Movies don't work & Toronto anyone?

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Oct 22, 1999.

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    My history movie and ending movie both don't work. Has this happened to any one else? I gotta go exchange my game today.

    Also I read some stuff about people playing in Toronto, well I live in Toronto, just curious as to where every body plays, is it at the arcade on Yonge Street across from Sam the record man. I remember having a lot of great battles there.
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    I played there once. There are some good battles to have there.
    I live in Montreal though and I haven't been to the arcade for about a year.

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  3. Llanfair

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    Toronto anyone? - Hell yeah.

    The scene in Toronto has been staple for a while. Myself, GodEater, Clem, Menace(Emil), some new guy Chris from IBM, and, of course, Jo Shun, still play and get together every month or so. We haven't had a gathering for a bit so it would be great for some new blood! I'll ICQ you and we can arrange from there.

    Do you have friends who play as well? The more the merrier (sp?). Oh, to answer your question, we do play at the arcade across from Sam's - it's called Funland. It has a 50' TB machine. Toronto's pretty damn lucky to have one.


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    Hey i live in florida and just got my copy of VF3TB and i beat it that day went to try the movie and it didnt work =( but the history worked fortunatly.

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    Re: Toronto anyone? - Hell yeah.

    Looking forward to some great challenges, but I have A LOT of practising to do. Me and my good friend (he loves shun) go at it all the time. Another of my close friends who loves wolf, wants to step up to the challenge also. Hope to link up with you guys.
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    My copy of VF 3tb movies would both lock up while loading. But strangley enough, the next time they went a little farther, then locked up, and finally, later on worked all the way through. Very odd.
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    There's a LOT to this game. Much more than meets the eye. When I was learning the game I really thought I was some hot stuff--until I went to Tokyo and saw what REAL high level play was like. It really opened my eyes.

    So definitely practice hard, and when you get the opportunity, definitely link up with the "specialists" listed throughout this site. Watching how others play can teach you much more than FAQs can ever hope to.

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    Well I exchanged my vf3tb and the new one is working perfectly!!

    Ice-9 I know exactly what you mean. I thought I was hot stuff also, then I saw the combo and Uramawari movies on and I realized how "average" my skills were. I used to go downtown (Toronto) and just watch those guys play all the time. Sometimes I used to step up and play and I held my own! But I will be training hard now that I have it at home. I can just imagine what it must be like watching and playing against the real pros.

    Llanfair, I am so upset that I missed out last night. I really wanted to be there, but as soon as I got home from work, I had to try out vf3tb, also some jabroni with no knowledge of vf said he could beat me, I told him that there is "no chance in hell!" So I ended up playing for 3 hours straight before heading to my room and checking my icq, by that time it was to late.
    Keep in touch so that next time I can link up with you guys for sure.

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