news on vf4??

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by uk_kid, Sep 6, 2000.

  1. uk_kid

    uk_kid Well-Known Member

    isn't there any news on vf4 yet??ok, so YS has been busy at shenmue, but vf3 was made, like, 4 whole years ago!
    when is the next games show?maybe it'll be unveiled then...(wishful, i know)
    any solid rumours (or rumors as it's spelt in the good old USofA)
    oh, and where's ice? i've been looking forward to step2 (and 3) guides for AGES (especially for aoi) and they still aren't done. not that i'm complaining or anything; the site's great.
    phil umeno (as in aoi's sirname, albeit abbreviated)
  2. GodEater

    GodEater Well-Known Member

    dance dance dance

    come on now, every two weeks someone asks the same question.

    Honestly, I don't beleive there will be a fourth.

    As for Step II and III guides...Ice is no more responsible
    for them than myself. This is his site but he is not the
    sole content provider. I would really caution against
    relying on guides/other people's thoughts to bring your
    gameplay to another level. The best thing you could do
    would be to make your own step II/III/IV/etc guide.

    Engage your characters, explore them. Try to play against
    people who are better than you are so you can evolve.

    I think a step I guide is nothing more than a player's first
    slow moving particle. Grab onto it and map it around your
    instincts (basically you are applying a small amount of order
    on an un-ordered thing. Starting to fight and strategize in a
    good logical sequence) but step II (IMO) needs to come
    from within. Once the order steps in you need to refine,
    you need to make the character's you choose find complete

    In absence of proprer engagement you get textual parroting.
    Eventually it breaks down because fighting is alive,
    unconstrained, refusing to remain within the limits of
    averages and probabilities (which become outdated as soon
    as it's published).

    Proper engagement means that you continually apply yourself to
    the fight. If you can do this you really don't need the guides.
    In fact, all you need is this community. This one right here. The
    answers are all here in players, in archived posts, in answers to
    newly posted questions.

    Have at,

  3. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Regarding VF4: Embrace the beauty that is VF1, 2, 2.1, 3ob, or 3tb... Accept the one you love. Appreciate the game to the point where you are not that dependent on 4. And then if VF4 comes out, let it hit you with all its might with no expectations. Anyays...

    Regarding Step guides: I don't think I'm expecting anymore to come out. I personally like them as well as other faqs. However, experience is the only true path of the game. That being said, it's hard when VF's status in your current region is between rare and outcast (sometimes how I feel being in Portland, Oregon. Not Seattle, Washington for those who are not familiar with Oregon which is south of Washington.). However, I'm sure that there's a VFer in every million (I would hope so, but maybe they are all in Japan). I finally found a VF partner in Portland, OR (hooray!!). He's rusty, not too knowledgeable and all, but I know in a few weeks he should be above me... He's already got timing and throwing down (crap, his throws come out of nowhere!!!). Okay, strayed from point and made this a personal message.... as usual anyways...

    I'll just say that as far as information goes, the faqs and guides available online have more information than you need. Info on those faqs can be clarified on forums and through members of this VF community (doesn't it feel more wholesome in this small community as opposed to the Tekken, Soul Calibur--Bent Lee, I'm referring to the "general community"--, and Vs. Series communities?). If you read through the old posts, you'll find many interesting things on this forum. As far as I understood the VFDC Step guide plan... Your Step 2 guides are in all the faqs and guides. Your step 3 is in a lot of these posts and some extensive faqs as well as articles such as Rich's Option Select, Sumeragi's/Clopin's/Shota's contributions to this site, etc... Step 1 might not be as established but if you look at a lot of the existing Step 1 guides, you'll probably see a common theme between the characters. Perhaps P(G), elbow, etc... besides a few exceptions. Practice throws and throw escapes and just quickly figure the ones that will result in a bad position and figure that for awhile, you might want to avoid those. Don't stress too hard. Anyways, I don't want to assume your skill level, probably even a lot better than me, but I'm just giving my 2 cents. However, I'm gonna refer to Hiro's post again... the one in the "VF Club in MD" thread. If you don't understand what he's saying, keep working on that. It's the foundation of flow (I believe that it's a good starting point as I feel it needs to be understood, then you can start working outside the circle and manipulating the flow when you are good enough, the growth of the game goes on and on with perseverence).

    Anyways, ramble ramble ramble... Hope this helps.

  4. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    BTW, I am not advocating against Godeater's point. He seems to advocate creativity and new ideas which I think are in the best interest altogether for VF players. It helps advances the game to new levels (constanly supporting the notorious "depth" of the game and keeping the game alive as well). I just feel that a beginner and intermediate player should read the information that is generally provided already, need not demand more than there is (but is't understood), keep themselves full of new ideas and new ways of thinking revolving around the mechanics or engine-exploits that already exist in the game, and in the long run advance their way of play of the game with the combination of a foundational understanding with a creative drive to push the game further than it is. Many will be satisfied with how they play the game personally and stick to that. More power to them. But some might get tired and either find new characters or new ways of handling the game. Sometimes the trends change so much that playing "traditional" will seem like a "new concept." Whatever works work for you./images/icons/smile.gif If you want to be creative, understand what does and does not work in the game regarding your curiousity and sense of adventure. Then see how you can reapply that information into something else. First step is understanding what is done in the game though, what it can do. Then perhaps, you can later understand what it can't do and what it has potential to do. Anyways, I'm going into too much detail that I have narrowed it down to one aspect of GE's post.

    I myself have focused on Lion now. So to speak, I am making my own series of guides, or one big guide. I have combined all the information I can find on him and how his abilities work in the game. Not to mention that I have constantly kept notes and put those in as well. This is all in a big 3" bound binder and so to speak it's my own guide. I've organized it from basic information and movelists to advanced applications. I've read pretty much all of it, but still focus on the first sections of it as far as application goes. Gradually working my way up through that guide of mine. Anyways, whatever ways ou find best for yourself to understand the game will generally advance you. It's all in the drive, determination, curiousity, and effort. Good luck again!

  5. uk_kid

    uk_kid Well-Known Member

    thanks, chanchai, that info will help a lot.
    so, anyway, what made you stick to lion? i've always loved playing lion myself actually. i can never stick with a character for more than a week though! i really want to dedicate all my efforts into one character, but one day i'll wake up wanting to get my mitts on kage, the next day i'll want to improve my taka. this goes for nearly every character, and it's frustrating coz i really do want to concentrate my ability. any suggestions? to help you narrow your (optional, of course) suggestions down, i can say now that my least desirable characters are sarah, wolf, shun and pai. kage has always been up there on my faves list, but i could argue (with myself!?) that the same can be said for lion and jeffry. as for aoi and taka, well i adore their control feel too!!
    anyway, i'm babbling so i'll stop.
    oh, and chanchai, you didn't reply to the last private message i sent you - did you get it?or did i simply not give you anything to get your teeth into?
    (my alias is phil of course -
    so chao anyway
    and thanks again
  6. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Sorry about that, I'll get to that sometime today. The email or private message I mean. I've just been away from the internet until last night.

    Hmm, well, there's a ton of information on Kage. I can't comment much on how to play him or what moves to focus on really. People have seen my Kage and they know it's not an example for foundational play. The step 1 guide for him is there though. I too couldn't focus on one character for awhile until NYG2 (well, I initially purely focused on Akira). In any case, Kage provides a ton of things to work on. There's a ton to Kage (though many players play him similarly). It's too bad you can't play real guessing games against the computer. Not the US version anyways. Doing P(G) might get you caught up in a PPP string if you go for a throw, etc...

    There's balance. Because all my focu is on Lion, it does not mean I play him 100% of the time. Sometimes I play as other characters just for a breather. My data collecting is about 90% Lion at the moment. My practicing of basics is with Lion. And sometimes, I'll play as a character and try to use it against the compute's Lion on training mode to see some things. It's not the best, way, but for awhile, it's been one of the very few ways for me. There are tons of information though. I'm assuming at this point you've drilled the basics into your head, applying them is the important part. Feeling them is the goal. If you want to do what I did, just collect stuff on Kage. There's more information on him al over the place if you keep looking. He's a popular character. Practice some moves with him. Try to improve your throwing abilities, abilities to throw when people least expect it, this will be vital for TFT combos if you get good at them. People usually expect a TFT from Kage, so you have to pull it off when they think about throwing last, etc... depends on who you play. Anyways, I'll email you :) If you want some stuff on Lion, ask me. Kage would be a solid choice though imo. Jacky is the character I used to work my basics during and after NYG2.

  7. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member


    Hmm... What made me stick to Lion? Well, it's probably obvious that he became my pick during NYG2. You can tell if you observe my posts. So here is what I think the key factors are.

    1) I picked up Lion a month before NYG2. I thought about using him because he's usually hard to fight against (debate between priority or his misleading attacks come to mind). This is not really the best reason to pick him. But it was a factor. I think this reason alone is why a lot of beginners pick Lion. They feel more at power with him. I don't want this to be the reason I picked him, but it's probably the reason I chose him at first, until I got better. It's easy to develop bad habits with him though. For instance, I probably hit with his db+K about 75% of the time at the gathering. It was rare for it to get countered, but if it was, I'd be killed faster than I was (and I was killed a lot). It was weak and wasn't worth the tradeoff, but hitting with that move gave me that false sense of security in my rushes and my guessing games. Fortunately, Hiro knocked me upside the head with constant reminders.

    2) Moving from the scrub mentality of picking a character the way beginner Tekken players would pick Hwoarang or Eddy Gordo (I'll admit it, reason #1 seems to match that mentality)... At NYG2, I was playing Lion quite a bit. Of course, the high level players were toying with me, but at least I put up a fight with him. In fact, I was complimented that my Lion seemed to be improving quite a bit. Flattery was the reason I guess, but it built up the desire even more in me. I have more notes on Lion and Jacky from NYG2 than any other character.

    3) For me, Lion is fun to play with. At a higher level (and remember, I'm not at all a high level player at the moment or ever was yet), Lion needs to be played with a balance of things... He has great maneuverability. Easy okizeme and uramawari options (how easy can they get with this much of a chance? Better chances than a scrub doing Pai ura all day). His attacks tend to hit, but are weak. Need to take OTB opportunities and pounce opportunities. And more importantly, he doesn't have the best throws, but his throws are vital to his gameplay. Given all that, there's quite a bit to Lion imo. Or at least to get you to understand some different aspects. At least imo. For me, I have to use all of those for him to be effective. Of course, this is in the play to win mode. Lion can also be played for fun, but to learn him more, I treat it as play to win, but with some fun. I myself play 80% for fun and 20% to win, but in learning mode, I should aim for winning. That's me at the moment.

    There you have it. First it was the scrubby reasoning, but the natural one. Second, it was support at NYG2 and the stronger feeling of potential. Third, as far as my understanding goes, it's the different aspects of Lion I want to work with. Balancing defense and offense. Understanding opportunities as they happen. Balancing thows and attacks. Some odd tactics (uramawari and okizeme). I think far better people to ask regarding Lion include Shota, Peter, and Hiro. In fact, I'm thinking of asking Shota Lion related stuff. I don't even think I've ever seen how he played Lion and haven't even asked (worse yet).

    In the long run, for your sake, Kage seems to have a more universal application aspect... I just get the impression that with Kage, you'll be working with different things that all add up. My Lion often relies on misleading animations as opposed to a perfectly exeuted rush or guessing game, and I would prefer relying on the rush and guessing games. If you notice, a lot of the Kage players tend to have the universal set of characters (Akira, Jeffry, Jacky, Sarah, Pai, etc...). He seems to be an "all-encompassing" character and is a favorite for many. Also, he's fun to use practically as well as stylishly. That's just my thoughts though, all subjective matter.

  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    vf4 online and vf5

    somewhere back i heard that there were supposed to be 5 total vfs. each one would be a big step forward in graphics. this has happened so far with 1,2,3. by the fifth one, yu said it should be extremely realistic in graphics or as close to real as possible. it was planned out like that.

    did you know the upcoming daytona game for DC will be playable online? it is being made by suzuki. i have also heard about how in japan there are capcom DC games playable vis modem and there is little / no lag ?!?!?!?!?
    sega is making a special network for us that is supposed to be very fast and not have bottle necks etc. do you think that vf4, when it comes to dc, will the 56k modem be fast enough to handle the gameplay? is that technically possible since moves sometimes come out very quick? has anyone tried playing capcom DC games online and have they been fast enough (low lag etc)?

    as you all know, the lack of competition in vf (outside of japan) is really the biggest problem the vf community faces. (finding people to play) so i think knowing if vf4 will be online playable is very important.

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