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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Jun 17, 2000.

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    hi all,

    i just bought a vf3 33" machine and there are a couple of things i'm wanting to fix/adjust. however, it came with the manual for the 50" mitsubishi projection screen monitor version so i'm looking for somewhere i can find the correct version. i've looked around a lot but it's hard to find documentation on this thing anywhere.

    also, i was wondering if anyone has ever experienced rows of diagonal "lines" banding he screen....they're not really visible except for on akira's dojo stage, jacky's building stage, or when there is a almost all black screen. any general ideas on why a monitor would have that and how would i fix it?

    lastly, as a general question, it seems like the horizontal size of the screen is skewed...however, upon adjusting the dial, the screen doesn't change enough for the picture to look correct before i've turned it all the way it can go. anyone know how to make the horizonal size dial go beyond the factory settings?
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    re: wavy diagonal lines.

    that's interference of some sort. could be caused by other electronic machines near the cabinet, or on the same circuit/outlet as the vf3 machine is using.

    i don't have a proper vf3 unit complete with cabinet. however the monitor i have is made by the same manufacturer as the 33 incher. check and see if the monitor chassis is earth grounded; disconnect it and see if that helps. for some reason my monitor was a fugly mess when it was grounded.

    re: horizontal problems; i don't think it's at all possible to change it beyond how far you can turn the dial. that dial is a pot which is the very mechanism which changes it.

    it's hard to think of any other suggestions w/o seeing it. just fiddle with the other options, esp horiz. position. maybe degaussing, too?

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