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    T1L ALL AR3 0N3
    Thank you everyone for such an amazing weekend. I hope NMTC will remain in your memories for years to come. Love you all! In here you'll find all results, videos, and shout-outs! :holla:


    NMTC - A Virtua Fighter Movie

    Special shout-out from my wife and I!

    Tournament Full Results

    VF2 Singles Full Results (24 player Single Elimination)


    Supreme Champion: Jerky
    Worthy Adversary: Jacko
    3rd place tie: Akmaal, Frankie
    5th place tie: Bounty, Chief Gutti, Rodney, Virtua Kazama
    9th place tie: Onedia, Monty, Tricky, Rear Entity, Denkai, Shag, Shang, Tmog
    17th place tie: Tspam, Adamyuki, Jason Elbow, Flash. Shadowmaster, Darock, Kadaj, Kruza

    **Stream not available for VF2, but there may be some footage from mobile phones**

    VF3 Singles Full Results (26 player Single Elimination)


    Supreme Champion: Shang
    Worthy Adversary: Denkai
    3rd place tie: Akmaal, Adamyuki
    5th place tie: Tspam, Chief Gutti, Onedia, Flash
    9th place tie: Snakeboss, Akirazero, Tmog, Jerky, Virtua Kazama, Rodney, Jacko, Kadaj
    17th place tie: Monty, Kruza, Cobratron, Darock, Bounty, Shag, Frankie, Shadowmaster, Tricky, Jason Elbow

    No Matter the Cost | Now Playing VF3 part 1

    No Matter the Cost | Now Playing Virtua Fighter 3 part 2

    VF4FT Singles Full Results (25 player Single Elimination)


    Supreme Champion: Rodney
    Worthy Adversary: TMOG
    3rd place tie: Denkai, Shang
    5th place tie: Chief Gutti, Jerky, Akmaal, AkiraZero
    9th place tie: SnakeBoss, BG Akira, Harpooneer, DaRockReaper, Shag, KADAJ, Jason Elbow AKT, Chief Flash
    17th place tie: Silepai, Rare Entity, Virtua Kazama, Kruza, Monty, Jacko, Cobratron, TSPAM, oneida

    No Matter the Cost | Now Playing VF4FT

    VF5FS Singles Full Results (30 player Double Elimination)


    Supreme Champion: Rare Entity
    Worthy Adversary: Rodney
    Maybe Next Time: tricky
    4th place: Denkai
    5th place tie: TSPAM, AdamYuki
    7th place tie: Bounty, Shang
    9th place tie: Jerky, BG Akira, Chief Gutti, shadow master
    13th place tie: Shag, SnakeBoss, AkiraZero, Jacko
    17th place tie: Harpooneer, oneida, DaRockReaper, KADAJ, Silepai, Chief Flash, Akmaal, Kruza
    25th place tie: Cobratron, Virtua Kazama, frankie, Monty, Jason Elbow AKT, TMOG

    No Matter the Cost | Now Playing Final Showdown (START AT ~ 4:23:30)

    VF5FS Team Battle (8 Team Single Elimination)


    Supreme Champion: Double Hammer
    Worthy Adversary: Telemundo
    3rd place tie: The Birdmen, Heavy Duty
    5th place tie: The Bestuds, Ichi, Team Kingdom Heart, MotorCity

    Team Members
    Double Hammer =
    Adam, Gutti, Monty, Kruza
    Telemundo = Tspam, Cobratron, Kadaj, Chief Flash
    Birdmen = Tricky, Shadowmaster, Harpooner, Akmaal
    Heavy Duty = Shang, Silepai, TMOG, Jacko
    The Bestuds = Denkai, akira zero, Snake Boss, Darockreaper
    Ichi = Rare Entity, BG_Akira, Shag
    Team Kingdom Hearts = Rodney, Jason Elbow, Oneida
    Motorcity = BBounty, Jerky, Virtua Kazama, Cruz

    No Matter the Cost | Now Playing Final Showdown TB (START AT ~ 17:40)


    Rodney vs Denkai - Rodney wins, 5-2
    Jacko vs Rare Entity - Jacko wins, 5-4
    Tricky vs Chief Flash - Flash wins, 5-3

    No Matter the Cost | GRUDGE MATCHES (START AT ~ 3:03:00)
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Discussion in 'Tournaments and Events' started by Chief_Flash, Feb 20, 2017.

    1. Rodnutz
      That avatar though..... YO ITS SO LEGIT!!!

      Pam I can't thank you and Flash enough for the hospitality you extended to us. You truly are special. If I'm ever back in your area expect me over for breakfast. Your over medium eggs were on point hahaha I should have asked for more but didn't want to be greedy :D:p:ROTFL:

      Also huge thanks to Uncle Shang! The Emperor of China is the man and also the MVP of NMTC. I don't think you guys have any idea how much Shang contributed to this event. Thanks man your generosity to this community was seriously on another level.

      Anyway back to resting! I'm still high off this event and will need many days to decompress all that transpired.
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      This event was awesome. Thank you @Chief_Flash and anyone else who made this happen. I have played and met many players that I have not played or met before and it was good. Learned a lot, have a lot of fun and even went to DC for the first time. Had to leave right after the team tournament so I did not have time to call people out for some matches. Had to drive back home 6 to 7 hours. But maybe next time. Overall thank you to all who showed up and those who tuned in to watch. It was a good experience. Good stuff.
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    3. Blitzball Champ
    4. Mrs_Flash
      Thank you so much for this Rodney!!!!! Eddel wants me to tell you those were his eggs!!!! Lol!! He does deserve the credit for those.... lol. But it was so nice to meet you finally! Please visit us again soon! PS- Your intro music was my fave!
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    5. Mrs_Flash
      Eddel and I just watched this and our hearts just melted!! Thank you for the best s/o!!! You're the best Jason!!!
    6. Chief_Flash
      Hey hey hey fuck u @Rodnutz!!!! I cooked those eggs!!! :holla:
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    7. Shou
      Great event and good to see old heads again & meet new ones.

      Props to Pam.
    8. Chief_Flash
    9. oneida
      the thumbnail for the 2nd FS vid is really great
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    10. Technocrow
      I wasn't able to go, but I had a blast watching the entire thing on stream. Thank you so much to everyone that made this event possible! :)
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    11. Rodnutz
      This video is on fire.... Ingram approved!!! Thanks man it was great to meet you too.
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    12. Kruza

      Hahaha, you got it, bro! The series tiebreaker between us is definitely coming!

      And I'm still salty about our match in the team tournament! :p

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    13. oneida
      bro! thanks for the shoutout :D great meeting you this weekend and i hope to see you again soon!

      Am I really tall? :coffee:

      ps. I watched the whole thing. Thank you for making this video!
      Last edited: Feb 23, 2017
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    14. oneida
    15. Blitzball Champ
      Blitzball Champ
      Much taller than me thats for sure! lol
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    16. tonyfamilia
      Best event yet. Good times.
      Guess I'm TSPAM now <_< alright, fuckers XD
      Thanks again to Chief Mash, PamPam! and one of the most undervalued members of the NAVF community: Wang. I used to not like this guy. Back when I didn't know any internet acronyms, lol. No, seriously, I didn't even know what lol meant. But slowly, I got sucked into the world of the interwebz, where people spew shit like "you suck goat balls and I hope you get hit by a bus" to seeing them in person and that same person being like "hey man, wanna play?".
      Shang has done more for the VF community than all other VF trolls combined. That said, he is a troll. But y'all gotta admit, nobody trolls harder, and nobody comes through like Wang.
      Not just financially, but also the guy can play. I really appreciate all that have done to bring the hype to this dying game. If it wasn't for you, Chief Mash, and the NYC, a lot less people would still play.
      Chief Mash, mad love and respect kapatid. People are still coming down from the high this event gave them. It was kinda surreal how it all came together and played out as the best VF event in a very long time. I can't thank you enough, and trust and believe that I will be expressing my gratitude in more than just words soon. I'm a man of my worrrd...
      PamPam! great seeing you here, avatar is loko loko kasindak-sindak. Looking forward to hanging out with y'all in the future. Salsa, theater, bachata, whateva telemundo ish we all come up with.

      Before I continue with the shoutouts, I wanna ask a quick question, did anybody feel that they played differently on the projector screen than on other setups? I noticed a drop in gameplay from various players when they played on the big projector setup. At first I thought it was nerves, but then I found myself putting inputs that never came out. That's why I think that some of the better players weren't punishing as well as they could've. Not making excuses for myself or others, but I believe that there was another level of play that the people watching at home didn't get to see. I'm talking mainly about FS, idk about other games. I got to see it at Eddel's home too. Even though he's got a projector setup too, there wasn't anywhere near as many dropped inputs there if at all. Maybe I'm wrong, but that was from my experience. Maybe the NY crew is a bit more used to it? idk, all I know is that I saw different levels of play depending on the setup that people played on.
      Of course, a big shout out and thank you to all of the New York Crew. You guys have done and continue to do so much for all NAVF fans. A special thank you for not bringing those console plugs that were being used at NL that kept dropping inputs. That was another time where players weren't playing their best because of equipment issues. As you guys saw at the last NYG when the last member of our team, Chief Mash, had to stop the game and show everybody that his inputs weren't being registered. Maybe that's something to work on for future events since we do want to show just how good players actually play when there are no input drop or lag issues. That said: you guys keep VF alive. A very special shoutout to Cruz, great to finally meet you. Your ability to defuse potentially volatile situations is admirable. I learned from you that on that outing. Shag, play on, player.

      Anyways, I've made this shoutout too long already, so mad props to everybody that showed, contributed, and even the haters who tuned in to watch. Much love to you all, and hopefully people can do less trolling and dodging, and more playing, participating and contributing to offline gatherings.

      P.S. Thanks again, Tricky, for wearing a pair of decent pants on the last day. No, seriously, thank you.
      Look man, the ponchos were crazy enough, you was on some The Good, The Bad, and The Tricky madness... but scuba diving pants? Why?? Personally, I didn't even notice at first. All I saw was an afro in a giant neckerchief... that was distracting enough, but then somebody said "yo, look at the pants he's wearing" and goddamn it, I rue the moment I looked down, smh... why were you smuggling grapes? Your new character should be Goh. Customize yourself a Grape Man outfit and battle Shiny for weirdo outfit rights.
      Lol, seriously, you did great, way to step up and beat one of your teachers :D But the beef aint' over, you broke-ass -Prince mothertrucker. I gave you my busted stick and I'm not buying a new one, so sans practice, I'll be around NY sometime this year and I wanna have a clothes match. I wanna play you for one of those magical shawls of yours. I'll pony up something you may need, like a haircut, or a pair of jeans? No, not slim fitting -_- and no pantaloons either! <_<
      A real pair of trousers. Ima hook you up if you win, lol. If I win, I get one of your lanyards.
      Props on the improved gameplay, having a better sense of humor, and the courage to come out of your house dressed the way you did :D
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    17. oneida
      i played like shit on the protector but i think it's because nerves got to me. i did drop my wall combo though, made me rage
    18. SNAKE BOSS
      It is Darth Entity vs Obi One Tricky to decide the fate of the Empire in a match of VF in their minds. Lol. Only at NMTC. Good stuff, the force is real.
    19. Kruza
      @tonyfamilia brings up a great point in regards to playing on the projector.

      I admittedly hadn't played any matches on the projector screen prior to the tournaments which was my own fault. It could've helped to have more reps on that screen to reliably execute certain timing-restrictive combos with consistency. In the team tourney I know I dropped a fairly easy combo that I felt went a ways toward getting a loss.

      Also, I think it's the preference for many players to do the "sure thing" over the "flashy thing" when it comes to events like the tourneys. What I mean is that with a lot spectators watching, competitors tend to "play it safe" and play a more basic style rather than try to execute high degree-of-difficulty setups, and maximum damage or near maximum damage combos.

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    20. VFhayato
      IFM gonna have the cabs guys! ya ready for NYG 12! on aug

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