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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Zato, Jun 3, 2002.

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    I’ve noticed that VFDC has a lot of media floating around containing actual match play (esp. tournaments). Coming from a background that includes 2D games in addition to 3D games, I find that fact very comforting. Finding high-level match play of Capcom and especially SNK games is nearly impossible. The focus is more on combo videos with those games. Even Tekken and Soul Calibur had a lack of quality match vids. I’m glad to say that Virtua Fighter does not have those deficiencies.

    However, I am disappointed to see a lack of instructional videos for the game. Please don’t confuse “instructional†with “comboâ€Â. Although fun to watch at times, very elaborate combos have never really appealed to me because they rarely appear in actual game-play. I am more concerned with spacing, character movement, flowcharts, and the like. You will see a few examples of the kind of media I am talking about at

    Concerning Virtua Fighter, I am particularly interested in character movement. I never played VF1, VF2, or VF3. I was a Tekken buff. So naturally I am not accustomed to the full set of advantages that come with forward and backward CD…much less advanced tactics such as evading CDs. I’ve never seen “Korean stepping†from VF3 nor been fully exposed to its modified version in VF4. Yes, I could pick bits and pieces of advanced stepping out of the match videos and put them together like a puzzle. However, not only are there a ton of videos to wade through, but the contents of each match are usually a mystery until they are downloaded. It’s like putting an enormous puzzle together in the dark with only a flashlight to guide you. Anyway, along with movement, there are many other facets of VF4 in which I feel somewhat inexperienced and overwhelmed. Movies may not give me the experience I need per se, but they will give me an idea of what to expect and practice in order to be successful. Plus many of these things cannot be fully grasped by discussion and words alone (despite the fact that the quality of info in the forums is top notch). Several of us are visual learners. So I am hereby putting forth my official request for instructional videos concerning the following topics:

    1) Character movementâ€â€Advantages/disadvantages of forward and backward dashing, dis/advantages of crouch dashing, use of evading crouch dashing, “Korean steppingâ€Â, special character movements, usefulness of jumping in regards to evasion, ability of stances to naturally evade moves, combinations of the aforementioned, etc.

    2) Anti-scrub strategiesâ€â€Dealing with and/or punishing repeated d+P, dealing with and/or punishing d+P --> {mid move stagger vs. d+K}, properly using frame advantage as a result of guard, the need to recognize high attacks, the need to recognize attacks that stagger upon block, avoiding the “deer in the headlights†syndrome, etc.

    3) Okizemeâ€â€specific tactics and/or moves to evade and/or hit rising attacks, sidestepping of rising attacks, countering/sabaki of rising attacks, opponent body position following certain downed positions (including wall bounces), attacking QR/TR, anti-okizeme strategies, combinations of the aforementioned, etc.

    4) Flowchartsâ€â€use of movement in combination with attacks, attacks containing evasion and/or anti-evasion properties, distancing in reaction to guarded/missed attacks, option select, ability of stances to naturally evade moves, combinations of the aforementioned, etc.

    5) Special case scenariosâ€â€Usefulness associated with effects such as shift from 14 to 13 frames on Akira’s f,f+K, K after guard breaks, Wolf’s b+P stun (guaranteed throw FLUP) after struggle-able and guard-induced stuns, inability to perform b, d+P+G throws directly out of CD, etc.

    6) Hand movementâ€â€Similar to the “Hands of Shinz†video; optional diagramming of hand movements (with speed effects) needed to complete difficult moves (Akira!).

    Certain videos may also be dedicated to certain fighters (such as one on using Shun Di’s HCB/u+P+K stance to avoid low/mid rising attacks respectively). Combining sets of videos relating to one character would almost be like a “video dojo†a la the dojo articles common to this site.

    I would also like to see a series of articles detailing not only the transcription of combos performed in select, high-level match videos, but an analysis of what the strategy of each fighter was and what they were thinking at the time. Perhaps even a [sticky] thread could be started in which different people post their own analysis of their favorite videos. A similar thread could be started in order to discuss the instructional videos as well.

    These are just some ideas of what I would like to see in the future. I know that the people who run the site, the forums, and the media sites are really busy. They have to get all that stuff together and find time to play VF4! But thanks for the creative outlet and keep up the good work!
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    crewnyc was thinking of adding some flowcharts to an existing combo video.
    I think we don't see these videos because it's a lot of work to put into something that will be deathly dull to most people (most people = scrubs interested in seeing something that will make them filled with awe, or good players who already get flowcharts and movement and see them every day in the arcade).

    Seeing it would reinforce things, but really ... anyone can see a flowchart written down, try it once at home on the PS2, and they've gotten what they need to out of it. Movement and okizeme on the other hand should be seen, and there are a few movement and oki exhibitions out there.
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    Thread moved from Media board. New threads in the Media board are strictly for media announcements. Media requests should be directed to a related thread in the Media board if one exists, or as a new thread in Junky's Jungle.

    In response to your request though, there's a DVD available in Japan titled VF4 Strategy Revolution. Unfortunately, it's only available in Japan as far as I know, and unless you can understand Japanese, you'd probably miss out on a lot of the commentary.
  4. Zato

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    Thanks guys.
    BTW is anyone working on a translation of that DVD to put on video? I'm sure there are plenty of VF4 players in America that speak Japanese. Actually that is probably illegal (OOPS!). Anyway, since it is DVD, shouldn't there at least be subtitles or a language setting? I know it's probably not that high budget, but they had to expect the US to be at least somewhat interested! How many thousands, if not millions, of dollars of video game hardware and software do we import annually? Well, can't say that I didn't try...
  5. Zato

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