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Discussion in 'New Starter' started by Myke, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage


    It's wonderful to see all the new faces around with the release of VF5FS online. I hope you find the VF community to be a place you'd like to stay. Feel free to post in this thread, say hello, and tell everyone about yourself.
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  2. spiron

    spiron Well-Known Member

    Hello! very new to VF5 final showdown, but not so new to VF. played a lot of VF4 and evo back in the day. [Pai] howveer needless to say that was a long time ago and i am sure i will be all but free for a while in this game. getting it for the ps3, my xbox is red ringed atm.

    with that in mind i find myself at a bit of an odd cross road. my fighting stick is not modded for ps3. now i used to play pad for VF4 but that was a good 5 years ago if not more and i've been playing nothing but stick with everything i've played sense. so here i am, a man with a pad for VF5 @_@ should be interesting.

    found this site because of iplaywinner and i hope that an old man can find some good new friend to play online with.

    shout outs to Haunts,Laakira,shidosha, and a few others who's names and handles i forget from the IPW stream this last week. the game play shown there by all you guys has me really hyped for this game.

    i've been playing mostly SF4, mk9 super turbo and third strike on a fairly low level. i like to think i know all those games, and understand my characters to a certain degree. but am sorely lacking in technical skills. maybe one step above the guy just pressing buttons? but not much more.

    above all else i view fighting games as a way for me to unwind and learn something everyday. i hope to learn a lot in VF5
  3. SonCloud

    SonCloud Member

    I Didn't know this website even exist until my friend said something about it. I am not new to VF i've been playing since vf2 along with Fighters Megamix. My main and sub in VF5 is Eileen and Aoi but i hope to meet some awesome people!
  4. BankBank

    BankBank New Member

    Mostly a PC gamer, I bought VF5 on PS3 used last year and have played around with a bit. I find it very relaxing to play (I turn the music off and listen to chanting or hip hop), and I find nearly every character appealing.

    I'll be purchasing VF5:FS for PS3 when it comes out next week, but I really would love to see it on Steam for Windows.

    - pumped to play taka-arashi (not in VF5 vanilla)

    edit: I have been playing VF5 with a Saturn USB pad but I also have a sanwa stick (stock TE R2) and seimitsu stick (madcatz tvc wii stick + mayflash wii->usb adapter) and will be trying the game with all three. I kind of wish I had a 3-button stick...
  5. akai

    akai Well-Known Member

    Akai JC
    Welcome Spiron, SonCloud, and BankBank. Hopefully your stay in the newly upgraded VFDC will be a good one [​IMG]
  6. spiron

    spiron Well-Known Member

    thank ya thank ya, can't wait to get in that training mode!
  7. InsaneFreeman

    InsaneFreeman New Member

    Greeting everyone!

    My first constact with vf was on xboxlive with vf5. I liked the game, but after a while it just dropped off my radar. Since then i have been watching the game, watching matches, and generaly less playng and more reading about vf.

    im very excited about vf5:fs, and im looking forward playing, learning and meeting all you nice folk from the forum. And if anyone has patience for a semi beginner, feel free to drop me a friend request on xbox live (gt: Insane Freeman).

    see you all soon [​IMG]
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  8. SketchCarellz

    SketchCarellz Member

    Hey all.

    I'm relatively new to VF. I have played here and there over the years, and while the game has always interested me I've never put the time in to learning the system or movelists for any characters. Now that FS is coming out, I want to give VF a fair shot.

    I am coming from a very Tekken-heavy background, so I will have some adjusting to do. Looking forward to participating in some events and tournaments hopefully in the near future.
  9. Sashaz

    Sashaz Well-Known Member

    Hiya im sashaz. I started at vf1 with lau then got a saturn with vf2. I played shun then. I was obscesed and bought all the mooks and then on vf3 i purchased all the vhs video guides for all the players from japan. My brother and i went to tokyo and played it in arcades for a week (shinjuku). For that game i was a jeffrey player. I loved vf3 alot. Vf4 for some reason was the game that i lost the love. I couldnt get into it and dabbled a bit in it. Now vf5 im back playing and decided to go back to lau. I cannot wait for the game tomorrow and hope to see you online on psn. Im not very good for someone who was so in to it.

    In vf3 days i use to play in namco centre in london. My psn is londondude so please add me.
  10. My first account on here was OAG around 2001 then made 2 other accounts in 06 since my e-mail for the other two accounts no longer existed lol. Been a VF fan pretty much from the beginning and forced friends to play VF3 and VF4Evo with me lol. I'm glad the PS3 is finally getting online and I will be able to play with a lot more people. Look forward to posting here more I go by Sarangha on Shoryuken.
  11. Zephna

    Zephna Member

    Hiii~ Ze name's Zephna and I'm rather new to VF. I recall playing 1 & 2, however, that has been so long I'm basically starting all over again hehe. I'm pretty excited for VF5FS release as its rather foreign to me now. As well as it being a breath of fresh air so to speak. To play a fighter I'm not all too familar with.

    I'm interested in participating in some events I see around here for the online scene. As well as host a few of my own with my live stream team~
  12. Crates

    Crates New Member

    Hello Crates here. Been playing VF since VF4 and VF4e. played it enough but never actually put in time to understand the game fully i main Akira and i hopefully will learn some other characters sooner or later!
  13. Zodiac

    Zodiac New Member

    Hello, I'm pretty new to Virtua Fighter, the console release announcement intrigued me enough to keep watching videos of the game and I'm hyped to nab the game tomorrow.

    Going to grab that Lei Fei costume pack and pick him up as my first main.

    Anybody on the West Coast feel free to add me, and show me what you know! [​IMG]
  14. yiggs

    yiggs New Member

    Hi guys! I'm new here and new to VF. I'm from Australia. Nice to meet y'all [​IMG]
  15. Atrion

    Atrion New Member

    Hi all! Very excited to start playing some VF again. I started with VF4-evo when I found it in the bargain bin for 3 dollars! I Was amazed with the single player mode and a tutorial that actually helped you improve at the game.

    my main is Goh and I look forward to playing you all!

    PS: I guess I made an account way back but never got to posting. Try to change that this time around ^^
  16. akai

    akai Well-Known Member

    Akai JC
    Hello - InsaneFreeman, SketchCarellz, Sashaz, OtakuAnimeGamer, Zephna, Crates, Zodiac, yiggs, and Atrion. Kinda busy here lately, so don't have much time to say anything except welcome!
  17. Siyko

    Siyko Well-Known Member

    I played a ton of VF4:Evo back in the day, but never got into VF5 very much. Looking at the training mode in VF5:FS, I'm really looking forward to getting into this one. I hope the online play is great, because not many folks around here play very much.
  18. ZeroFrameZ

    ZeroFrameZ Member

    hello all. waiting on vf5:fs to finish downloading to my ps3 so i decided to join the forums too. feel stupid though.. i bought the game and the dlc separately when there was a bundle "complete edition" for 15$ cheaper.!. epic facepalm.. i mainly play as goh, aoi, and vanessa. and hope to see you guys online!
  19. gns168

    gns168 Member

    Hi, lurking for a long time. Have/played all the console versions. Played VF5 in Japan the few times I have been.

    Love to get better.

    ... just finished installing [​IMG] see everyone online
  20. Northofself

    Northofself Member

    How goes!

    I too have also been lurking the forums for ages (compare my registration date to my post-count XD), keeping tabs on the scene since the VF4 days. I've always been a Vanessa player, and don't intend to stop; although, Taka always looked intriguing (and I never got to try his previous incarnations).

    For awhile I was pulled into more of the 2D fighting games that dominate my city's scene (you'll find me on SRK, Dustloop and TestYourMight as "Essay"), but after TwitchTV took off last year, I've been voraciously taking in VF streams, and levelling back up my knowledge.

    Moreover, since I've got nothing to do this summer but online courses and recovering in bed from a surgery, I'll probably be a easy guy to hit up on XBL if anyone in eastern North America needs to practice against a Vanessa player.

    Look forward to getting to read you all! ^^
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