Non-Millenium Arcade VS Dreamcast?

Discussion in 'General' started by ice-9, Jun 26, 2000.

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    In my lunch break today from work I played DOA2 arcade (non-millenium) for a while. I only played a few games but I immedatiately noticed a few subtle but significant differences.

    For example:
    [*]Very difficult to substitute d/f,d/f,f for QCF motion. When playing Jann, I actually had to CD,d,d/f,f to get the combo from f P S. It still comboed, but it was definitely much harder.
    [*]In the DC, for Lei Fang, b P K (stagger) -> d/f K,P K -> combo seemed like a sure bet. In the arcade, the sidekick hits the opponent out of range for the P K! Big deal for Lei Fang!
    [*]Helena's f P (back stagger) combos were much more difficult to hit consistently. The recovery from a back stagger seems faster, or the range from the a back stagger further (hence making it more difficult for subsequent attacks to combo).
    Aside from the obvious differences, has anyone else noticed anything else? Is this an arcade VS Dreamcast thing, or is it more non-millenium VS millenium?

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    most likely part of the millennium tweaks, i would say. they also increased the gravity and changed the way people bounce off of walls at angles (in the original arcade version, if you hit a wall at an angle, you would splat as if you hit it dead on; now we get that nifty ricochet effect).

    that crouch dash thing i mentioned in another post, but it seems even more applicable here. my theory is that team ninja widened the input buffer on the dreamcast and PS2 in order to accomodate the inherent impreciceness of analog sticks. to experiment with just how wide that buffer is, do a QCF with anyone that has a QCF+X attack, wait a good, oh, 45-60 frames, and tap your P/K button. chances are, it'll still come out. this is the most likely reason why the double-QCF and DP crouch dash shortcuts work at all.

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