Nice Akira combos

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by void, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. void

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    Heaven Thrust, Single Palm-->Yoho(or (m)ShldRm)-->AS3 (83 or 80 dmg)

    Must do this fast! I don't *think* the yoho/shldrm is TR/QRable as long as you time the AS3 fast enuff. It seems that there is a delay befor you can TR/QR in this situation for some reason. At least the training dummy doesn't get up fast enough. Intersesting, but the Yoho will not hit some characters (Akira) so you must use the sldrm.

    Knee-->(m)shldrm-->DLC (81 dmg/96 on MC)

    This works as a NORMAL(also must be done hella fast) hit on Pai and Aoi, also as a MC on Sarah. I haven't checked checked to see if it works on any of the middle weights. As a mix-up on Sarah, listen for the MC knee sound-if you didn't get a MC finish with a (M)Double Palm
  2. void

    void Member

    Knee-->(m)shldrm-->(m)Dblplm, after some time in training, is just stupid hard (not to mention I don't think it CAN be done on anyone but Pai and Aoi). Use a body check instead--combo does a solid 70 damage. As far as weight class, (MC)Knee-->shldrm-->DLC works up to Kage.
  3. void

    void Member

    (MC)Knee-->p-->(m)shldrm-->DLC (99 dmg)

    Works on Pai and Aoi. Use DLC as a mix up to the usual Double Palm if you get the MC.

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