New characters in VFX....?!?

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by nascarbryant, Oct 25, 2000.

  1. nascarbryant

    nascarbryant Well-Known Member

    I wonder what the new characters in VFX will look like........what new fighting styles will enter in the fourth chapter of this truely epic game...........what is your opinion...........I would like to see one traditional fighting style(Streetfighter with boxing abylities,....) and one freaking style (kalahari from india,charlie with his BMX-bicycle on his back..just joking....). i hope that they don't copy other fighters(sort of capoeira)...........
    Do you think there will be more then two new fighters(Vf1+2=VF2+2=VF3+?=VFX)...........?(it seems that some people get mad if they don't see at least 30 fighters on the choose screen..............well i prefer 1 or 2 new and perfect balanced, complete fighters then ..........such bullshit...I wonder how people can fall for such things?.......massmarket....)

    brumm,brumm,brumm,.....No way you can stop me!!!
  2. Hayai_JiJi

    Hayai_JiJi Well-Known Member

    I personally would like to see more traditional Chinese style kung-fu, maybe tiger style or dragon style kund-fu and also some Korean style karate would be nice.

    Under the surface of the most jaded cynic lies a dissappointed idealist- George Carlin
  3. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    I guess for visual flair, Wushu would be pretty cool.

    Muay Thai would add a pretty brutal aspect.

    Tae Kwon Do would be interesting to see how the VFX team would implement that.

    What about that one french martial art (which means "the boot?").

    I'd actually like to see Hapkido in there.

    In any case, I'll just wait and see and expect whatever it is to be good/images/icons/smile.gif As everyone knows, I'm extremely happy with VF3/images/icons/smile.gif But nothing wrong with a new game, at least I have something to fall back on if the worst happens.


    P.S. What I would really like to see is the VFX team work on a stance based character. Along the lines of Tekken 3 Lei (too bad we'll have to deal with the Tekken fans claiming VFX is a ripoff of Tekken 3 then hehehe). Maybe even make the system unique somehow, but I would really like to see a character that could approach things in different stances, a system of seperate systems and approaches (this would practically be the equivalent of more than one character anyways). In fact, Shun could do this. Similar to the original Drunken Master. What was it, 9 different fists? Just my thoughts.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think it would be good if all of the Characters were able to adapt their stances or style of fighting, so that the possible varity of play would be so dramatically increased (which would be a challenge after VF3) but if you could swap stances in small ways not a completly different style of fighting just postion the feet and weight of a character differently so that moves could be more effective at different ranges and heights then that would be cool, i.e being able to adjust jackys stance so that a flip kick would reach slightly further but with less damage and other things like that would give the gameplay an extra edge because you have to watch your opponents postion to judge how they will attack.
    although saying that it make the game really complex .
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Development of characters...

    Some characters have reached a certain limit (actually only Taka)... sumo isn't very versatile. Taka was very unorthodox in VF3 and more so in VF3tb.

    Characters which mimic animals (Lau, Pai, Lion) should further develop this. E.g. Pai should show more 'swallow' or 'crane' type of moves. f,f+P, K was a good one.

    As for Shun... there should only be 8 different stances. If Sega decides to parallel Shun's style to the 8 Drunken Immortals, that is. He already has one (Kosenku / He Xian Gu) which is one of the immortals (remember f+P,P,P,K?)

    The others... do what they can.

    But different types of guards must be implemented. Guard, parry etc.
  6. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Regarding guard-types and what not, this is what I think. Just thoughts.

    I like the block system as it is, but I think that graphically there could be some improvements... You could call it active blocking or what not, but gameplay wise, it won't change the blocking whatsoever... what it would do is just have these extra frames of animations that would make the block look like the defender is actively blocking each hit naturally. In general, these types of animations should be related to style. Soft styles can block in ways that almost look like smaller parries, but with no real effect except that of blocking. Hard styles can do stricter blocks that match their style. As for Taka, he'd probably have the exact same block as he does in VF3. Basically, a visual effect that doesn't really affect gameplay (though at first it could be disorienting). I would hope that in this sort of system, the animations are kept within small amounts of frames for what I listed above as a concern, don't really change the block system, just the visual aspect of it (to make it look more dramatic).

    They might expand the inashi a bit, maybe even give some to Shun, one that would suit his style. However, I would hate it if everyone had it... But then again, they did have reversals that were restricted to certain types of attacks for different characters in VF3 so that would be fine (I would just hate to see inashi and reversals as some universal thing, like Tekken), giving quite a few more characters options similar to inashi would be fine, not for all hit levels and types of attacks though. Maybe give Aoi options while she is doing an inashi or reversal to her opponent?

    If you are talking about parries like in Street Fighter 3, I would hate for that to be in VF. Maybe it's me, but that sort of thing doesn't really flow in VF... It would take A LOT out of the game. I love Third Strike, favorite modern 2d fighter by far, and I love how parries are in that game, I just don't feel they belong (in that way) in VF. You get a similar effect anyways if someone does a move with a block animation and is blocked, I think that's enough (besides, if the active guard system I mentioned above is in the game, it would give the look of a parry as is).

    As for reversals, just about the same response I gave regarding inashi. I wouldn't want it to be universal, it would reduce VF greatly imo...

    A radical change I've thought of (only a thought, I don't care if it happens or not) would be something like MCs doing the standard thing they do in VF3, but maybe mCs cause an opponent to stun a bit? Well, it's practically that way already depending on the case... Anyways, just a thought and nothing more. Again, I love my VF3 series/images/icons/smile.gif

  7. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, regarding Shun styles... Definitely would love his default style to be the same. Also, I wouldn't want him to have to transition styles by attacks or sequences. Just something on input and probably as options that only grow with more drunken points.
  8. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    SoA better get the button layout..

    Is it me, or did Sega of America or whoever they had design the US cabinets for the VF series screw up the button layouts in all of the US releases?

    If I recall, the layout of the buttons were angled differently between player 1 and player 2. I think they had players leaning outwardly in mind (considerate thought), but I think the joysticks were still set on standard alignment weren't they? I think this was the case with all the official cabinets? Correct me if I'm mistaken. Maybe I've just grown too used to using thumb, index, middle, and ring...

  9. GodEater

    GodEater Well-Known Member

    Re: SoA better get the button layout..

    Is it me, or did Sega of America or whoever they had design the US cabinets for the VF series screw up the button layouts in all of the US releases?

    You must be refering to VF1 and VF2. Let me tell you a
    little secret about Western players. We're huuuuuge.
    They set the buttons out at different angles to compensate
    for the massive bodies of the fabled western players. These
    lumbersome men would often knock each over with their great,
    big shoulders when they played other games and Sega felt
    they had the solution. they canted the buttons and the
    joysticks. Which totally blew of course since unless you were
    playing against a space hog like KBCat you were unlikely to
    set yourself at a 45 degree angle to the machine.

    Most of us adopted the thumb on guard position quite rapidly
    after #4 blew into town and preceeded to pick us apart with
    his Akira. When VF3 came by I was quite happy I did as
    everything was already muscle memory.

  10. GodEater

    GodEater Well-Known Member

    Pai should show more 'swallow' or 'crane' type of moves

    I could take or leave the crane but i aggree, Pai
    should definately swallow more.


  11. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Re: SoA better get the button layout..

    Hehe, yeah, I figured it was the reason to compensate... as I added that comment that it was thoughtful of them. It wasn't a sarcastic comment... But in the end, to me, it still caused some issues... Playing VF2 in the arcade that still has it is fun, but a little annoying with the setup...

    And yes, I know the spacehog problem too well... Since the big boom in popularity of fighting games, I had to deal with the "big" players or at least the space hogs (heck, KBCat is a guy in pretty darn good shape, but he has his space requirements). John Choi's not that big of a guy either, but he also needed his space (besides, people are now accustomed to wider control panels that are finally available).

    Whatever the case, I wish the button layout could be like it would be in Japan, the panel to be as wide as say a deluxe machine so people are less likely to push each other, but either case it doesn't ruin the game. Only time controls have ruined a game for me was playing Puzzle Fighter when it first hit the US arcades and on one of the machines, it was a wide unit, but the controls were shifted 45 degrees to encourage playing apart, but it just ended in disaster for me... That game being a puzzle game and all... a falling blocks puzzle game at that....

    Here's to hoping for an ideal layout for VFX in the US/images/icons/smile.gif Of course we'll adjust no matter what, but nothing replaces great comfort.

  12. nascarbryant

    nascarbryant Well-Known Member

    I don't think that VF would rip something from tekken if they would introduce stances.......on my opinion the guy that introduced stances, (not classic... but you could call them stances) was grandmaster shun in VF2.....sit-stance,handstand-stance,lay on the groundstance with the face down-stance...............before lei there was also streetfighteralpha2 with an old man genfu who could switch from mantis style to ........(don't remember) you can see i am not a tekken fan even if the hole world is playing that(and thinking it's the mother of all 3D fighters).............I only say this.. if you would seperate all things that tekken did take from other fighters especially VF-series....there woulden't be a lot left exept maybe LP,RP,LK,RK um oh i forgot ....devils,pandas,bears,kenguruhs,angels.......and maybe soon elefants.....
    hey...namco,tecmo,konami... let's try to invent something new and don't try to copy other games......see powerstone....or do we have to wait till AM2 does the big step after VF.......

    P.S........good idea(9 fist-thing) it would make shun even more confusing for there opponents.....even if he already has got a lot of moves......

    Here in switzerland we have got a commercial(milk) which shows a fight between law(tekken) and a cow lokks quite funny you should see that....

  13. GodEater

    GodEater Well-Known Member

    I don't think that VF would rip something from tekken if they would introduce stances.......on my opinion the guy that introduced stances, (not classic... but you could call them stances) was grandmaster shun in VF2

    I have to concur, especially when you take into consideration the
    fact that Shun could switch stance at will (like jacky can in
    VF3). all he had to do was input a back dash and cancel it with
    guard before the dash came out and you got an instant swtich stance.

  14. nascarbryant

    nascarbryant Well-Known Member

    Maybe i have different understanding of what a stace is......
    For me stance means that the character assumes a new position from where he can preform a bunch of moves which he couldn't preform in the original position........(hey does that mean thatVF1 or maybe ye are kungfu did introduce stances?!?%!)

    brumm,brumm,brumm,.......I'm just looking for my sister
  15. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    I think we're mixing the terms up...

    Style, stance... arghh, I don't even know what I said... but regarding Shun, I meant style... or sub-style... By having a different stance, I don't mean open or closed (the main confusion point perhaps), I meant characteristic stance with its own repertoire of moves...

    However, switch stances are nice, they're in the game already under conditions... but yeah, I meant styles.

    Dirk, regarding your mention of Alpha 2, thanks for reminding me/images/icons/smile.gif
  16. GodEater

    GodEater Well-Known Member

    Maybe i have different understanding of what a stace is......
    For me stance means that the character assumes a new position from where he can preform a bunch of moves which he couldn't preform in the original position.

    The attitude or position of a standing person or animal, especially the position assumed by an athlete preparatory to action.

    A stance is a stance is a stance. If we use (and we do) the word
    to denote open and closed standing positions when compared against
    an opponent then there is no misunderstanding.

    If we also wish to use the word to denote a precondition
    to moveset access than what we have is a surplus of meaning.
    defining prior to usage is the only opportunity to avoid any
    confusion. Prior usage (and documentation in FAQS) shows which
    meaning is attributed to which word and has achieved broad
    acceptance. There is no mis-understanding, only mis-use

    bitch bitch bitch
  17. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Though I already corrected myself by saying I meant "style" and maybe I misused "stance" (did I or was this Dirk's doing?/images/icons/tongue.gif)...

    Anyways, as I said before.... Context is VERY important.

  18. Shadowdean

    Shadowdean Well-Known Member

    I'd love to see the older version of TKD - Taekwon...not wtf taekwondo
    I'd like to maybe see a kuk-sool-wan fighter
    2 more kung fu fighters would be cool - with stances and changes - really, I think we need to show sega that we can do better than Lei-wu-wong who right now dances all over shun in terms of stances and looking like a kung fu fighter.
    I'd like to see a capoeira fighter, a muay-thai fighter, and maybe savate - french kick boxing.
    For blocking - I would like to take a more active role - not just hitting block. I know a billion people like normal will jump down my throat for suggesting this {or even having the nerve to post}, but I think being able to manipulate the limbs more and more would just make it more satisfying.
  19. nascarbryant

    nascarbryant Well-Known Member

    Okay, i hope i dont get on the electric chair for that.............but still i think the thinking step of AM2 is important when they began to define this different positions(oh, no stance.....maybe monkey-sitstance,laying down with mule -kick-stance.....altough never saw a mule lay down on his face) from where to start different attacks.... in VF3tb he even can get from the sitting position to the handstand-position(sadly backward not possible)........Okay stance=standing ...will look at some more faqs on gamefaqs.....but shouldn't we introduce sitstance laystance flystance(Pai in the air?!?!).............about large acceptance...well if there would be any people who would accept this game here in europe we could talk about large acceptance of a V.F game outside of japan......

    brumm,brumm, way you can stop my sister!!!!

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