Northern California VF Thread!!

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by Pai_Garu, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Pai_Garu

    Pai_Garu Well-Known Member

    Hi guys, there will be a big gathering this Sunday (Feb. 11th) for some VF action!!

    This weekend's gathering will feature VF5 set ups on PS3, Final Tuned in a 2p cabinet, and some 3S action from the best of Norcal!

    We'll also be meeting some new friends to the scene so don't miss it!!

    Email me, reply to this thread, or give me a call for details!!

    For anyone that do not have a direct line of communication to me, email me or pm me some way to contact you. You can find the necessary information by clicking on my name on the left hand side of this post. Don't be shy and come join us for the fun!

    See you then!

    REAL_JEFF_FREE Well-Known Member

    Where is this meeting?
  3. ThisGuy

    ThisGuy Active Member

    I didn't even know there was a NorCal scene for VF.

    I live in Richmond.

    Can I get some more information about any future meets?
  4. Pai_Garu

    Pai_Garu Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone, we have another VF meeting this Saturday (10/21/06), along with some Final Tuned play.

    We will start around 3pm as usual, and play VF until the evening, when we will all head to Burlingame for some Pro Kart Racing action!!!

    If you are new to the NorCal scene, please reply or pm me with contact info and we will get into contact with you. (This mean you ThisGuy, check your pm.)

    Look forward to another fun filled weekend in NorCal!!
  5. DeLune

    DeLune Well-Known Member

    Hey, I am in California (Fremont) till next Friday. I might be able to come for your VF session this weekend (Sat or Sun???). Can you give me more info? Thanks
  6. Pai_Garu

    Pai_Garu Well-Known Member

    Hi Delune, we will be playing in Foster city, which is quite close to where you are by car.

    Btw, check your PM.
  7. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Zeng Zi are you back for training? You should definitely come out for our VF session.
  8. Pai_Garu

    Pai_Garu Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone for another crazy fun filled VF day!!!

    We had another amazing turnout today, I believe at least 14 people showed up. (I really lost count, the scene is growing so fast)

    Thanks to Ramon and Zeng Zi for showing up today, and the return of THE REAL JEFFRY.

    Go Kart race was intense as hell, I believe everyone had a great time.

    Once again for the obligatory reminder, if you are in the Bay Area and have not come for a meeting yet, you are missing out BIG TIME!!

    Thanks to Ryan as always for letting us into his awesome place, and everyone else who took the time to show up. Look for some bigger events in the City sometimes soon... we are talking about how women and live music....... /versus/images/graemlins/smile.gif /versus/images/graemlins/smile.gif /versus/images/graemlins/smile.gif

    Until next time.
  9. Renzo

    Renzo Well-Known Member

    mmm...the smell of burnt rubber...

    Damn that was fun!
  10. DeLune

    DeLune Well-Known Member

    I have a great time and the kart racing was fun. Many thanks you and Raoul for sending me back. And to Ice-9 as well. /versus/images/graemlins/smile.gif

    REAL_JEFF_FREE Well-Known Member

    Cool to meet so many new faces along and some familiar one.
    Thanks to bread for the hospitality, raoul for the rides,
    and Srider for his persistance.
    I hope to see everybody again soon.
  12. Pai_Garu

    Pai_Garu Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, what do you say that we play VF this weekend?

    I'll check with Bread to see if he's done moving. We'll get something going if the opportunity presents itself this weekend.
    (Nov. 11th)

    Pencil the date in!!
  13. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    How about some VF this weekend or the next? What's everyone's situation?
  14. Pai_Garu

    Pai_Garu Well-Known Member

    Ryan is mostly busy so I don't think he can host us, Kenan is in LA, but Rauol and I are mostly free, I don't know if anyone else would be willing to come just to play evo though. Give me a call Jeff if you want to play.
  15. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Come play in my place--will send you a PM.
  16. Sebo

    Sebo Well-Known Member Content Manager Jeffry Content Mgr Vanessa Content Manager Taka

    Sorry for bumping this thread, but where in the Bay Area can you find this fabled FT machine (or any VF machine for that matter)?

    Does finding it require a blind-folded van ride to the location?

    I ask as I'm transferring to SFSU possibly for Spring semester '07.
  17. Pai_Garu

    Pai_Garu Well-Known Member

    The machine is privately owned. But if you do happen to be in the area, let us know and we will contact you if we happen to play. It's a busy time for everyone lately and we haven't had a meet in a while now. Hopefully things can pick up again.
  18. tension

    tension New Member

    There's a FT machine at San Francisco's Meteron. Not an ideal place to play though.
  19. Renzo

    Renzo Well-Known Member

    So, anyone want to pitch in for the VF4:FT Tougeki 2006 DVD I'm thinking of getting?

    Someone is selling it by itself (no Tekken)
  20. Pai_Garu

    Pai_Garu Well-Known Member

    I used to have them somewhere I think.. How much is he asking for it?

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