North Carolina VF?

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by ItzJin, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Trykt

    Trykt Well-Known Member

    Yep I'm down to play online or off. I'm on XBL and Drift is, handily, on PSN, so if you wanna train up with us before or after some offline action we're happy to have new players!
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  2. Ryu_Niiyama

    Ryu_Niiyama Member

    Cool, thanks for the welcome! Right now I'm PS3 until I replace my 360. I only play on Saturday evenings/Sunday mornings right now. Are the matches at Champs every Wednesday?
    PSN: Ryu_Niiyama
  3. Drift

    Drift Well-Known Member

    Excepting holidays and such, yes, every Wednesday.
  4. Shag

    Shag Well-Known Member

  5. Drift

    Drift Well-Known Member

    CGS is more gathering than tournament. There's no payouts, for starters.
  6. LemonJohn

    LemonJohn New Member

    I want to play someone on Xbox Live.
  7. ItzJin

    ItzJin Member

    ggs to Drift last night. Playing vf against smart players is so much fun.
  8. Drift

    Drift Well-Known Member

    Ditto, Jin. I'm looking forward to leveling you up!
  9. Trykt

    Trykt Well-Known Member

    Hey dude ggs! I can see you making adjustments and tricking me into eating more hits, but you have a few fatal flaws that I can exploit whenever I want which is how I'm consistently doing so well against you right now! The BIGGEST thing is that you don't seem to be attempting to throw tech, so I can actually just wait for you to do a move and then throw you a lot of the time. You GOTTA learn to always be holding a throw tech while you're guarding, that's gonna save you a ton of health right there.

    The other big thing is you back up too much! VF as a game just punishes retreating in general (hitting a backdash counts as major counter, can't block during backdash, specific moves give backdash-counter only combos!) and more importantly you give up a lot of opportunities for pressure when you could stay in my face and threaten Taka's scary-ass throws and [4][P][+][K] (use this move way, WAY more btw, it's amazing)

    Last thing is you're leaving a lot of damage on the table with your combos, make sure you check out the Taka combo wiki here:

    You were hitting me a ton with [3][3][P] and [3][3][P][+][K] but only followed up with minor damage, you should be getting 70 - 80 damage every time, even on my fat ass character! Anyway, hope all that helps.
  10. westtrade

    westtrade Well-Known Member

    Hey Drift and Trykt, I am ready to get back into playing VF after a long break from it. If either or both of you want to come over on Saturday for some games let me know.

    Also I will be a WNB for some vf as well.
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  11. Drift

    Drift Well-Known Member

    I have plans for this weekend, but I will definitely be at WNB. We have to level you up quick for The Fall Classic!
  12. Trykt

    Trykt Well-Known Member

  13. Alstein

    Alstein Well-Known Member

    I can't make it to ReSe realistically due to work (that will change when I lose my job, but it got extended), but as of now I can host things on Sundays (I get off 8am Sunday)

    If anyone has any interest in that, let me know.

    Does anyone other than you two play at those ReSe's?
  14. Drift

    Drift Well-Known Member

    Sunday hosting? I can get behind that.
  15. Alstein

    Alstein Well-Known Member

    Just let me know when you guys want to do it. I get off work 8am Sundays, so I couldn't start before noon-1pm, but it can be done.

    Come October I may have a ton of free time due to job loss, but hopefully not.
  16. Drift

    Drift Well-Known Member

    Alstein, you up for a session this Sunday? Noon?
  17. Alstein

    Alstein Well-Known Member

    Can't do this Sunday due to visiting parents. Next Sunday out due to Animazement+ working a swing shift that Sunday to cover.

    I can do Memorial Day or the Sunday after that.
  18. Drift

    Drift Well-Known Member

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