Moves that All of Us Hope For... pls add in yours...

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    Akira - This sounds crazy, but what about a SPoD working on someone in mid air? I saw this move in the comic version of VF (Jap transalated into Chinese)... is it possible in VF3?
    Lau - I want f+K from VF2 back. Useless in attacking but I feel its rather cheap when you use it continually. Also from the comic version, I saw a really high kick from Lau, similar to the Lisa Kusanami d+K move in Last Bronx. Another was something like Pai's b+K+G.
    Pai - More crane like moves, the k'ters moves are getting a trifle too similar again. Also, a forward flip move would be nice, like Honey's Scorpion Kick.
    Wolf - More throws, WWF Attitude is making me sick.
    Jeff - I dunno, what'd bout you all?
    Kage - No wishes for him, perhaps something like a short flip over the person and a mule kick once over? Sounds confusing, but never mind.
    Sarah - No wishes.
    Jacky - Ditto.
    Shun - Perhaps he could go deeper into the Eight Immortals Drunken Fist area of his style - he has He Xian Gu already ( f+P, P, P, K). Some other styles from there could prove interesting.
    Lion - I don't know.
    Aoi - More locks, like the real style. I liked the butterfly entanglement combo, but I have so much trouble with it...
    Taka - Sounds like a dead end. A bit out of context, but is Taka goin' to have a sumo ring in every version? Sounds dead-endish in moves.

    For new k'ters -

    Hey, why not have Kage's mom or Akira's father in?
    Others include
    - Crystal Dural !?
    - A T2ish Dural
    -Someone non-Jap... we have too many of them already! Maybe a Korean, Thai, African, Indian, Russian!? Hey, India has 1 000 000 000 + - people, and not a single peson from there?

    Some styles I hope to see

    - Silat?
    - Sounds so original but Karate and Taekwondo could be fine.
    - Tai Chi (perhaps we could have an old grandma and a fan :>

    Please add in!
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    For Akira - A few more in place stomping power moves...maybe one where he breaks his own foot....
    Lau- YES, I do want the f +k move back..great intterupt. A few more circular moving foward attacks like you see in the old style gung-fu flicks.
    Pai- Yeah, more crane attacks. also more circular attacks..maybe add abit of snake.
    Wolf - a few more multipart throws
    Jeffery - MORE GROUND FIGHTING AND Mid- low rang attacks...for a style who's primary focus is ground fighting and inn fighting..he sure as hell does not do much of anything...also some counters for him would be nice...maybe a few knee attacks aimed at the mid section or thighs.
    Kage - Maybe some stuff that's a little less street fighter ish, a little less bullshitty. Give him some neck breaks, long stance punching...stuff that looks karatish that works with his ju-jitsue.
    Shun - wow...where to some starving drunken style martial artist to do 3 forms...tape them all, and give all the move to shun...seriously..this is the most under-developed but most potential character in the game.
    Sarah - Give her some more thigh/calf attacks. Give her a skip in side kick, give her a few back fist attacks, give her a few wing-chungish punches and some punching/kicking throws..and ONE ground follow up grapple/attack.
    Jacky - Give him allot more backfist/lap sau attacks. Give him some ability to use sticky hands type attacks. Give him the neck crank Bruce used in Return of the Dragon on Chuck Norris.
    Lion - allot more attacks from stance with more follow threw..more hands!
    Aoi - I agree, more multi part arm/leg/neck breaks.
    Taka - Give him the atkins diet.

    A NEW BOSS...Dural is just lame at this point.
    A few korean styles - Taekwondo {combative, not based on just olypmic sparring.} Hwrang-do, hapkido, Kuk-Sool-Wan.
    2 differnt but WELL DONE Tai-Chi fighters..maybe a Yang stylist and a Sun style stylist.
    Get a Mu-Tai fighter in there.
    A Krav-Maga fighter.
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    I should try to come up with strategies instead of giving my opinions, but oh well. All I want to say is that a Shaolin Monk on this game would make my day. No-one can mess with Shaolin!

    -M. Wong-

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