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Discussion in 'News' started by ice-9, Mar 22, 2001.

By ice-9 on Mar 22, 2001 at 6:21 PM
  1. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Wow!! Hot off the press! CrewNYC whips up some VF4 wallpapers for those with 1024x768 resolutions. I like the "Gut Akira" one the most personally...martial arts masters with a gut are COOL.

    - <A target="_blank" HREF=>Beautiful Aoi</A>
    - <A target="_blank" HREF=>Armor Kage</A>
    - <A target="_blank" HREF=>Gut Akira</A>
    - <A target="_blank" HREF=>Gutless Akira</A>

    Please Sega, give Kage a good alternative costume. He needs it.


Discussion in 'News' started by ice-9, Mar 22, 2001.

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