Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance - First video ever!!

Discussion in 'General' started by chucky, Feb 24, 2002.

  1. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    Gamespot has put up images and a video of the new upcoming MK game, and may I say it look damn sweet, the video shows Scorpion doing some crazy kung fu stances, looks almost like Lei Fei or something only with fireballs, damn nice visuals as well. thumbs up Midway..
    <a target="_blank" href=,10870,2849951,00.html>click here to follow the link.</a>
  2. TONY_T

    TONY_T Active Member

    Hell yeah i saw that, the graphics are probably the best ive seen for a fighter, i just hope the game plays as good as it looks..
    but yeah those visuals are stunning.
  3. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    well they did promise a whole new fighting engine, and by the looks of this video it could be very good inded.
  4. akira2001

    akira2001 Well-Known Member

    yeah, but looks can be deceiving. I think it looks good too, but I also said that when I first saw a glimpse of MK4.

    Not to say that this will be the same, but I am trying not to get my hopes up for this. But, the teaser for the game was pretty impressive and it did get me in the mood for some MK playing.

    I just hope it is ot a let down because I have always enjoyed the MK series (minus MK4 and all the other side stories).
  5. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    yeah your right, lets see some actual gameplay first.
  6. akira2001

    akira2001 Well-Known Member

    yeah but looks can be all to deceiving. Don't get me wrong, I was also impressed by the teaser, too. I just hope the people at Midway can correct the error of their ways from MK4.

    I have also liked the MK series (except MK4) and hope that MK5 is a good game. Actually, after seeing the teaser I was really in the mood for some MK (which hasn't happened in a lonnnngggg time).

    I am trying not to be anxious, but the the teaser looks good and I am a huge Scorpion fan!
  7. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    but your right, the MK4 trailer back in somewhat 1997 or soo, looked very nice, and then when the actual game came out, then... yeah well you know the rest, but this time around however it looks like the characters(scorpion) is not limited to a single hands of moves-uppercut,roundhouse and sweep, and the gameplay has much more to offer.
  8. Goom

    Goom Active Member

    Hopefully MK5 is successful. I really enjoyed the autumn of '92 when the original hit the arcades.
  9. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    Sadly I dont think MK5 will be coming out for arcades, just consoles.
  10. Cynn_Samhain

    Cynn_Samhain Member

    Re: Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance - First video ev

    The movie's great. You can get it from in quicktime as well.

    I love Scorpion's new look. MK char. design is great save for some attempts. (Kabal, and Cyber Ninjas.. God..) And the Pallete clones of old.

    They are promising a whole new engine and are even bold enough to say it will bring MK to it's former glory.. Those are brave words for a publisher who's been embarrased by the last couple of games. We can only hope that something profound was done and the game is indeed a rebirth and not just PR smoke up the public's asses.

    My only problem with the game is they say it will include weapon fighting like 4. To me, weapons were the lowest point of 4. I did love being able to throw them though. lol There was always that cool moment where the guy you're fighting pulls his weapon, you punch him the the face like a bitch, he drops it, and you beam him in the face with the bloody thing! lol Every time that's done, fights would almost break out. Tapping into the lowest human emotional slime. Now THAT'S the MK spirit!
  11. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    Re: Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance - First video ev

    It does look very nice inded, I can't wait to see some actual gameplay.
  12. gaishou

    gaishou Well-Known Member

    Re: Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance - First video ev

    can you say sub zeros ice wand, freeze, uppercut, freeze,
    jumpkick, jump punch, slide, freeze, uppercut??? lol......NO ONE can touch either my sub zero, or scorp. hasnt happened ever and never will. pre game graphics look good, but that doesnt mean squat.......i've seen so many shots taken of prerendered scenes before the game, that the game gets put to shame by the screens..........why hype it so much, than have it be a letdown.

    mk5 needs to-

    1. go 3d, not mk4 3d, more along the lines of vf and sc or GO BACK 2 2D STOP MOTION........
    2. make fatalities as gruesome as possible. not rehash old fatalities like subbies and kano a la jarek. cmon big deal its in 3d now.
    3. no stupid babalities/brutalities.........laaame.
    4. possible animality but lez be more real this time ok??
    6. perform fatalities on BOSS characters........why in gods name can you not do this??

    nuf said
  13. Cause

    Cause Well-Known Member

    Is it me or

    Do Scorpions hands look to damn big???
  14. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    Re: Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance - First video ev

    I know ecsactly what your saying, the actual gameplay we just have to wait and see, but Midway have stated that the fatalitys atleast is gonna be the most 'gruesome' as you put it, anyways no matter how the game is gonna play im still very excited about the whole thing.

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