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Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by number 6, Oct 12, 2001.

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    Thanks for the post.

    For the most part, it looks great imo. However, the backgrounds haven't implemented full details yet (if they ever will) as far as I can tell. Harbor stage in particular. It looks kind of bland compared to what I remember seeing.

    In any case, we'll see how it comes along, but I think it's looking good from what I've seen.

  3. GeeseHoward

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    Kinda blocky - kinda low res texturish, kinda non-existant in wolf's stage ;)

    Nothing against PS2, but it isn't up to the task.
  4. BlueFlash

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    My first impressions of the movies were like, oh freak I can't believe VF4 is going to be playable in a person's house! I had to watch the movies over and over to saturate my mind with the madness,....
    Things about the conversion from the arcade that I noticed include the fact that the lighting is not complete, and you guys are right, it does have a grimmer darker look. I looked at subtle things, and I noticed that the flashes of light reflected onto the characters when they get hit is not present. I am hoping since they admitted the game is only thirty percent complete (am i right in this?), well, at least at TGS, that they are going to work on those things in the end. Other stupid things I thought were good were the menu display, the power bars (anyone else look at this stuff?? haha!), the shadows, and the sound. One thing I read which made me happy is that VFnet, or at least a ghettofied version, will be implemented via the memory cards.

    Concerning the training mode, this mode totally destroys the training mode in VF3tb, in that it displays the level of attack, the level of damage, and the command. Is it too much? I don't think so,....I think it's great.

    Concerning the character edit, I'm being greedy once again, but I wish the editing involved changing the whole entire costume instead of accessories and hair style. Then again, I don't play the arcade version to appreciate it, and then again, the home version hasn't come out, yeah, Jacky with his hair down is so gooberish, haha.

    All of the critics who are somewhat dismayed by the graphics, I gotta say that after playing the game for about 1 minute, I'm probably not going to notice or care, because from the flow of things, this game is going to be tha BOMB!

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