Most damaging or stylish juggles?

Discussion in 'Dojo' started by Omilit, Apr 12, 2002.

  1. Omilit

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    Got any?
  2. Robyrt

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    Use the Search, Luke. /versus/images/icons/smile.gif

    Sarah: db+K -> df+PK -> PPPb+K is your standard wall combo, db+K -> df+PK -> u+K without walls. Oddly enough, the u+K in the latter one will miss on a normal hit from Lau through Wolf, but not on Jeff. For style, anything with a KP in it is very stylish (f+K, KP, PPPb+K is crazily powerful, but requires an MC on LWs).
    Aoi: I love the one training mode gives you... b,df+P MC, d+P, df+P+K, df+P+G. It's about the only thing Aoi has besides PPPK (or for walls PPPPPPK).
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    Vanessa isnt much of a juggler, but MT df+P (MC), f+P+K, f,f+K,d+K is fairly damaging and stylish for her.

    MT F+P+K, df+P,K is simple but nice looking but most people just follow the F+P+K with F+P,P,K

    Near a wall in DS hit with b+P, db+K+G, P,P,P,K for some very large damage, and tack on the df+K at the end if you can.

    Lastly, not a juggle, but still a cool combo is her backstagger move. Note that this only works if the opponent techrolls as the specified time.

    Perform a move that stomach crumples the opponent like Gu+P or Gd+P (MC) then hit with the f+K (in defensive stance) they will land face down, head towards, then if they techroll, tap f,f and hit them with df+K. If timed correctly it will hit them, and put them in backstagger for a f,f+K, or a db+K+G (especially useful near a wall, where it can net you a juggle) or b,f+P+K,P (powerful but slow). You can come up with your own followups aswell. As long as the opponent techrolls once its all garaunteed, and can net you around 100 damage.

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