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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by cheeseball, Jun 7, 2002.

  1. cheeseball

    cheeseball Member

    I've recently come across something I would like to share with other Aoi players that might be helpful. As you probably already know Aoi's counter stance has some enemies: full circle moves i.e. roundhouse kicks, sweeps, etc., low attacks, and throws. This helps against the throws. If you spin from it (u or d) when someone grabs you it will turn into a side grab. Not always but most of the time and if you time it correctly versus the throw it can be 100%. How does this help you ask. Well, side grabs are easy to break and takes alot of the guessing out of a person's throw game especially Wolf or Jeffry. Here is the deal. When you spin toward the screen (tapping down) do the throw break with f+P+G and if you spin away from the screen (tapping up) do the throw break with b+P+G because side grabs only have 2 different throw breaks one on each side. Watch out though if a Jeffry knows you will do it he can do his special side grab which has a VERY small window to break but if you know he is going for that throw in particular you can not spin and it will be his headbutt chain grab which is easy to break and gives you multiple chances to escape the next parts of it. A little note it is best to spin toward Aoi's front side (the one where she doesn't really spin but just parries with her hands) because it has a shorter duration time and the throw can never switch to the "true" throw or the other side grab instead. It will become the "true" throw when it is finishing i.e. its late frames though. Oh yeah, experiment with this in practice because when you can break throws everytime when you want to evade in her stance then the only thing you have to worry about are full circle moves. I hope you understand what I'm talking about. Also check out my other thread on back turned throws, it has a similar topic. I told my bro today that I've become the master of turning throws into other throws so they are easier to break. What do you think?
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    Yeah, Aoi's dogde from the heaven and earth stance is VERY good. One nice detail is that you will automatically dodge to the correct side if major counter dodging a semicircular attack. This can be dangerous close to the egde of the ring, as you might sometimes dodge down instead of down, causing yourself to fall out of the ring.

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