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Discussion in 'General' started by Kruza, Oct 26, 2001.

  1. Kruza

    Kruza Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    The overall pace of NBA 2K2 is slower than for 2K1 & 2K, which really helps for the improvements made to this game. I personally thought the players -- especially on defense -- moved too fast in the previous NBA 2K games... even when Game Speed setting is changed to 'Slow'. More on this issue below. Fast breaks are less common now, although this issue depends heavily on the teams and personnel you're using and playing against. Rebounding and throwing elbows are the same as in 2K1 (nothing wrong with this at all in my opinion). It is now possible to jump into a passing lane and steal the ball with a well-timed press of the 'X' button.

    The timing of shooting jumpers is diffferent for NBA 2K2 than in the previous installments. The shooting button has to be held down a little longer to get an "excellent" release in 2K2 than in 2K1. Post moves and under-the-basket maneuvers has been improved. Along with obvious dunks (for certain & obvious NBA players), you'll see a lot more baby hook shots and bank shots taken in the paint as opposed to just dunks and very short-range jumpers that existed in 2K1 and 2K. 3-point shots don't drop in as often, even while taking shots with good 3-point shooters. Now don't get me wrong... the good and great 3-point shooters still can go on hot streaks at times. But, along with having to be open (shooting for most NBA players), you have to be more selective with the shots if you want to shoot a good percentage. Repeatedly pulling up 3s in fast breaks, or pulling one after dribbling all around the court with a single player will not get you far in this game. There seems to be a better chance of draining the 3 after moving the ball around and setting up half-court offense. For example... setting up a low post play, noticing a double team on the post player, then swinging the ball around the horn to a perimeter player that's wide open on the opposite side of the half court. Situations like that.

    The most improvements made for this game, in my opinion, comes in the defensive end. CPU-controlled help defenders moved way too fast in NBA 2K1, and the speed of these players has thankfully been toned down significantly in 2K2. For example... take an offensive player that's WIDE open, standing at least 15 feet away from the nearest defender. This perimeter player has just received a pass, spotted up, and is ready to shoot. In 2K1, the defensive players were fast enough to close in on the shooter, get right in front of him by the time he releases the shot, and also jump to contest the shot(!). And of course this will affect the shot in result -- sometimes even getting a block. However, not so in 2K2. When the perimeter player gets the ball in this situation (15+ feet away from nearest defender), the closest defensive player won't be able to get in the shooter's face by the time the ball is released. I'm not sure what this means to anyone else, but this was a big problem for me that has finally been resolved. Finally... a basketball video game that rewards those who show patience and discipline when executing plays on the offensive end (about time!). Also, you don't have to always jump to affect the outcome of a jumper. Unlike for NBA 2K1 & 2K, defenders in 2K2 will put their hands up when standing still in defensive posture, and doing this can really help to alter the shot attempts of a player that doesn't normally shoot well (in terms of real-life NBA shooting skills & attributes).

    Stealing from a ballhandler is handled with a higher risk/reward factor now. While playing man-to-man defense, picture a ballhandler and his defender blocking his path to the basket set in defensive posture (holding down left trigger). The defender is standing a few feet away from the ballhandler -- and visibly not close enough to reach the basketball -- yet still tries for a steal. I saw the defensive player actually scuttle over a couple of steps to reach out and swipe for the ball that wasn't close to him -- giving up his position. The result? The ballhandler has a clear path to the basket and easily drives past this defender. It's hard to describe this sequence of events, but you'll know what I mean here when you're blocking a ballhandler's path to the basket and attempt a steal for the ball that is not within range of the defender's hands. Anyway... nice touch, Visual Concepts.

    I'll have more to comment on this game later.

  2. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Kruza, thanks for your impressions--NBA2K2 will possibly be the last Dreamcast game I buy. I'm glad to hear the defense isn't as ridiculous any more; I had such a tough time driving in with 2K1.

    One question you haven't answered though in the review: is 2K2 the best of the bunch so far?
  3. Kruza

    Kruza Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    Heh... forgot to mention that. It's no doubt in my mind that NBA 2K2 is the best game in the series by a long shot (pun intended).

    Here's a couple more notes about 2K2:

    First off... to coincide with the actual NBA rules that has been implemented this season, there is the addition of zone defenses. 2-3, 3-2, 1-3-1, and box-and-1 are all available to choose now. As a result, there are no longer illegal defense violations. However, there is now a defensive 3-second violation (not to be confused with the offensive one that's already been established) for those who camp in the paint too long without guarding an offensive player in the area.

    There are no downloadable roster patches for this game, so you can expect no roster updates in the upcoming future. Some of the NBA teams' rosters will not be totally accurate due to the many player transactions that occured over the past week or so (Derrick Coleman to Philadelphia, George Lynch to Charlotte, Rod Strickland to Miami, Isaiah "J.R." Rider to Denver, etc.). If you want to make manual roster changes and save onto a VMU, you'll need 63 blocks of space to spare.

  4. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    I took advantage of Amazon's 3-for-2 PS2 game deal and ordered the PS2 version of NBA2K2 (along with GT3 and MGS2...GTA3 sold out, crap). Hopefully the roster changes would be fixed in that version.
  5. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    On a side note, despite whatever settings I used.... In the original, NBA2k, there was no illegal defense. As a result, myself and fellow local players got in such a habit of zone defense.

    Though I was happy to see it implemented in 2k1. However, I'll admit I don't mind zone defense. Just felt it was wrong to be in a game when it's not supposed to be (when the rules of the times dictated it was illegal).

    Anyways, I'm looking forward to 2k2. BTW, have you played WSB2k2? I'm curious how that one is.


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