake bottle.
    Lei Fei - Half bald hair with long pony tails that looks like Jet- Lee in Kungfu master.
    Lau - a hat that looks like chinese noodle bowl.
    Vanessa - Rifle gun and bazooka on her back.
    Akira - a wooden board with some jap or chinese writing
    on his back.
  8. Chibitox

    Chibitox Well-Known Member Bronze Supporter

    Does anyone know how to win oni mask, and short hair with Aoi, do u have to lose a row of matches?
  9. uk-guy

    uk-guy Well-Known Member

    Head: Black sunglasses for masked Kage, pony tail, high ponytail, Shredder helmet, Helmet with long wispy floor reaching cloth, Shoulder blue bunny or brown squirrel
    Torso: Roll of paper tucked into chest lapel, two rolls of paper tucked into chest lapel, 1 sword on back, 2 swords criss-crossed on back, giant shuriken on back.
    Hand/wrist: spikes wristband, lots of spikes wristband, metal claws.
    Waist: 3 shurikens, 3 shurikens on either side of waist, sword combination, small bag, two small bags

    Head: 3 types of mexican mask, long flowing hair, massive feather head-dress, smaller feather head-dress, dead Wolf draped over head, extra tatoos on face, various shades.
    Arms: 3 types of tatto on shoulder, various shoulder clips, various wrist bands
  10. NeoTokyo

    NeoTokyo Active Member

    I defeated 6 or 7 Empires and then I got all colored crest collected. then I got a metal helmet with Lau!
    the helmet looks iron with a long point on top of it.

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