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Discussion in 'Tournaments and Events' started by Chief_Flash, Feb 20, 2017.

By Chief_Flash on Feb 20, 2017 at 8:22 PM
  1. Chief_Flash

    Chief_Flash Well-Known Member

    T1L ALL AR3 0N3
    Thank you everyone for such an amazing weekend. I hope NMTC will remain in your memories for years to come. Love you all! In here you'll find all results, videos, and shout-outs! :holla:


    NMTC - A Virtua Fighter Movie

    Special shout-out from my wife and I!

    Tournament Full Results

    VF2 Singles Full Results (24 player Single Elimination)


    Supreme Champion: Jerky
    Worthy Adversary: Jacko
    3rd place tie: Akmaal, Frankie
    5th place tie: Bounty, Chief Gutti, Rodney, Virtua Kazama
    9th place tie: Onedia, Monty, Tricky, Rear Entity, Denkai, Shag, Shang, Tmog
    17th place tie: Tspam, Adamyuki, Jason Elbow, Flash. Shadowmaster, Darock, Kadaj, Kruza

    **Stream not available for VF2, but there may be some footage from mobile phones**

    VF3 Singles Full Results (26 player Single Elimination)


    Supreme Champion: Shang
    Worthy Adversary: Denkai
    3rd place tie: Akmaal, Adamyuki
    5th place tie: Tspam, Chief Gutti, Onedia, Flash
    9th place tie: Snakeboss, Akirazero, Tmog, Jerky, Virtua Kazama, Rodney, Jacko, Kadaj
    17th place tie: Monty, Kruza, Cobratron, Darock, Bounty, Shag, Frankie, Shadowmaster, Tricky, Jason Elbow

    No Matter the Cost | Now Playing VF3 part 1

    No Matter the Cost | Now Playing Virtua Fighter 3 part 2

    VF4FT Singles Full Results (25 player Single Elimination)


    Supreme Champion: Rodney
    Worthy Adversary: TMOG
    3rd place tie: Denkai, Shang
    5th place tie: Chief Gutti, Jerky, Akmaal, AkiraZero
    9th place tie: SnakeBoss, BG Akira, Harpooneer, DaRockReaper, Shag, KADAJ, Jason Elbow AKT, Chief Flash
    17th place tie: Silepai, Rare Entity, Virtua Kazama, Kruza, Monty, Jacko, Cobratron, TSPAM, oneida

    No Matter the Cost | Now Playing VF4FT

    VF5FS Singles Full Results (30 player Double Elimination)


    Supreme Champion: Rare Entity
    Worthy Adversary: Rodney
    Maybe Next Time: tricky
    4th place: Denkai
    5th place tie: TSPAM, AdamYuki
    7th place tie: Bounty, Shang
    9th place tie: Jerky, BG Akira, Chief Gutti, shadow master
    13th place tie: Shag, SnakeBoss, AkiraZero, Jacko
    17th place tie: Harpooneer, oneida, DaRockReaper, KADAJ, Silepai, Chief Flash, Akmaal, Kruza
    25th place tie: Cobratron, Virtua Kazama, frankie, Monty, Jason Elbow AKT, TMOG

    No Matter the Cost | Now Playing Final Showdown (START AT ~ 4:23:30)

    VF5FS Team Battle (8 Team Single Elimination)


    Supreme Champion: Double Hammer
    Worthy Adversary: Telemundo
    3rd place tie: The Birdmen, Heavy Duty
    5th place tie: The Bestuds, Ichi, Team Kingdom Heart, MotorCity

    Team Members
    Double Hammer =
    Adam, Gutti, Monty, Kruza
    Telemundo = Tspam, Cobratron, Kadaj, Chief Flash
    Birdmen = Tricky, Shadowmaster, Harpooner, Akmaal
    Heavy Duty = Shang, Silepai, TMOG, Jacko
    The Bestuds = Denkai, akira zero, Snake Boss, Darockreaper
    Ichi = Rare Entity, BG_Akira, Shag
    Team Kingdom Hearts = Rodney, Jason Elbow, Oneida
    Motorcity = BBounty, Jerky, Virtua Kazama, Cruz

    No Matter the Cost | Now Playing Final Showdown TB (START AT ~ 17:40)


    Rodney vs Denkai - Rodney wins, 5-2
    Jacko vs Rare Entity - Jacko wins, 5-4
    Tricky vs Chief Flash - Flash wins, 5-3

    No Matter the Cost | GRUDGE MATCHES (START AT ~ 3:03:00)
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Discussion in 'Tournaments and Events' started by Chief_Flash, Feb 20, 2017.

    1. Kruza
      Good stuff to everyone there who made this NMTC event an everlasting one. There were a few folks there that I hadn't seen since the last gathering I went to back in 2000 (that's not a typo, people -- the year was 2 triple 0!). They know who they are. ;-)

      There were too many priceless moments to list here about NMTC, in and away from the hotel. But anyone who is interested at what went on can go on various social media that covered NMTC to see that, so I won't bore anyone with my words about it.

      My only regret is that there were so many people there that I wanted to play in sets, but time was short and those folks were in high demand by everyone else as well. Maybe there will be an opportunity for me to play these people in the near future. At least I hope so.

    2. Harpooneer
      Good shit, Flash. You put on a fantastic show, and really did a good job organizing and generating hype. Since I know firsthand how tough that is, I also know that you pulling it off was a real show of your love and dedication for VF. I know that this event lit a fire under us in NYC, and I hope it inspires others to keep VF alive as well! Thank you very much and...

    3. Rare_Entity
      I just wanted to say Thanks @Chief_Flash @oneida @cruzlink2 @Harpooneer and everyone else who helped organized the tournament and stream.

      I also wanted to recognize everyone that showed up and helped make this event an unforgettable experience.

      Going forward, I'll make an effort to stay active in the community and improve my skills further in anticipation of my trip to Japan.

      Also. Here is the song I used for my entrance.

    4. Tricky

      I just got home from the drive back. I'm high off the great time the weekend afforded me and the generosity that Flash, Pam, and Shang showed to me and everyone else at the event. Really this was a top notch event and can not be the last one. Maybe in a few years we can FLY AGAIN!

      P.S. @tonyfamilia The beef will never die. . . . [​IMG]

      Last edited: Feb 20, 2017
    5. Oioron
      It was great seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

      Thanks @Chief_Flash for doing such an awesome job in organizing this gathering. I know it wasn't easy and must've been very stressful at times. I hope that you've gotten as much joy from this event as you've provided to all of us.

      To every NMTC participant, thank you for making this event great. An event like this can't be as great without great participants and a great community behind it. So thank you for giving this old hand new memories.

      - Monty
    6. KADAJ757
      NMTC is over. I had a damn good time with old and new faces. Eddel Flash Dioquino, thanks for putting together such a dope ass event and thanks for having me. Your dedication, contributions and your time invested will ALWAYS be appreciated. The matches, the laughs, the jokes and the hype are memories that I will cherish forever with all of my fellow VFers. Safe travels back home to the out-of-towners, it was great to finally meet some of you. NMTC 2017 is definitely going in the books! #longlivevirtuafighter
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    7. Jerky
      And that's a rap on NMTC.

      I had a great time ... Missed you guys.
    8. oneida
      I want to write more later, but this was such a great weekend, I won't forget it. Love you dudes.

      Hope to see you in New York, NMTC was a real kick in the ass for me. I love this game and I want to improve.
      tonyfamilia, Jerky, KADAJ757 and 7 others like this.
    9. Virtua Kazama
      Virtua Kazama
      Okay. Now I can write my thoughts.

      NMTC was my first Offline VF event. I've met a lot of great players who have kept the VF scene alive, and learned a lot of things from you all, despite getting my ass kicked.

      Shoutouts to the NYC VF crew for coming down to the DMV. You guys are awesome!
    10. siLEpai
      Thanks to everyone for contributing to this once in a lifetime event, full of Kodak moments, no matter the cost =$ Nothing could beat the hospitality with a warm welcome on short notice and endless hours of fudd and games to reunite various crews.

      It was great to see a mix of generations blend in, team up, and pass on the torch with celebrations and farewells. Given the love of VF in its many forms (since VF2), everyone won a piece of the spotlight with the flames burning bright. Memorable highlights included the entertainment featuring catwalks by players, who strutted their stuff to their fight songs and settled some scores via mad money [grudge] matches.

      Props to the dynamic duo of @Chief_Flash and Pam along with the rest of the Wolf pack (aka the Emperor of China) for being generous hosts. They funded the gathering, facilitated logistics (e.g., beds, rides), and fed us with feastivities.

      Most importantly, behind every great man is a great woman. Thanks to Pam's authentic home-cooked meal, we ended Prez Day weekend on a sweet and yummy note with an all-time high from a last supper that was worth flying out for =D All the best in your adventures of family life, full of exotic escapades!
    11. Tricky
      Pam is legit my favourite new member of the NAVF
    12. Mrs_Flash
      Thank you so much for all the messages guys! It made me tear up a little bit! It was so awesome to meet everyone, finally! i can now put a name to the Vf crew members! Lol! Please visit us anytime you're in the area, mi casa is su casa! That's some telemundo ish for yah!

      And yes I made a VF account so I can write back!
    13. Chief_Flash
      OMGGGGG waifu made an account!!! :D(y) :holla: #newmember #waifu #mrsflash #lol
    14. Mrs_Flash
      Thank you tricky!!!!
    15. Mrs_Flash
      So sweet of you @siLEpai again- so nice to finally meet you!! Thank you for coming to the house I hope to see you soon!
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    16. Tricky

      tonyfamilia and Chief_Flash like this.
    17. Chief_Flash
      Original post has been updated with the following:

      • Full Results for all tournaments and Grudge Matches
      • Link to bracket of corresponding tournament
      • Youtube videos extracted from the stream archive

      Aftermath video is in the works! I'll need several days to complete it. :holla:
      Last edited: Feb 22, 2017
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    18. Virtua Kazama
      Virtua Kazama
      Man, if only my match with Oneida in VF2 was recorded... it was so good!
    19. Cozby
      Damn, the results were so... varied.

      Good shit guys. I haven't watched all of the matches yet. From what I've seen, despite it's assumed dormancy, there's still a competitive fire in the scene. At the same time I feel we can all learn from each other, possibly even more so than from ourselves. Imagine if Jacko's and Adam's Jeff were combined...

      I'm really unqualified, and don't take this as advice, but it's something that's helped me out a lot these past few years:

      1. Be honest to yourself, about yourself. Don't assume anything, like ever. There's nothing in FS that's so strong that it goes unanswered. Even if the presentation is intimidating, there's always a gap. We all have habits and homework. It's critical to accept their presence.

      2. Clearly define to yourself what you want to do. There's nothing wrong with not wanting to be a VF god, especially in 2017. On the same hand, if you take $2,000 to a car dealership, don't expect to drive off with a hot whip like I was hoping (fuck.)

      3. Develop an actual plan to get shit done. If it helps, run back videos and look for opportunities. Lab against strings, practice max combos, figure out punishers, learn matchups until you feel confident to apply your work in a real match.

      4. Stay focused. I miss this part the most; it's way too easy to get distracted, frustrated etc. and just throw in the towel. If the previous steps are followed appropriately, this step is impossible to miss.

      With my full non-bias, I appreciate all of you guys still playing, even if it's only for events like this. Each and every one of you have earned a personal heart emoji from the kid himself.

      Is Rodney having a resurgence?

      ok pce *goes back 6ft under* *bum mode activated*

      (ps. please please work together. you all are amazing individuals, with more power than you know. that's all I'm asking for.)

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