Northern California VF Thread!!

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by Pai_Garu, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. cobratron

    cobratron Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    So shouldn't a formal thread for this be made? I'm sure some of the PNW, NV, AZ and of course socal guys would show up for this and we could use their votes. Hook it up 001!
  2. 001

    001 Well-Known Member Content Mgr El Blaze

    nah man i only want to see norcal heads vote or people who are really willing to come because i'll be damned if a bunch of assholes vote and i have to pay 45 bux just to play the same goobers i play every weekend.
  3. cobratron

    cobratron Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    I'm sure if you state they should only vote if they are entering then it'd be ok. People are gonna find out about it sooner or later. I just don't want DOA to win it would be a slap in the face since Norcal has just about the biggest VF scene in the US.
  4. cobratron

    cobratron Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    fyi we're thinking of moving weekend casuals from Saturday to Fridays instead. We had a nice turnout when Chanchai came by and it seems a few of the regulars find Fridays easier. Also I would be able to begin earlier than the usual 7-7:30 start time.

    Also if ur in the Eastbay-Fremont area I've been having games at my gf's house the past month or so usually starting at 8pm and going to around midnite. Her house is alot bigger than my apartment so feel free to come by. Just give me a heads up so I can have setups ready.
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  5. Dennis0201

    Dennis0201 Well-Known Member

    cobratron, do you have regular casual plays at Eastbay area? That sounds good to me cuz my location is at Fremont. :)

    I'm available through March 16th so if most people prefer Fri instead of Sat, and I'm definitely fine too. Just the traffic is terrible....
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  6. cobratron

    cobratron Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    Dennis I'm open to having casuals in Fremont on Saturdays. That way maybe Jay or the other eastbay guys like Airegin, EBK can make the trek easier. Soakrates is also closer too. Its something we'd have to have discuss. But every Tuesday is for sure good.

    And I'm going snowboarding March 15-17 so I'll not be hosting that weekend :(
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  7. Dennis0201

    Dennis0201 Well-Known Member

    Good to see if someone can host at Eastbay, and it does make me much easier to drive.
    Perhaps now March 9th is a better option without a short notice?
  8. cobratron

    cobratron Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    March 9 is okay.
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  9. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    I forgot to post this here (and a more detailed "perspective" later) but...

    Huge thanks to Renzo, Kelly, Team Cobratron, and everyone who came out on Friday night! I had a blast and enjoyed the chats and VF the entire evening!

    Especially after polishing some (though sadly not all) sloppiness later in the evening.

    You guys have an awesome crew and I had an awesome time!
  10. Airegin

    Airegin Well-Known Member

    This would be absolutely amazing. I'm so out of practice and need some competition!

    Also it sucks I missed out on Chanchai visiting! I would have really enjoyed the chance to get some games in with you bud. We'll have to wait until Sega Cup. ;)
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  11. cobratron

    cobratron Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    Ok I guess we will do casuals at my pad tomorrow then. That means no casuals at my house on Saturday since I'll most likely be in the eastbay. I can host VF there. Since my gf has a PS3 with VF i can bring my 3 consoles for a total of 4 setups.
  12. R_Panda

    R_Panda Well-Known Member

    R Panda
    Cobratron you baller you
  13. cobratron

    cobratron Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

  14. Dennis0201

    Dennis0201 Well-Known Member

    Tomorrow(Friday) is kind of tight for me to SF, but I'll see what I can do.
    Yeah, Saturday is perfect as long as other people show up. I can pick you guys up at bart station so just let me know. I don't want to bother coratron and his gf if I'm the only one who come over. :)
  15. cobratron

    cobratron Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    its really no bother its super chill. sometimes skech comes by himself if ghostphacez is not around. Also silepai said she may come by saturday. we'll see
  16. Zero-chan

    Zero-chan Well-Known Member

    If anyone's driving to the East Bay tomorrow, let me know!

    Unfortunately, I gotta get more X-rays in South SF this afternoon :\
  17. Dennis0201

    Dennis0201 Well-Known Member

    I'm heading to cobratron's place tonight around 8PM. And if you guys need a ride at Fremont Bart station, I can pick you up on my way.
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  18. Dennis0201

    Dennis0201 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for hosting cobratron!:)
    It's really great that someone can provide the space to gather east bay players, and I'll definitely join this union more often as long as party lasts there!
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  19. cobratron

    cobratron Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    Thanks and welcome Dennis. The first VF eastbay edition gathering was successful and alot of fun. Also thanks to Soakrates, Silepai, and Ghostphacez for coming. Lets keep this going so we can all level up for Sega Cup and other events.
  20. cobratron

    cobratron Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    my snowboard trip got moved back to late march so i'll be free to host games march 16-17 but i'm not sure about locations since Gastinell wanted to come thru that saturday

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