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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Nightstrike, Mar 10, 2001.

  1. Nightstrike

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    How do I get up fast (roll sideways,backwards,or just get up).I noticed some people roll real fast .Especially in expert mode.I always get pounced because my roll doesnt come out fast.And how do I do akira's double palm alone.I mostly do it d+p , b,f+p.

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  2. Llanfair

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    Ok - without taking your head off - did you go and read Joji's Akira FAQ from Gamefaqs?? If you haven't yet - go now. Stop reading this and go read it.
    Any movelist will tell you that Akira's Double Palm has the motions *b,f+P. The '*' means from crouch. You must be crouching. Just pull down, man. Hold it. Then go b,f+P. Yep, it's that simple. The reason you do it so easily from a low punch is because the low punch automatically puts Akira into a crouch. You can also modify the Double Palm but prefacing it with a crouch dash (df,DF or db,DB) - you can get really fast double palms out using the db,DB,b,f+P motion and it will look like a double palm that comes out while standing if you do it right.

    No offense, but you'll likely get little response to your questions if you don't do a bit of homework first. There's a billion bytes of info lying around on the net about VF2, the moves, the combos, the strategies. Just look around first. It's not hard.


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