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Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by TomDC85, Jun 13, 2002.

  1. TomDC85

    TomDC85 Well-Known Member

    I'm new here, so please put up with a little idiocy from time to time. Still, I think i know *most* of the rules. I'm a Lau player, and only Lau, coz I've only had the game for nine days, and I'm in the middle of my GCSEs. How cruel. Anywho, I've accumilated a little info that seems to be missing elsewhere.

    Lau's hero's helm is from '9 La', a high knig. You must be in costume one so he's in costume two. Also has the azure spiked bracelets, so you might have to beat him twice for the helm.

    'Homer' has the elsusive red disk greaves, as well as the mixed bead cap and the silver pads. Preety rare guy, but hey, it's a labour of love.

    'Tyrant Lau' holds the purple greaves and ANOTHER hat. I was too inexperienced to beat him to get it *sniff*. I got the scum several times over, but no hat, a little later, coz I was in the wrong costume and I did't know better. It's red, silver and blue, and I want it (no, not the mixed bead cap. It has a red bobble on the top, not blue). I think you must be in costume one.

    Ah, the rare 'drangon greaves'. I'm not entirely sure how I got these, but I think it was because I got a ring out in my final round (not against a Lau- it wasn't a steal)... but here's the tricky, or in my case, lucky part. I got a ring out in the water-round-your-feet place, knocking the guy over the fence. Counter-combo the enemy with punches (hold down, then down and foward and punches) and make the final hit a back-flip kick thing. Nastily hard, but the drangon greaves are cool. Dark gold, with bright gold pictures of dragons. Same shape as the wood fairy ones.

    Oh, and I'm not entirely sure we've got the whole versus-mode item thing right. It's my personal belief that it's about getting As in your stats on the edit file page i.e. it's not turtleing for an entire round, it's getting your high and low blocks up to As. I think.

    Oh, I'm a dragon Lord, 589/16, 97%. Not all my posts will be this long. Bye.
  2. TomDC85

    TomDC85 Well-Known Member

    A little more Lau

    Woop-de-doop, I got the silver bead cap. It's from tyrant Lau, and you've gotta be in costume two. Oh, and for some reason, you fight about ten times as many Laus when you where the hero's helm. Dunno why, but before I could do 50 fights and not meet a Lau, but now they're about every ten. Handy, that. Rumour has it that there is one more cap that I haven't got. I personally have:
    Silver coin cap, Gold bead cap, mixed bead cap, silver bead cap, hero's helm (too cool. see it to believe it), spiked helm, and the chinese opera mask.
    It's said that there is another gold bead cap, but a different colour. I've got a bright gold one, and I'm told there is a kind of dull, dark silvery-gold one by the same name on the edit-items page. I haven't met a '9 La' in costume one yet, so maybe he has it. Who knows.

    Oh, and someone other than me please reply to this, coz I'm new and I don't know if I'm doing the right thing. Rock on!

    Dragon Loard, 615/16, 97%
  3. TomDC85

    TomDC85 Well-Known Member

    Yet more Lau

    Oh look. It's me again, replying to me. I give, but I don't get. Well, for those who give a damn, I saw the last hat of Lau's. It's gold/ silver with a bobble on top. From AtillaDaHun, thunderlord, you must be in costume two. Sadly, I got the gold spiked braces instead, but hey, it'll come round some day.
  4. Kali

    Kali Well-Known Member

    Re: Yet more Lau

    Don't start a new topic... Check "[VFDC CHOICE] Items FAQ" thread... I've posted some informations about kumite opponents for a few items for Lau (there are also 3 items not listed in Items FAQ).
  5. dirklenart

    dirklenart Member

    Re: A little more Lau

    I was wondering if you have kept info on how to get some items for Lau in Kumite mode (most of those mehtods are not in the faq). I've got ten of them now (Champion):
    Great Eagle Pads
    Sparrow pads
    Golden Clay Pads (not listed in the faq)
    White Tiger Brace
    Ruby Brace
    Gold Bead Brace
    Dragon Greaves
    Flame Greaves
    Orange greaves
    Yellow Greaves

    BTW, thanks for your faq on Lau. Its a great addition to the Lau info in VDC.
  6. TomDC85

    TomDC85 Well-Known Member

    Re: A little more Lau

    Ooo... Ten items on champion isn't good. You'll miss people like DeadMeat at 6th Dan (cpu in costume 2, Dragon greaves) if you're not careful. Not quite sure what you're asking. Methods for the items you listed, or are those the ten items you already have, or methods for items not in the Faq? Ask again, and I'll see what I can recall. I did him a while back, but I can remeber most of it. I have all items but the ochre pads. Why? Bloody things... Cheers for the compliment.
  7. dirklenart

    dirklenart Member

    Re: A little more Lau

    Hi Tom,
    The items listed are the ones I already have. I was asking for tips how to obtain the others (which Lau in which costume at which rank to defeat). The item faq does not list a lot of info for Lau items in Kumite mode (you get things like "opponent unknown").
  8. TomDC85

    TomDC85 Well-Known Member

    Re: A little more Lau

    I'll list as many as I can remember.
    There are many listed earlier in this post. Many not listed in FAQ are from high-ranking opponents so have no fear about missing them.
    Glorious pads- HakushonLM, High King, cpu in costume 2
    Shield greaves- HakushonLM, HK, c2
    Umm... can't actually remember any more /versus/images/icons/confused.gif . As I said, most are from high-ranking guys. Lau only has one item from the orbs, the spiked helm, but you can get a second before they stop working. I got the phoenix pads, but I've seen a character wearing them, so maybe once you get to nearly completing the second orb set, quit out of any matches where you could get an orb of the right colour. Why? So that you can win all the items you possibly can off oponents before completing the set, and then get an item that you wouldn't have otherwise got e.g. the ochre pads.

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