Newbie (please don't flame). Please help my Lei Fei game

Discussion in 'Lei' started by m121zero, May 18, 2002.

  1. m121zero

    m121zero New Member

    Hello good people of VFDC! This is my first post here (duh) but I do have lots experiance at (for those of you that go there). Anyway, I have had VF4 for a couple months now, and consider myself a good player, but it's time to take my skillz to the next level. Any tips for my 5th dan Lei Fei?
  2. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Please read movelist and my Lei Fei guide.

    Go to character section and look for documents.

    Then ask question which are specific and not broad and wide open.

  3. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Welcome to VFDC/versus/images/icons/smile.gif Hope your stay here is great, and your understanding grows plenty (understanding of VF anyways).

    I recommend reading the posting guidelines, not to lecture you, but because VFDC is a bit of a different forum environment than many other gaming forums. IMO, it's overall a pleasant atmosphere, but there is a self-regulating conduct that is expected here and the posting guidelines will help you get a better idea of what's expected here.

    I am warning you of this because I would hate to see another "happy new member" take criticism the wrong way when they realize how different the environment here is.

    Key Considerations (be mindful of these):

    -You are assumed to have taken a decent amount of effort to look for the information you are curious about, before you post about them (did you try searching? looking up a specific faq? the articles on the main page?).

    -You are a mature person, and as such, there is no need to flame. Even when being flamed upon--just ignore it and do your best to keep the post objective. Serious issues can be discussed privately for the other party or by privately talking to a moderator.

    -Regarding some immature posters, we assume you can deal with some humility. There aren't many posters that will stamp newbie on you, but there are some. Ignore them. But if you feel that you have to refute, try to be rational and mindful... However, most refutations have fallen with lack of knowledge or too much emotion.

    -No world is perfect, you will run into a bad apple on occasion. Just be mature about it when the time comes/versus/images/icons/wink.gif

    All that aside (and many other assumed things), WELCOME TO VFDC!


    PS A private piece of advice that I try to give anyone here is... Don't take yourself too seriously in this community. Many people get to the point of thinking themselves too much of a significant person here and start thinking they are a form of authority. In my experience, that type of thinking only builds wild expectations, asshole behavior, and forgetting whatever reasons you came here to begin with (such as "for the love or enjoyment of the game"). VFDC is a community, but it's just a tiny part of a huge world.
  4. Blondie

    Blondie Well-Known Member

    Well I'll post here just so if anyone does use the search feature for Lei Fei, at least something will be in here.

    Moves I use:

    Crane(u+pkg)- Use this stance alot, the single palm(p) out of this stance is excellent. Good range and puts you into defensive stance(d+pkg) which allows for other followup opportunity,only if Single palm punch hits should you followup, you'll eat something horrible if you try to keep swinging and it is blocked. Also the d+k leads to major damage if you can play someone silly enough to take it, keep in mind you are at a massive frame disadvantage if this is blocked(use sparingly).

    Defensive Stance(d+pkg): p,p+k gives a +7 on block and some unholy amount of frame advantage on hit and MC, use this. Also mix in some horrible non-linear attacks like k+g during defensive stance it will hit the sidesteppers that try to get away from the +7 MONSTER DOUBLE PALM, NOW they are taking a MONSTER AERIAL ROUNDHOUSE!!

    Evade stance: I don't use that much unless in Okizeme situations(d/b+pkg) The sweep out of this stance is his best one. Also p+k out of this stance Sabakis and if you only do the first lunging punch your at a plus frame advantage almost like the MONSTER DOUBLE PALM(i.e.-d/b+pkg, p+k, p).

    Also Ken if you can help me here, this might be worth mentioning in your Faq- When f+k hits on MC you get a +17 frame advantage? That would mean you get a free k out of tiger stance right? The kick is 14 frames. Thats unholy!!

    Regular Moves to whore: ff+p great move-----d+k+g from a distance-----d/f, d/f+p on MC treat it like a lp>throw setup, this move is actually better than a low punch cause I've actually seen it go UNDER low punch-----u/f+k+g non-reversable, good juggle starter.

    Dancing? Yes you can Dance: My personal belief is Dancing can be showy but only if your MUCH better than the opponent should you dance IMO. Lei Fei's MAIN game is his Okizeme and Sabaki Techniques you must capitalize on the rising individual, I don't support Dancing like a wild man a few steps away while the opponent either techrolls or rises. Be on top of them!! Hand them there ass!!! I use u+pkg, cancel with "G", and d+pkg, and "G" cancel it. This is controlled and useful. Practice changing stances in between Rush downs, utilizing his GREAT moves and combinations out of his stances. Also when I'm winning or just rubbing it in I repeatedly hit u+pkg,d+pkg,u+pkg,d+pkg repeatedly. Practice busting nasty moves out of this controlled Dance. GOOD LUCK with Lei Fei =)(

    p.s.- Lei Fei has SOOO many linear attacks that in an advanced Match a good lei fei player must anticipate the evade from his opponent "G" cancel whatever stance he is in and hit them with a throw. Good players will evade him like nothing. So this will be a big part of your arsenal and should be used against humans not necessarily against the CPU =P. I always like the Jump Over Technique landing a Mule Kick(BT+k), "G" cancel d/f throw, or continue with the pelting of Mule kicks delayed of course so the opponent can't evade them, lol. IT"S GREAT!!
  5. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    it seems that would be the case.

    However, it is risky to some extent to try and pull this move off.

    I generally only use this kick sparingly due to the range and level it hits. I normally preach that Lei Fei is not too great up close going face to face with say Akira, Jacky, Sarah or the Heavies. You're close(1) and you are doing a high attack(2). The attack should be circular or half circular, though I'm not too sure as it it could well be linear... someone set me straight.

    If you're going to do this move within range make sure it is at least blocked. Not to mention that this is a HIGH attack as well. Meaning at the range most people will look for the (1)low punch or (2)dodge.

    Another scenario that it good for is against the wall.

    f+K - [TG]K - [EV]d+K

    This generally is the only followup possible do to the range and restrictions of being inside a stance. The [EV]d+K is guaranteed after the [TG]K, but you can gamble on other combination due to the stagger caused by the [TG]K. If you choose to gamble you can try:

    [IN]K - df, df+P, P - uf+K+G

    [EV]P+K, P
    -this is a variation to generate a stomach crumble vs a mashing opponent trying to get up and counter. You're still safe if blocked.

    Staggers can be struggled out of... so depending on the calibre of your opponent its probably best to settle for the "[EV]d+K".
  6. Blondie

    Blondie Well-Known Member

    Yes, that f+k is risky. But WOW a +17 on hit, that alone makes it worth while to try. Good stuff Ken thanks.
  7. Akebono

    Akebono Well-Known Member

    Heres a good anti rising flowchart,

    f,f k+g is lei fei's anti low rising attack. so if they go low, you can punish them with this and the out of tiger kick is garunteed. Now if they go high or mid, you can hit them with b+p and cause a crumble which open the door to lots of different flows. If you want to if they go high or mid, you can block it and hit them with b+p,p and try to go for a back hit if they tech roll. Very nasty, if you watch it, you can make your opponent stop rising attacks, and thus eliminating a big part of his game.
  8. m121zero

    m121zero New Member

    Thank you all for the help, and don't worry, I never take myself seriously /versus/images/icons/wink.gif. Anymore tips would be appreciated as well
  9. SpiderMan

    SpiderMan Member

    one thing you have to realize with lei fei is that he is meant to be played like liquid: smooth and everflowing. I am by no means an expert at lei, but in my experiences, lei only goes down if his attacks fizzle out and he's standing there thinking. Your main goal with lei should be quick thinking combos that switch you from stance to stance, keeping the opposition guessing, and keeping the offense on your side (most of the time, at least)
  10. Akebono

    Akebono Well-Known Member

    One thing I see people do, is go into a stance and then do there move. What this does is makes the opponent have the upper hand. You see there are only a certain number of moves you can do out of a stance. If the opponent sees you in a stance, he will be able to anticipate your attack and this is bad. You have to learn how to imput the command almost instantly after you go into a stance. It comes out looking like you pulled off a stance manuver from a nuetral position. Its very effective and a must for a high lvl lei fei. Also, playing kumite will really hurt you lei fei game cause the computer falls for sabaki to easy.

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