No one has a Jacky Items list...????

Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by Lion_210, Apr 20, 2002.

  1. Lion_210

    Lion_210 Member

    If someone has a Jacky items list that tells some ways to get Jacky's items in Kumite it would be a great help....
  2. realdeal77

    realdeal77 Member

    This should help. I put CONFIRMED next to the ones that I know work for sure.

    Item Guide
    Version 1.0
    By Mitchell Wareham

    BA Item:

    BA Item stands for Battle Arena Item. It means that this item is only available in Kumite mode and is gained by defeating an opponent who possesses it.



    Brown Sunglasses: BA Item.

    Blue Sunglasses: ?.

    Rimless Sunglasses: Using only side throws achieve excellent victories for all of the rounds.

    Sports Sunglasses: Using the Spin Switch Kick achieve excellent victories for all of the rounds.

    Goggle Sunglasses: While only using the evade attack achieve excellent victories for all of the rounds.

    Black Sunglasses: While wearing the 100 straight win item fight against Sarah and get hit by her Gattling kick and then win. CONFIRMED


    Wing Head Necklace: BA Item.

    Silveredge Pendant: Frequently use the evade attack. CONFIRMED

    Padlock Pendant: Frequently use the guard attack and win.

    Rollerhead Pendant: Frequently use guard or use small attacks (?) and win.

    Gold Crest Pendant: With the 100 straight win item equipped achieve victory while frequently using the evade attack.


    Brown Boots: 10 successive wins.

    Black Boots: Use only punches while achieving all excellent victories for 15
    successive wins.

    High-tops (Black): Achieve excellent victories for all of the rounds using
    either throws or attacks which cause your opponent to stumble.

    High-tops (Green): While wearing the 100 straight win item frequently use
    the Pak Sao knuckle.

    -Back Prints-

    Fire Skull Emblem: BA Item. I think Stunna has this one, he is usually at 10th dan CONFIRMED

    Iron Horse Emblem: Frequently use side throws., BA item

    Fire Soul Emblem: 40 successive wins. ,BA item

    Victory Wing Emblem: While wearing the 100 straight win item achieve 80
    successive wins. ; BA item.


    Leather Cap: BA Item.

    Red Bandana: 100 straight win item. OR vison sphere item

    Blue Bandana: In one round use 8 or more down attacks.

    Long Hair: Vision Sphere Item. CONFIRMED

    Short Hair: Secondary Vision Sphere Item. CONFIRMED
  3. Lion_210

    Lion_210 Member

    Thanks alot, this helps me alot. /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  4. i'll try them, these are the items i need:

    brown sunglasses
    goggle sunglasses
    fire skull emblem
    leather cap
    his glasses, nose and mustache dunce item

    also, i saw the picture with all the items for jacky:

    on the top row, it has what looks like 4 alternate hair colors, my jacky is a conquerer and i have never seen them or obtained them.
    does anyone know anything about this?
  5. realdeal77

    realdeal77 Member

    As the my post says above, you can get the hair styles/colors by collecting orb sets. They are commonly called spheres on this site if you would like to do a search on orbs.
  6. you didnt say anything about the red and black hairstyles, you talked about the blond vision sphere hair, which i already knew. i was talking about the red/black hair you can see on the top row of the picture i posted.

    <blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr>

    Goggle Sunglasses: While only using the evade attack achieve excellent victories for all of the rounds.


    also, I achieved several perfect victories using only evade attacks (i think its called the barrier kick) and didnt get the goggles
  7. realdeal77

    realdeal77 Member

    collect more orb sets to get all the hair colors
  8. actually i just beat a high king jacky named talchou and won the short red hair from him
  9. BananaClips

    BananaClips Member

    i may be late, but does anyone know how to get them brown sunglasses for jacky? i have tried forever to get them. the FAQ does not list a kumite-character that got them. i searched the forum too but only found the same question, not the answer.

    anyone know this, holla. peace.
  10. marto99

    marto99 Member

    Are the black hairstyles recieved by orbs?

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