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    folks...head over to
    read up on the latest interview with AM2 regarding vf4...
    The more I read about VF4, the more I like the game~/versus/images/icons/wink.gif

    <font color=red>~~~ 'enemy not SPODED, enemy not DOWN/versus/images/icons/mad.gif~~~'
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    just in case anyone is tooooo lazy ( YES ...NAN I AM REFERRING TO U~!!!!)

    Arcadia: Virtua Fighter 4 will be the first big polygon arcade fighter in a long time. Did you take the state of the arcade market into consideration when you decided to make VF4?

    Suzuki-san: I had the sense that the arcade market is shrinking, and with Virtua Fighter 4 we hope to revitalize it. We hear reports that other developers are leaving the arcade market all the time. I'm sure they're pulling out because the market has turned sour, and that's unfortunate. On the other hand, it's possible Sega will be the only company releasing arcade games in the future.

    Arcadia: Do you feel a sense of responsibility to remain in the arcade market?

    Suzuki-san: I wouldn't go that far. However, much the way Nintendo is considered the leader in console games, Sega is the leader in arcade games. It would be a shame to let that tradition die.

    Arcadia: The unveiling at AOU back in February seemed to peak players interests. What did you think?

    Suzuki-san: Seeing so many people gather to see the video made us feel optimistic. At the expo and more recently with the beta testing, I've felt a sense of unity between developer and player. Arcade games create this unparalleled sense of 'live action,' that's something we need to focus on in the future.

    Arcadia: Each new installment in the Virtua Fighter series has created a movement, both in terms of industry development and amongst players. What kind of movement do you want to start with VF4?

    Suzuki-san: I haven't given that much thought, as I've been focusing on development. The Virtua Fighter series has given rise to many star players, such as 'Ikebukuro Sara' and 'Kashiwa Jeffrey.' I think it's similar to real sports where athletes like Michael Jordan are praised. After all, the real stars behind the Virtua Fighter series are the players. So I hope VF4 gives rise to some new star players.

    Arcadia: Does that mean you're concentrating on making Virtua Fighter 4 easy for newcomers to play?

    Suzuki-san: We're broadening it's scope so new players can get started easily. I especially want players who shied away from VF3 because of its technical controls to experience Virtua Fighter 4. This game is much easier to play than VF3, and we've spent a lot of time refining the control system. Since the beginning of the series we've wanted to incorporate crossover methods into the gameplay system, but it didn't work well in VF2, 3.

    Arcadia: Can you explain crossover gameplay methods?

    Suzuki-san: There's an old saying, 'Offense and defense are the same.' Crossover methods blend attacks and defense together. In Virtua Fighter 4, we've made the gameplay system easier for players to understand. We've also made the game more realistic and minimized the feeling that the game is almost playing itself. So winning in Virtua Fighter 4 will be different and not as focused around special attacks. Rather than pulling off special moves, Virtua Fighter 4 will focus on studying your opponents and using strategy to defeat them. That's one reason why it will appeal to new players, because they can beat veterans by studying their techniques and coming up with strategies to defeat them.

    Arcadia: So players will learn what attacks to use against different opponents?

    Suzuki-san: More importantly, if a player looses he'll know exactly why he lost. From a psychological standpoint that's a big improvement. In Virtua Fighter 4 players won't be left thinking, 'If I only knew more special moves I would have won.'

    Arcadia: Can you tell us about the power-up attack system in VF4?

    Suzuki-san: When you press the attack button you can either unleash an immediate attack, or charge it and increase its potential damage. The catch is, while you're doing this, you're defenseless. So it's a risk vs. reward system. You're defenseless, but you can pull off a devastating attack if you charge-up.

    Arcadia: Will this power-up technique only apply to new moves?

    Suzuki-san: We're adding it to old moves where powering-up would make sense.

    Katagiri-san: It will apply to new moves as well. We also took character design into account, so certain characters have more moves that can be charged-up than others.

    Arcadia: You mentioned earlier that players will be able to attack while dodging or defending themselves?

    Suzuki-san: Right, the system in Virtua Fighter 4 allows you to dodge an opponent and attack in one continuos movement. So it's possible to completely evade an opponent and counterattack at the same time.

    Katagiri-san: In previous games we included moves which could be done after dodging, but in Virtua Fighter 4 it's far more advanced. In effect, it helps players plan against opponents and it enhances the feeling of satisfaction of dodging an enemy.

    Arcadia: Is that why you did away with the separate 'Escape' button from Virtua Fighter 3?

    Suzuki-san: Technically speaking, it's harder to make a game using fewer buttons. We only wanted to use three buttons in Virtua Fighter 3, but we couldn't. This time around, we put an emphasis on programming and we managed to work around it.

    Arcadia: Walls are incorporated much more into the gameplay in Virtua Fighter 4. Can you explain that?

    Suzuki-san: We've made many improvements in regard to using the walls.

    Katagiri-san: In Virtua Fighter 3 we had combos which incorporated the walls, but it was hard for the players to pull them off. We feel it would be strange if you threw a player into a wall and nothing happened. So this time, we've given more thought to making it look realistic. In Virtua Fighter 4 there are many effects from the walls, they can save you from going out of the ring, they can break and you can fall, players can be stunned if they hit them, and so on.

    Arcadia: You've also incorporated new defense techniques?

    Suzuki-san: In a traditional match, when one person is knocked down the fight is over. Unless they're fighting Drunken style. We feel it's unnatural how characters are repeatedly knocked down in fighting games and get back up. Therefore, we've added the ability for characters to slip in Virtua Fighter 4, but not fall completely. While attacking your opponent from the ground can be fun, it's unrealistic most of the time. So we wanted to convey that in the game.

    Arcadia: One of the defining characteristics of the Virtua Fighter series has been the ability to attack while you're getting up from a fall, hasn't it?

    Katagiri-san: Perhaps, but that doesn't mean being knocked down is a good idea. Now players can judge for themselves whether it's better strategically to be knocked down, or slip and defend themselves.

    Suzuki-san: I think it will be easier for players this way.

    <font color=red>~~~ 'enemy not SPODED, enemy not DOWN/versus/images/icons/mad.gif~~~'
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    I like how they talked about being knocked down in this interview; I suppose that's been one of the more unrealistic aspects of VF. Seriously, what martial artist would just lie there after being knocked down. Is this "slip" supposed to be like a stagger, or the new recovery move we've heard about?
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    I'm pretty sure it's referring to the quick recovery from knockdown.
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    It might be what you see Lau doing in the first second of the vf1.avi movie. Looks cool.

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