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    Thank you everyone for such an amazing weekend. I hope NMTC will remain in your memories for years to come. Love you all! In here you'll find all results, videos, and shout-outs! :holla:


    NMTC - The Movie

    Special shout-out from my wife and I!

    Tournament Full Results

    VF2 Singles Full Results (24 player Single Elimination)


    Supreme Champion: Jerky
    Worthy Adversary: Jacko
    3rd place tie: Akmaal, Frankie
    5th place tie: Bounty, Chief Gutti, Rodney, Virtua Kazama
    9th place tie: Onedia, Monty, Tricky, Rear Entity, Denkai, Shag, Shang, Tmog
    17th place tie: Tspam, Adamyuki, Jason Elbow, Flash. Shadowmaster, Darock, Kadaj, Kruza

    **Stream not available for VF2, but there may be some footage from mobile phones**

    VF3 Singles Full Results (26 player Single Elimination)


    Supreme Champion: Shang
    Worthy Adversary: Denkai
    3rd place tie: Akmaal, Adamyuki
    5th place tie: Tspam, Chief Gutti, Onedia, Flash
    9th place tie: Snakeboss, Akirazero, Tmog, Jerky, Virtua Kazama, Rodney, Jacko, Kadaj
    17th place tie: Monty, Kruza, Cobratron, Darock, Bounty, Shag, Frankie, Shadowmaster, Tricky, Jason Elbow

    No Matter the Cost | Now Playing VF3 part 1

    No Matter the Cost | Now Playing Virtua Fighter 3 part 2

    VF4FT Singles Full Results (25 player Single Elimination)


    Supreme Champion: Rodney
    Worthy Adversary: TMOG
    3rd place tie: Denkai, Shang
    5th place tie: Chief Gutti, Jerky, Akmaal, AkiraZero
    9th place tie: SnakeBoss, BG Akira, Harpooneer, DaRockReaper, Shag, KADAJ, Jason Elbow AKT, Chief Flash
    17th place tie: Silepai, Rare Entity, Virtua Kazama, Kruza, Monty, Jacko, Cobratron, TSPAM, oneida

    No Matter the Cost | Now Playing VF4FT

    VF5FS Singles Full Results (30 player Double Elimination)


    Supreme Champion: Rare Entity
    Worthy Adversary: Rodney
    Maybe Next Time: tricky
    4th place: Denkai
    5th place tie: TSPAM, AdamYuki
    7th place tie: Bounty, Shang
    9th place tie: Jerky, BG Akira, Chief Gutti, shadow master
    13th place tie: Shag, SnakeBoss, AkiraZero, Jacko
    17th place tie: Harpooneer, oneida, DaRockReaper, KADAJ, Silepai, Chief Flash, Akmaal, Kruza
    25th place tie: Cobratron, Virtua Kazama, frankie, Monty, Jason Elbow AKT, TMOG

    No Matter the Cost | Now Playing Final Showdown (START AT ~ 4:23:30)

    VF5FS Team Battle (8 Team Single Elimination)


    Supreme Champion: Double Hammer
    Worthy Adversary: Telemundo
    3rd place tie: The Birdmen, Heavy Duty
    5th place tie: The Bestuds, Ichi, Team Kingdom Heart, MotorCity

    Team Members
    Double Hammer =
    Adam, Gutti, Monty, Kruza
    Telemundo = Tspam, Cobratron, Kadaj, Chief Flash
    Birdmen = Tricky, Shadowmaster, Harpooner, Akmaal
    Heavy Duty = Shang, Silepai, TMOG, Jacko
    The Bestuds = Denkai, akira zero, Snake Boss, Darockreaper
    Ichi = Rare Entity, BG_Akira, Shag
    Team Kingdom Hearts = Rodney, Jason Elbow, Oneida
    Motorcity = BBounty, Jerky, Virtua Kazama, Cruz

    No Matter the Cost | Now Playing Final Showdown TB (START AT ~ 17:40)


    Rodney vs Denkai - Rodney wins, 5-2
    Jacko vs Rare Entity - Jacko wins, 5-4
    Tricky vs Chief Flash - Flash wins, 5-3

    No Matter the Cost | GRUDGE MATCHES (START AT ~ 3:03:00)
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