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Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by ItzJin, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. ItzJin

    ItzJin Member

    Whats up VFDC? I was just wondering if anyone in NC plays VF? It would be nice to set up a little VF scene, if not only for fun. I really love this game, but i think being able to play offline in conjunction with online would help me to level up faster than online alone. If theres any takers, Hit me UP
  2. westtrade

    westtrade Well-Known Member

    If there is anyone in NC (Cary,Raleigh,Durham) area who wants to get in some local VF5 matches let me know.
  3. Alstein

    Alstein Well-Known Member

    There is zero VF scene in NC. I plan on trying to start one again once FS comes out. NC loves its animu games too much.
  4. westtrade

    westtrade Well-Known Member

    Arstal where are you located?
  5. KingofcarnageVF

    KingofcarnageVF Well-Known Member

    I thought you were on the west coast for some reason. Im in Richmond. Va
  6. westtrade

    westtrade Well-Known Member

    Hey King, I just travel over to the west coast from time to time. I have not played you in quite a while, I got to talk to you about something, sending you a pm.


    King you pm box is full, lol. Delete something old when you get a chance.
  7. KingofcarnageVF

    KingofcarnageVF Well-Known Member

  8. westtrade

    westtrade Well-Known Member

    King, I sent the email to your email address on your profile. VFDC says you PM box is still full.
  9. Izuna_Shoryuken

    Izuna_Shoryuken Well-Known Member

    NC= MVC and ssbm state. But moreover, a state where the entire damn fighting game crowd seems to be concentrated in Greensboro/RDU. I'm on the coast outside of Wilmington. Wilmington has a few, Castle Hayne has me and another guy who doesn't really like me anymore. A lot of people just seem to not like fighting games, especially if they aren't >super< simple. This is also a state seemingly full of old people, maybe that's just where I am, but everywhere in my area has this "We've seen better days" look about it.

    I play it. Waiting for 5 fs on ps3 so I can get some online.
  10. westtrade

    westtrade Well-Known Member

    Hello Izuna,

    It sucks that you live far away from all the fighting action. Currently, there is a fighting event every Wednesday night were just about 30 persons will show up to play different fighting games. Here is the link for the event:

    Lately I have had 7 different people come over to my home to play VF. If you are ever free on the weekend, let me know and we can get some games in.
  11. Drift

    Drift Well-Known Member

    westtrade, I am in the Raleigh area (Cary, to be exact.) I would love to get in some offline VF matches after FS drops (ps3, so no online currently.) I'm currently rubbish so I need some practice time^^ I've been reading through those "tierlessheros" threads and it seems they focus on 2D fighters. Any chance of shoehorning in FS?
  12. westtrade

    westtrade Well-Known Member

    Hello DriftPlusPlus,

    I will bring FS to the Wednesday night events at least in the 1st few weeks and see how many people want to play. So dont worry it will be there!

    Also if you dont want to wait until the game is released to start your training, send me a PM. I would be glad to help with the basics of the game. I live in Durham, So I am not that far from Cary at all.
  13. Alstein

    Alstein Well-Known Member

    I might need to hit WNB when the game comes out. It's usually a bit too far and too late for me, but I'll do it once and see.

    That said, I do plan on hosting something small for the few players in the Triad who are interested midweek- it will be Tuesday or Thursday though (I can't do weekend)

    Izuna: if you're in Wilmington, you have access to one of the top 2 KOF players in the state: Alex Roski. Got top 8 at FR. Hit up SRK or Facebook and see what happens.
  14. ItzJin

    ItzJin Member

    So how likely do you guys think FS blowing up in NC is? Im really hoping to be able to play off line since that levels me up quicker in other game
  15. westtrade

    westtrade Well-Known Member

    You will be able to find offline play if you put the effort into finding offine play. This is VF we are talking about here. As great as Final Showdown is, the number of players will not match SF, Tekken, or KOF.

    If you really want good offine play, you need to be willing to Travel.
  16. SeekerOfTheApex

    SeekerOfTheApex New Member

    I'm in Asheville, NC and looking forward to VF matches again! The posts in this thread seem to be from all over the state, so I realize it may be difficult for me to meet & play offline matches. That said, it would still be fun to travel occasionally to some events & meet those in the VF community. I play other fighter games, but I've always held this series as the cream of the crop. Anyway, if you're in NC & play VF or other fighters, add me as a buddy here, & look me up on PSN: SeekerOfTheApex. Happy brawling!
  17. Alstein

    Alstein Well-Known Member

    Right now, my plan is to run sessions for VF starting 6/12 in the afternoon/early evening, at my house in Greensboro.

    I will have to wrap things up by 10pm or so most of the time due to my job/sleep schedule.
  18. Drift

    Drift Well-Known Member

    80 minute drive from my house. I also have an early work schedule, so I hope to be able to make at least one of these a month.
  19. Alstein

    Alstein Well-Known Member

    Ok, I can work around things some. I'm doing it early somewhat because the Pourhouse in Greensboro runs Capcom games in the evening, and I want folks to be able to play VF first, and I can't stay up all night, I usually crash about 5pm most nights due to my job.

    I think Westtrade is going to do TH VF on Wednesday nights, but that's 360-only. Big reason why I don't make it is I don't have a 360 stick, and the other game I play is KOF, and I need a pad for that- so no point.

    Just PM me when you think you can make it, and I'll give out directions/contact info.

    The good news for you is that I'm pretty much a straight shot from 40, but it's the far side of Greensboro (I'm right off PTI)
  20. westtrade

    westtrade Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    I can bring either an xbox or ps3 to the Wednesday night event. I just need to know what people want to play on. Also if you are coming to the event to play VF, Please send me a PM. If we have enough people I will try to get our matches on the Stream.

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