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Discussion in 'General' started by chucky, Mar 4, 2002.

  1. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    Here is some pics from gamespot of the new Super Mario game on GameCube, looks really great huh?? following the same style as Mario 64 on Nintendo 64. anyways what do you think of it??



  2. Mirkan

    Mirkan Well-Known Member

    Dr Mario + this game = I'm confident that Mario is a junkie...

    I mean, come on, 'sunshine'.. And have you heard the music? This is top class coke stuff... /versus/images/icons/crazy.gif
    Everybody together now!:

    We all live in a yellow submarine
    a yellow submarine
    a yellow submarine!

    Seriously though, the game looks like a blast to play, and the emphasis on the acrobatic elements introduced in Mario 64 is really gonna pay off, I think.
    Looking at those shots from above the houses (none of the above), the game kinda gives me JSR vibes, gameplay wise, and that's a good thing in my book.

    I say bring it on, be sure to make it a real Mario game though.. That gadget on his back makes me nervous.. I hope this isn't just another concept spinoff like Luigi's Mansion. (Which I have no doubt, is enjoyable, but still...)

    In the end, I trust Shiggy, I'm sure it'll be great.

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